Lesson on Guardian Seraphim:

The seraphim are the children of the Infinite and Loving Spirit. In your local universe there are many, many orders of these exquisite and friendly creatures. We are concerned with only one order in today's lesson, the Guardians of Destiny. How to explain who these wonderful beings are? Seraphim are very closely connected to the material state. Although they do not possess a material mind or body, their emotions - although spiritualized - are very, very similar to your own. They are only slightly more evolved than you. If you did not have your body you would be quite like these delightful beings. The only emotion that the seraphim cannot understand, having never been in the material state, is animal fear - which derives its roots from the physical resistance to the demise of the material body and, of course, branches out to encompass anxiety, doubt, panic, insecurities, etc. Because seraphim do not die, they cannot understand this spirit poison, which so permeates and inhibits your spiritual growth in this form. But they feel many of the same things that you do. They develop a great affection for the humans they are associated with, as well as the planet on which they serve.

Some destiny guardians - or most - are experienced and have served on other planets which are not Adjuster fused for a time, until mortal death, or have served in other capacities on Urantia before becoming Guardians of Destiny.

This is a highly prized job for a seraphim because of the close association with the mortal ward, and because it affords the seraphim the opportunity to ascend as they shepherd their human being through this life, and Mansion Worlds, and on and even unto the Corps of the Finality. Some seraphim biunificate and become finaliters along with their mortal associates.

Why does one acquire a Guardian Angel? Well, it is directly related to circle advancement. As the human of normal mind becomes more spiritually evolved, you work from the outermost circle, the seventh, to the first. When a mortal is in the seventh, outermost, circle, guardian seraphim are assigned to groups of one thousand mortals along with the cherubim. Sixth circle drops to five hundred mortals per seraphim; fifth circle, one hundred mortals per seraphim; fourth is ten mortals per seraphim; and the third circle is a pivotal spiritual rung. And this is when the seraphim become personal destiny guardians. When a mortal achieves third circle status, he or she is assigned personal Guardians of Destiny - a pair of seraphim that only work with that one person. They are assigned in complementary pairs, and there is always one angel on duty every minute of your life. One angel is the recording angel, and one is the active influential angel. When one leaves for rest, the other takes over that role, and a cherubim fills in as the recorder.

Humans can also receive personal destiny guardians when they are mustered into the Reserve Corps of Destiny or into the Cosmic Corps of Destiny, or when they have totally committed their will to that of the will of The FATHER.

How does the angel help you? They are not in your mind. Unlike the Divine Monitor, they do not work from inward out, but work from outward in. They are in perfect synchronicity with your Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth. And, frankly, we do not know how the divine feat of perfection and orchestration is accomplished, as we are unaware of communication between the Adjuster and the angels. However, we speculate that communications must occur.

Angels work more when the Adjuster is not communicating. You are never without the benefit of spiritual counsel in your life.

What exactly, does your angel do? Well, they - as every other being from The FATHER on down respect the sacred nature of the human will. An angel cannot force you, manipulate you, dominate you, control you, or trick you into choice. They mostly work with the environment that surrounds you, the social moral, physical intellectual, spiritual environment in which you live day to day. They can manipulate this environment to up-step your choices. They may even, in some instances; manipulate the material-physical world, which includes your body. This is rare, but angels work closely with Midway Creatures and Master Physical Controllers. This is why, throughout the ages, God has spoken to men mainly through angels. Angels may appear. They may speak messages from Deity. They also are linked to the evolving Supreme Being.

So, your guardians push you gently forward spiritually through presenting an environment which demands spiritual growth. They are matched to you in terms of like beingness and understand you much better than you understand yourself. But mistake not the work of angels for a life of pleasure and ease. Angels work best when the mortal struggle is hard and deep and painful. These are the footprints of the angels. Do not idle too long on the plateaus of past victories or your angels will be sorely tempted to push you into the troublesome waters of spiritual growth and activity. Those who are blessed with the work of angels are those individuals who experience defeat, disillusionment, disappointment, depression, obstacles, hard times, periods of doubt, isolation, loneliness, discouragement, and all of the mountainous and hard roads that constitute - in this life - the path Godward.

However, this is not a bleak scene. It is the fertile soil from which your soul will spring forth renewed, alive, strengthened, more dominant, victorious, and joyous. Yes, this life is burdensome. But the fruits of your life will be seen on the Mansion Worlds and you will one day thank The FATHER for the opportunities, which were presented to you by your angels for your spiritual survival.

When you are someday freed from the material fetters of your animal form you will sit and converse with your guardians. You will become great true, and fast friends, sentimentally linked throughout eternity. Even during the periods of separation when angels go to Seraphington, there will be constant communication, so deep is the affection between man and seraphim. Your destinies are intertwined. Your seraphim record your spiritual growth-life. When you die, the seraphim hold your memory records, soul-mind, to be reunited on the shores of Mansonia with the Divine Monitor. The seraphim stand ready and when they observe the light is gone from your being - that is, your Thought Adjuster has departed - they then report to their superiors and obtain the full roll of your spiritual blueprints which they trustfully guard until you are reawakened on the shores of Mansonia.

Make no mistake of the love of your angels. They are great comforters to you. They truly empathize with your struggles and stand ever ready to applaud your victories. They - in a sense - are even more joyous for they can fully see your victories than you yourself. They are aware of how far you must climb. They are also aware of the sublime peace, which comes from knowing The FATHER.

The children of the Infinite Spirit are most like you. They are your spiritual best friends. They do not answer prayers: this is the job of the Son, and their work continues regardless of your human pleas. But they feel along with you. This is unique to their orders of being. They feel your pain. They feel your faith. They feel your love. They feel your peace. They feel your joy. They urge you to arise when you stumble in the weeds of human frailty. They are constantly ready to lend a hand to the frail mortal. And most of all, no other creature in the universe wants you to survive or succeed more than your personal seraphic guardians. And they are ever faithful, loyal, hopeful, and diligent to aid you in the great adventure of ascension. (03/01/92)


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