Q: RAYSON, I have a question. This concerns fear - human beings on Urantia experience this. There are a number of places in The Urantia Book where we are admonished not to be fearful. And there is also a place where savages on this earth were discussed, and they were said to be quite fearful. Now, even in the condition we're in right now, which has advanced somewhat beyond the savage human point, there still is a great deal of fear. How does the condition of fear in man interrelate with connectedness to the Thought Adjuster and I guess, general faith?

A: Fear is the biggest emotional barrier to Thought Adjuster communications: animal fear and anxiety. How to conquer this is a lifetime challenge and active job for the human. One, is by remembering what true reality is. True reality is spiritual reality. If you would examine the source of your fears you would find that they are rooted in the physical, material realms. For example: will I have a job? Will I get ill? Will this action hurt me. Will I lose this person's love? Will I look good to others? There is a difference between instinctual survival fears which are built into a species and easily surpassed as the race becomes more intellectually developed and fears that arises out of the unreality of ego and the material, physical plain. The absence of fear equals love. The two cannot coexist in the human psyche. The more one loves the less one fears. It is not an easy task to accomplish, and indeed many mortals never accomplish this to any significant degree in this lifetime. Some extraordinary human beings do manage to, for the most part, to live without fear, but these are generally humans with self-acting Adjusters and lives dedicated to the spiritual realities.

Q: I have a follow-up question regarding the question about fear, RAYSON. Fear feelings, and fear of feelings, could you address that for a moment? Someone is in the jungle and a tiger appears, perhaps fear might be healthy at that point, or maybe not maybe the adjutant mind spirits might be wise to get in touch with at that point. But is there a difference between fear of feelings and experiential fears?

A: There are instinctual fears built into the physical being of the human which insure survival. The example you cited is one of them. If a human were to be attacked by an animal his fear would be wholly appropriate and probably life saving/preserving.

The fear we discussed as an impediment to spiritual growth is more rooted in the psyche than in the instinctual reflex pattern which has been designed into you. These fears are not helpful, but may be categorized as fear anxiety, and if examined closely, are more self involved, self serving, than outer directed - either at one's fellows or God. That is a broad base measuring stick.

Fear of feelings is also not healthy. You have feelings as does every human and this is in the realm of material minded humanity. One should not be afraid to explore one's feelings, but should remember balance as given an example to you by the Divinely integrated life and personality of JESUS of Nazareth. Undue obsession with what you are feeling is not good. Neither is a repression - denial of what you feel. Examine your feelings for a period and then stop. Do not become mired in an abyss of selfanalysis.

Q: Sometimes parents and grandparents develop apprehensions about what is going on in their children's and grandchildren's lives, and mentally we know that we should leave that to the celestial beings, and trust in faith. But this is the kind of fear that you are talking about that interferes?

A: No. Sometimes being loving can be misunderstood as being fearful. If you, as a loving parent-grandparent, are concerned then it is almost your responsibility to act as a vehicle for The FATHER's love and concern. If approached from an unselfish, concerned, loving, other-directed point of view, the person you are talking to cannot help but to respond with a whole mind. How else are we to do service and reflect the actual love of God and Light into the world than through our own transforming actions. If however, your feelings are truly fearful, and not a measure of caution or concern, then you must pray to exorcise your fear and replace it with Divine love. (01/26/92)

Q: Ever since I was a little girl I have had nightmares and sleep visitors, a lot of old lady-looking people have appeared to me and scare me at night. It continues to this day. Is that real or is it a product of my creative imagination? Is it ever a universe visitor actually coming and trying to minister to me and I get scared and so they - I wake up and freak out. Recently I had three ladies visit me and I asked them who they were and they said that they were right hand of God. And I don't know, I just don't know how to react to that.

A: Fear is real, is a real emotion, and also is a physical manifestation. On two levels it exists. Fear on a spiritual (level) is totally unreal. You, in your situation, I would suspect that the archetypes you are dreaming, nightmaring about are deep-rooted from early childhood. There is the archetype of the old witch in the collective unconscious of your species. I do not think that Divine Ministry would frighten you, (S). Perhaps the reply was partial Thought Adjuster, the spiritual reply. But the images are created out of your own personal history and the collective unconscious of your species. Let us keep in mind that love is the absence of fear. Divine Ministry is love. And I will pray for you that love will overtake fear in your unconscious sleep state more and more, my daughter. (05/09/92)

Q: I've been leery for a long time, acutely aware of this process. The question I have is for me personally, and I've seen it in others, so I know that I'm in that tunnel. Sometimes there's light and sometimes there's not. The question I have is even though there's intellectual knowledge of and participation in this mission, and there's all these things, and all this prayer, there's still a great deal of fear.

A: Do not be unhappy (S). You are much loved and cherished. Yes, your fear is a symbol of your spiritual growth. For you, (S) and I must take liberty and ask your pardon if I become too personal with you today in front of your peers - your response to love is anger. You have grown into fear. You suppress your fear and vulnerability with your anger. You have been upset. Do not be afraid. Be of good cheer, my daughter. Eternity and the riches of the spiritual kingdom await your struggle. They are lying there at the end of your road. Keep your eyes open, for greatness lies ahead for you, (S), although you do not believe it.

Allow yourself to be open to your terror, to your uncertainties, to your anxieties, for only by acknowledging this will you overcome it. When exposed to the light of God your fears will melt away. But if you hide them always behind your anger they will seem even larger to you.

My child, read “The Boy Who Was Afraid.” Allow yourself to be lonely. Allow yourself to ask for help, not just celestially, but of other humans. My daughter, you cannot control your inner environment nor can you control your outer. Your pain is greater because you try not to be hurt. You will not be severely crippled or damaged from the world, for you are spiritually intact, and what you are. But if you close up, you close off the knowledge accrued all along, celestially and humanly, you do not let this in to nourish your heart.

Have the courage - it is time as you know - and I will guide you, and our prayers will be with you. Much rejoicing, ……for your fear, for that will bring you closer to your light.


Q: Is there any value in utilizing psychologists to unearth our hidden fears and angers?


A: They are not that hidden, (S). (laughter) To be more honoring of your question, it is a personal decision. It is not necessarily spiritual, but can, of come be. It is up to each of you. (08/02/92)


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