Note: Will is discussed at length under the heading of MIND. (02/17/92)

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Q: I have a question about the will. Something you said about the will was almost as if it was a separate thing than us. So is the will of completely from an animal level or it is it from personality?

A: Personality exercises dominant will choice on this level but the will is the offspring of the conscious human mind, mid-mind. It is your only area of control or choice. You cannot effectively influence other things: your body, material world, the Adjuster. But you can exert influence and growth through will in the material, conscious mid-mind. (02/22/92)

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Q: RAYSON, regarding free will, I've noticed that all the teachers tend to respect that infinitely, and I was wondering that is it your opinion, or perhaps the opinion of Father MELCHIZEDEK that had the Fifth Epochal Revelation not occurred and then this subsequent teaching mission, would life as we know it, human life on this planet, be in much greater jeopardy in terms of spiritual bankruptcy and the devolution of mankind?

A: Yes, if there were no other plans put into effect - that is improbable. If The Urantia Book and the teaching mission was not put into effect, another plan would have been. And if that plan were not put into effect, another would have been.

Q: So, with the respect of free will, it's still not MICHAEL's choice that the earth experience be allowed to annihilate itself? Is that a correct assumption? That we are always being nurtured?

A: Free will was bestowed by the FATHER, not MICHAEL. If we all choose to annihilate ourselves, that is their prerogative, we have that. Even I. But the point is that we don't.

The plans for uplift, for guiding us ever onward and upward, is not a negative plan to stop us from doing evil. It is a magnet, which is positive, which draws you ever upward. It is not to prevent selfannihilation, but rather to give you more opportunities to grow, for getting you to reach up so that the ones above can reach down and so pull you up.

Free will (alone) is nothing. It is not valuable unless you are given enough choices. These missions, The Urantia Book, revelations, are all to give you those better choices. (11/22/92)

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