Q: Teacher, I am trying so hard to increase my contact with my Thought Monitor and increase my spiritual growth. The process seems so slow to me. How can I improve my worship and stillness periods? How can I be more God-reflective? How am I doing?

A: The best way to become more God conscious is to think of our FATHER as a personal friend. Talk to The FATHER each day. Let him know of your thoughts and your feelings. It is true He does know about these things before you speak them, but it does help you. It helps you understand yourself more fully.

The spirit fragment within you knows you far better than you know yourself. Do not worry about making communication. This, too, will happen when the time is right. The best way to make this happen, aside from the constant communion with The FATHER, is to live your life bravely, to go forth each day and be aware of who you are and your relationship with those that you come in contact with. Be sensitive to the spirits that are around you, and always be ready to feel the love from within, the God within, so that this love may flow through you fully, that it may pour forth out on those that you come in contact with, and that we may bring those people to you that you may share with them your personal religious experiences, and that you may be an instrument in helping them enter the kingdom of heaven. This is a long process, this communication with the spirit fragment. It will - for most mortal ascenders - not happen quickly. It takes much hard work and patience. Do not become burdened with the thought that I am doing what I can yet nothing happens. You will inch your way into God-consciousness. You do not run. Always be mindful of who you are. Remember that spiritual growth is an unconscious process. In time you will look back and begin to see some of the decisions that you have made and where it has led you.

For now you are in the forest and you cannot yet even see the trees. This is as it should be, for now. Hopefully, with your whole-hearted dedication to doing the will of The FATHER, you will rise above the forest and look down and then begin to get a glimpse of where it is you have been. You will see all of the decisions that you have made and know more fully what direction to go. (11/18/92)


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"Michael est toujours au Volant."

(Michael is always at the Steering Wheel.)

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