Balance is a word with which you humans feel comfortable. You feel, perhaps, you know this concept well. As children you learned what the word is defined as, and you learned balance. For example, when riding a bicycle without the training wheels. But you have not really learned balance as humans, individually, because your planet is so out of balance. So let us examine what balance really means to each of us and to the world.

On a universal level, the first rule of balance is physical. There are dark islands, which exert balancing influences on physical matter in space. Without these islands entire universes would implode, explode, or simply leave. On Urantia, in our local universe, the Master Physical Controllers are in charge of the energy balance, which keeps your planet afloat - rotating, spinning, revolving. Of course, the Isle of Paradise exerts a physical balance as the universes breathe inward and outward.

Your scientists have recently discovered evidence of creation. They are on the right track but fail to grasp the concept of physical over-control of balance. Physically, Urantia is balancing even as you who live here perceive an imbalance, upheavals, tidal floods, earthquakes, or volcanoes - are all physical signs of the rebalancing of the planet. As Urantia approaches Light and Life these physical manifestations will calm. So balance is first and foremost a physical phenomenon.

How does this translate to the individual material being? You must pay attention to your physical being. If the physical is unbalanced it repercusses on every level. Like a universe, the physical may cause you to implode, explode, or simply float away. Physical balance on this stage or arena of beingness definitely affects spiritual growth. It can enhance or retard Adjuster control. It can whip up false emotions causing despair, anger, depression, paralysis, false enthusiasm, euphoria, hysteria, fear, phobic reaction. All are manifestations of a physical imbalance. Some you can correct. Others you must learn to live with and overcome mindally-spiritually. Simple things - proper rest, nutrition, lack of abuse to your bodies - constitute the goal of physical balance. When your body is balanced you have the advantage in other areas.

In our universe, mindal, intellectual, rational, thinking balance is achieved through a system - although different in degree, upon every level - is basically the same. Of course perfected beings have no need for these considerations as they are created in perfect balance for that is what perfection is. We are more fortunate than they. We earn and learn perfection.

In our universe we have a system of teaching. The slightly more advanced teach those behind them. They teach those behind them. We are all teachers and students. Our guardian seraphim help us maintain rationality and perspective, which fosters sanity. If one were to study a minute portion of a painting one may think it insane and meaningless. When one pulls back you may see the whole working in harmony and sanity and balance.

Your guardian seraphim see more than you at every level and have given you - and will give you - the gift of intellectual, mindal, sanity. Here, for you, - keep your seraphim close. As I have instructed, fear is distancing to your angels. Consciously request your angels' help and they will be overjoyed to give it to you. They are your constant, faithful companions. If you invite them they will help, but you must allow them the opportunity to serve in their appointed roles. Do not deny these loving beings their service.

The human is blessed-cursed with ego. Ego, in and of itself, is not good or bad. Unfortunately, it is mostly in control in individuals at this time on Urantia. Ego can imbalance mind. Mind is a bestowal of Divine Mother and is spiritual, progressive, growth oriented, God advancing in nature. Adjutant Mind Spirits are at work as well as the Mother Spirit, but human ego can interfere, and should not be confused with mind properties - the sanity, spiritually sane properties - that each one of you has.

Ego can be identified as self aggrandizement, self-involvement, over self-analysis, when your self becomes more important than the spiritual goals, concepts, you know to be true or when yourself becomes the center of the universe instead of God. Or when yourself becomes more important than your fellows, resulting in hurtful behavior to others. This is ego.

We cannot be perfect here, brothers and sisters, so do not make another ego error of self punishment for past and present mistakes. We are all learning together. We are becoming together. We are going through a process together. This is what ascension, evolution, experiential beings do. Just be aware of the difference so one may achieve balance.

On a planetary level, some geographic locations suffer from lack of mind as groups, others suffer from over-much ego. We are not in balance mindally on this planet. There are few rational group voices on Urantia now, but that will be corrected, and there is no need for despair. Third, and most important element of balanced personality integration, is of course the spiritual. This is both simple and complex. You are all indwelt by a fragment of The FATHER. You have access to the Spirit of Truth, and the ministering Angels, and the Divine Mother. You are co-creating your morontial souls with the Adjuster.

But how does one use these tools? Review Thought Adjuster - Spirit of Truth lessons for more technical in-depth explanations, teachings. But for day to day practical usages, I continue to stress a spiritual habit of daily prayer, worship and thanksgiving, a spiritual time to center in God inward and outward, the integration of spiritual principles into thought, word, deed, whether doing trivial, mundane chores, professional chores, or in one's personal social interactions. When spiritual considerations become as important as political gain, other considerations, you will be in balance as an ascender.

One must not devote all one's conscious time-thought to the spiritual. Unconsciously or superconsciously that is the reality. But for balance you must pray and then put those prayers answered prayers - into action in your lives. This is balance. You cannot exist in a vacuum. We are interrelated, and it is a disservice to your own progressive path to bury your talents.

Brothers and sisters, you are all spiritual ambassadors in your own lives. That is why balance is so important for you. Rest, relaxation, fun, loving partnering relationships, friendships, prayer, worship, thanksgiving, proper nutrition, doing a good job to retain your material existence, all are necessary for you to be the very best spiritual ambassador that you can be.

Your planet is unbalanced most spiritually. There is a lack of understanding of your cosmic place, of your future, of many very basic concepts other planets have. You are off center, but not abandoned, not at all abandoned. Urantia is most cherished by our Creator-Father-Brother MICHAEL, and most looked after on high. Some day Urantia will be the crowning planet of Nebadon, and shine brightest, and the tale of your struggles will inspire others for aeons of time, even into eternity.

For your assignment I would like you to read about the balanced personality of our master incarnated here as JESUS of Nazareth. And I will accept questions at this time, and thank you profusely for your respectful attention. Are there questions?

Q: Could you comment on the balance of our group?

A: Good question. Our group is quite well balanced in terms of representation of the twelve basic personality types bestowed by The FATHER. And in terms of levels of intellectual-mindal understanding, as a group we are quite well put together. This is why we absorb newcomers slowly, because our balance is almost as good as we can hope for, given the human factor. We do not wish to upset this so we slowly take in others, wait for the group to rebalance as new humans attend, and when we have reached equilibrium, accept others.

Q: Yes, is there any of the basic twelve personality types that I could be of service in inviting. Could I enhance our group at all?

A: A moment. The answer is “yes” but I am enjoined not to be more specific. However you will receive instructions on a person by person basis but I am not allowed to reveal the answer to you.

Q: Are the twelve basic personality types told in The Urantia Book?

A: Yes, they are. Read the Apostles.

Q: How can we use balance to develop our consonant (sic) mind potential?

A: If you achieve balance, mind-body-spirit, your cosmic awareness must increase. Part of Spiritual intellectual growth is cosmic citizenship awareness - our place in the grand scheme as individuals, ascenders, and perfecters, as well as our planet's place in the cosmos. As you become more integrated you will be aware of more spiritual beings surrounding you, your angels and Midwayers, teaching corps and assistants, Life Carriers, Thought Adjuster internally, Spirit of Truth externally, and you cannot help, then, but realize what the cosmos will be like. You can actually experience cosmic citizenship here, today, on Urantia, in material form.

Q: I was actually referring to the part in The Urantia Book about causation, duty and worship as being part of the cosmic mind. Can you expound a little bit on that?

A: I have already told you about worship. What is worship? Worship is recognition of a Creator-FATHER and knowing that the great I AM, First Source and Center, is the cause of all creation. Greater than ourselves, greater than any creation is the creator. When one realizes this in more than just words, one cannot help but worship such a beneficent Deity.

Causation is realizing that we are created beings.

When we realize we are created and understand the concept of the creator which leads to worship, we then realize our relationship to all other beings, whether material or non-material. This is cosmic consciousness.

Q: The Urantia Book says you can use causation, duty, and worship as a faculty to determine the a priori assumptions of philosophy, religion and science. And I thought maybe that you could comment on that.

A: This is difficult for it is not totally related, but I will try to answer. Within every personality exists the God-given tools of truth discernment. How much access one has to these tools is dependent upon your commitment to God knowingness. Yes, it is entirely possible to use the spiritual principles to evaluate philosophy, religion, science, technology, etc. Causation is a physical and spiritual law of the cosmos. Scientists use this law well on your world. Spiritual people do not.

Duty I do not quite understand. I would phrase loyalty, faithfulness, more. On this point I will get back to you, for I am not able to grasp the duty concept. Service, yes, but not familiar enough, or perhaps (T/R) is not, with this concept.

Q: What happens to us physically, mindally, and spiritually when the physical body is asleep - in terms of balance?

A: I will try. Physically, of course, sleep is a restorative in terms of a shut down of the senses, or a slow down of the senses. Every machine needs to be turned off or it would overheat. So physically, sleep is a necessary recharging mechanism. Mindally, dreaming is a mindal release dealing with emotions: stress, fear, processing, feelings, etc., takes place during dream state and physically the brain is altered to release toxins, I would call it, to release toxins.

Spiritually, sleep is quite important for that is when your Adjuster or Controller broadcasts the ideal plan for you to you. Sometimes Adjuster communication is partially distorted with dream states. But whether Adjuster communication reaches the unconscious sleeping mind is not as important as the fact that higher mind is receiving undiluted Adjuster communication. Also you are receiving Adjuster broadcasts, which are beamed to your Adjusters throughout this universe. (05/09/92)

* * *

Q: Many of us are having difficulty, earning a living currently due - in part - to the state of our economy, but largely due to our newly-acquired perspective of the material versus the morontial. In other words, making money is no longer important to us. Spiritual growth and service are. Can you help with a balance here?

A: You must maintain your material existence, my children. This is a priority for you on this planet. I do not know how to say this any clearer than that. While you recognize your dual nature as animal and spirit, you must maintain an existence in both realms. How is it that you can grow in spiritual awareness if your body suffers? If your family suffers? You must find this balance on your own. I can tell you that, as our Master did in His life, take care of your priority needs first, then engage in those activities which will add to your over-all well being, both physically, mentally and spiritually. I am aware of the situation. I understand human nature. When you get a taste of the divine - of that which is greater than the material - you wish to give up on the material, to go into the greater part. Do not leave behind the recognition and consciousness of the fact that you are material beings. (11/18/92)


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