[The session opened with:] I am RAYSON. You are all gathered this afternoon in faith for the progress of your belief systems. I congratulate you on this decision.

[Later:] RAYSON: Machiventa Melchizedek is here and he would like a word. One moment.

MACHIVENTA: This is MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK. You are all in the realms of the spirit. You are impinging upon spiritness. Remember and have faith upon your own knowledge and on your own faiths. Continue to believe. The things that you believe and the things that you act upon are of the greatest importance. This is not a mere figment of your imagination. There are things happening on this sphere that you have no conception of, and you will not know what is going on here until much later in your universe ascension career. But know this, that your faith - faith for your brothers and sisters, faith of MICHAEL, of the Universal Father, the whole concept of universe ascension, is of the utmost importance.

Do not look back upon your animal ancestry, upon your negativeness. Focus on your positive side. Proceed with decisiveness. You have our support and confidence. We love you children. We love you all. You are being watched and taken care of. You are being loved with tenderness. Till next time, children, have faith. (10/11/92)

* * *

Q: Are the ministrations of either .... or ....required in order for (student) to be recipient of the Life Carriers' ministrations?

A: If she believes so. She will not take the leap of faith without them if she believes so. But it is her leap to take. And (she) is not easily persuaded once she has an idea.

Student: That can be very good. It can lead to much faith.

RAYSON: The leap of faith requires free-will decision. It is not to be undertaken lightly. (S) knows this and has some fear, but it is her own work, not the work of you, (S), nor the work of (S) or (S) or any other personality, but this is the work of (S). Your love helps, but it cannot take her leap for her.

Humans want easy answers because they function on a plane where the easy answer is readily rewarded, the simple solution is often times the most feasible. The one way is what is chosen. And yet the universe is not a one-answer situation. The creations of the Thought Adjusters and the Life Carriers – the life carriers and the Physical Controllers design living beings such that there is no one way. (T/R) says that fail-safe is a good term to use, so I will use it. There are fail-safes upon fail-safes. Not even a single celled organism could live if its organization were all single step.

There are many many layers of complexities in the functioning of life. Passways and passways - this passway and that - they go around and under and through and over so that life can be, so that if the sun does not shine for a night or a week or a month, life can go on because there are other ways. There are other ways of getting energy and using energy.

This is not to say that you could have life in a vacuum. This was not the intent. The intent was to design life so that it could continue with what is at hand. To make it more understandable, you can live without water for a certain period - not an indefinite period, but a certain period - because you have other ways of conserving your bodily fluids: reduce your excretion, reduce your sweating, and cause your bodv to save the water that it has. Well, the same thing applies to health and disease. Health is maintained not by one-at-a-time pass of doing right things as opposed to wrong things. Its a complex, complex organization, and when the health fails, there are many fail-safes, many alternate paths, fallbacks to sustain the life of the organism, albeit at a less than optional functioning strength. In order to overcome deterioration of health, since health does not decline for simple reasons, health is not restored by simple means.

But despair not. Our loving FATHER has not put us upon a desert island without supplying us with all that is required to solve all problems that may arise, including health problems. We are asked to provide answers and yet we are constrained from providing other knowledge. The love of The FATHER is so large that it is all here. How easy, how very easy, to make things perfect! Much easier than to make them imperfect, actually. Yet if there were perfect beings with perfect health and never any problems, how much less of truth would there be available for the experience of The FATHER? And so we provide clues and encouragement in as much as we are allowed to give, but we cannot, must not, work miracles.

What loving FATHER would fight his child's battles for them? Every loving father knows that it is only by grappling with the problems of life that his offspring develop their fullest potential and become the best that they can be.

There is so much more here now, so much at hand in the way of help and guidance, than there has been for manv aeons on Urantia. You are not blindly stumbling through a void. Every step is guided. But you must move your leg and take the step. If you do not move your leg we cannot guide your forward motion.

Q: I'm very anxious to move my legs but I need a little guidance as to which way they should go.

A: That's where the leap of faith comes. That is your choice. If it is the right direction, never fear, you will receive the affirmation which you require.

Q: I was pondering as I was listening to your lesson today, the message is about a leap of faith, but now sounds as though we take this one step at a time. Is that correct? It's not like jumping off a cliff into open space, its more like taking that step into an unknown area, knowing that it will be right or we will be shown the right thing.

A: That is exactly correct. But remember, that one man’s step is another man's leap. Do you understand?

Student: Yes. I'm afraid I'm going to have to take it one step at a time at the present but my goal is to take that ultimate leap where I know absolutely that I'm going in the right direction.

RAYSON: You are doing very well, (S) (11/09/92)

* * *

Q: Is faith the spiritual antidote for doubt?

A: Not exactly. Faith is the spiritual antidote to uncertainty and fear, but doubt occurs and may live side by side with faith. For example one can have unshakable faith in God. Say you have already passed through the portals of physical death and are on the mansion worlds, you may have total faith in your potential for divinity, for the existence of God, for the teachings now manifest through your own experience of spirit and soul, but you can still have self-doubt. Doubt is not solely dependent on faith, doubt is a different - doubt will not disappear until you are admitted to the corps of finaliters, really. (Thank you) (11/29/92)


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