Q: I've had a psychic tell me that my mother was around now. She died in 1985. And I have prayed to my Adjuster to communicate with her Adjuster on the mansion world to deliver a message. Is there anything to that? Is a message to a loved one that a mortal believes is on a mansion world; is a message to that former being possible? And is any reverse communication possible through Adjuster or through angels. Could you talk about that for just a few moments?

A: If it comforts you to believe so, believe so. But, love is never lost in any way, shape, or form. I do not know what communication exists between Adjusters. This is beyond our understanding and confidential. My guess is that there are communications between Adjusters. I cannot say what. But love, true love, is never lost. Time is tricky.

I would not believe a psychic. We have not, we do not deal in this realm at all, and I am not trying to scorn this, but it is so unreliable. You have much more reliable tools at hand. Your Adjuster, and angels, the Spirit of Truth, and The Urantia Book, not to mention these lessons. To go to another human for spiritual counsel is baffling. (Laughter) (05/30/92)


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