70 Q: RAYSON, two weeks ago I asked about the role of fear as an impediment to Adjuster action and communication with the mortal mind. And to flip that over and look at something that might positively affect Adjuster actions, I wonder if you could comment on the role of humor? And also perhaps of the sense of adventure, and any other qualities that might help us in this respect?

A: Humor, wonder, joy, optimistic anticipation of the ascension career, love, tolerance, a feeling of peacefulness with one's self, one's fellows, one's God, loving service - all of these qualities strengthen faith or are out-workings of faith. This great (liaison?) assists: the Adjuster providing the fertile soil for His ideas - concepts - communications. A cheerful outlook, a balanced view of life, a sure knowledge that you are God's child, and personally and perfectly loved by your creator, an assurance of your survival, and a belief in the reality of the spiritual promise of JESUS, can only aid a joyful and daily existence, filled with the love of God pouring into you and pouring out from you to others. This type of life will surely hear the Adjuster for you are eminently doing the will of God when you live this way. (02/09/92)


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