Q: RAYSON, when did Prince MELCHIZEDEK take over as Planetary Prince? What happened to the Lucifer rebellion, and to Caligastia.

A: Just a moment.

MELCHIZEDEK: This is Prince MACHIVENTA. You all know the history of the nefarious rebels who took control of this planet. In 1984 the Mercy Bank was rejected by Caligastia and Daligastia. They refused to repent. They are no longer.

Caligastia was such a bitter being that he left behind this virus (AIDS) and other illnesses which he, being of such a brilliant mind, designed. He would never give us the access so that we may effect some physical cure. He said “If I cannot be Prince of Urantia then I will take the planet with me into the blackness.”

But God's will is not for that to happen. This planet is a protected place as it is the birth planet of the human-divine JESUS. It will take us some time. We are approximating a thousand to two thousand years to erase the evil that this insane being left behind as your legacy. But we will erase it, and your planet will be a beacon to all other ascendant mortals. God's will is never hurtful or harmful to His little children. It is the will of The FATHER to heal his little ones, and many are being used to do so.

We look in awe at the agondonters on Urantia. You are truly God's children. To build and maintain faith and God consciousness in the midst of such darkness is commendable.

I have taken over by order of my God, MICHAEL of Nebadon. This occurred when those two evil beings ceased to be. I am, and have been, officially ushered in as your Planetary Prince. We have a lot of work to do, but do not cast eyes downward. Cast eyes upward for the glory that will befall this planet. These are wondrous years. (12/01/91)

[See also: “About the Teaching Mission” in PART I, above.]


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