The majority of the meetings began with a traditional prayer, which contained most, if not all, of the following:

The light of God surrounds us,

The love of God enfolds us,

The power of God protects us, and

The presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are, He is.

RAYSON: Then let us pray. The FATHER is the light of the world. The FATHER is the light of creation. Through the Son He gives birth to the galaxies and the universes and the solar systems and all the creatures of will. Through the Mother Spirit's ministry we are cared for with a Divine Love. We give thanks for our existence. (10/23/91)

RAYSON: We'll close with a prayer. The FATHER himself rejoices as each new soul comes forth to toil in the kingdom. As we work side by side we are evermore conscious of The FATHER's love for His children and our love for each other grows greater. God is our power, and our strength, and our goal. We sing His praises. We pledge ourselves to His watch-care and guidance. We declare His name to be above all. (10/25/91)

RAYSON: Let us say a prayer to MICHAEL of Nebadon before I leave.

MICHAEL, God of mercy and miracles, bless our mission with clear insight, courageous hearts, and lives filled with wisdom. We have dedicated our will to the will of The FATHER. Please accept our humble gifts of love. (12/01/91)

RAYSON: Help us, FATHER, to keep our focus Godward, to dwell in the part of us that dwells in you. When my attention is only on God, good emanates from me, and through me. Our lives will be dedicated to doing The FATHER's will, and we will steadfastly screen out everything that keeps us from discerning His will. As John said, love one another. And we, FATHER, pray to reflect more of your love back to the world. Amen. (12/07/91)

RAYSON: I would like us to pray together before I say farewell.

Dearest FATHER on high, reach down to the children of time and comfort their heavy hearts. Assure them of their everlasting life and love and goodness and beauty, and comfort the children when they cannot see you. We pray for wisdom and love, and to reflect the goodness of God in all that we say or do. (12/15/91)

RAYSON: Universal FATHER - Son and Mother Spirit, see the faith-filled sons and daughters of time as they lift their arms heavenward toward your great love and cherishment. Although blind to your sight, these beautiful children look upwards anyway, Agondonters strong and free. See your children some day sitting with you in peace and wholeness and light and love, and taking these gifts onward in the Corps of the Finaliters. Bless them, FATHER, and bless our mission as we try to bring Urantia closer to you. (01/06/92)

RAYSON: I would like to end our meeting with a short prayer.

Dearest FATHER, show us - your children - your infinite love and watch care and guidance. Help us to discern your presence in ourselves and in the Universe of Universes. As we get to know you better, let us reflect more of your Divine love to our brothers and sisters. And we pray to grow ever closer to your warm light and ever more like you in your loving ways. Bless us as we live our lives uncertain, yet certain of the eventual outcome, which is to someday sit in your very presence and worship the one God. Amen. (01/12/92)

RAYSON: At this point I would like to end the discourse and participate with you in a group meditation of silent receptivity, which I will lead.

Dear FATHER, Creator of all, endless circle of love, goodness, and First Source and Center of everything, show your children the way to you; the journey inward and outward which is without end, replete in spiritual growth and sung of by angels. Let us be silent as each one of your children tries more consciously to feel your presence within and without. To feel your Divine unconditional and endless love mercy, goodness, and beauty. Let us listen to the silent voice of the eternal.

(Long silence)

If you feel peaceful, sublime, loved, loving, forgiving, forgiven, compassionate, connected to your brothers and sisters and the Father, that is your first inkling of Thought Adjuster downreach and outreach to the human mind and soul. Some day you will feel this way always, and more. (01/26/92)

RAYSON: Let me bring today's lesson to a close with a small prayer for you, my fellows.

FATHER, balance your children in their lives. Let them be consciously aware of your Divine gift residing in their mind. Let them try to lead poised, loving, service-filled lives so that they may better attune their will to the will of the Divine. Bless them with spiritual growth and bestow the fruits of the spirit on them as they live day by day through these uncertain times. Thank you father for your blessing. (02/09/92)

RAYSON: Now, I have a short prayer. (S) feels very lonely as her mate has gone on ahead of her and so tonight I wish to pray for (deceased) with my fellows.

Dearest FATHER, whose mercy knows no end, whose love is all, help these human children of time to fully realize the Divine adventure of eternity. Let them feel the presence, FATHER, of their dear ones who have graduated. Let them feel the morontial joy in survival with the pain and longing and despair and doubt from their hearts for truly we are on a great ship going to a beautiful land on a Divine journey. Let them feel their potential Divinity, and know that those who have gone on ahead are safe and secure in the love of their Angels and their God. (02/17/92)

RAYSON: And now a prayer:

Great I AM, First Source and Center, Highest Deity, Creator of all, bless these lowly children of time with understanding. Let them feel your Divine compassion, love and mercy, and let them grasp even for an instant of their time - their glorious careers with you. (02/22/92)

RAYSON: Now my brothers and sisters let us pray.

Universal FATHER, thank you for life, for the bestowal of your Divinity, for personality, for soul, for mind, for the mercy of the Son and the ministry of the Mother. Thank you for the adventure of time and space and the potential of eternity. Our hearts long to sit some day in your presence. To worship you is the most sublime gift we can give. We worship you now, FATHER, in our humbleness, smallness, oneness, and fairness. And the act of worship makes us as one with your greatness, your wisdom, your love, your compassion, your mercy, infinity and eternity.

Thank you for the miracle. (03/15/92)

RAYSON: Let us end with a prayer.

Universal FATHER, Creator-Father-Son MICHAEL, and most wondrous Divine Mother, we your children worship and thank you for our existence, our blessings, our opportunity to become eternal, our avenues of service, the love we give and receive, and our assignments as spiritual ambassadors. We pray for increased love, compassion, understanding, joy, tolerance, faith, hope, and spiritual awareness in our lives and on our planet. We send our thanks to all who help us: human, morontial, spiritual, and pray for increased communication with the Divine Adjuster within. FATHER bless your children this week and let them keep You foremost in their hearts, minds, souls, and bodies. (05/09/92)

RAYSON: Let us pray together:

Dearest FATHER, First Source and Center, Great Architect of all. Thank you for your gifts. Your children appreciate and love you so for this gift of personality. We dedicate our wills to yours, FATHER, as we are consciously evolving towards your perfect plan for each one of us. May we all go the distance and serve together in the Corps of the Finaliters and help our brothers and sisters in your vast creation, not yet actualized, just as we are. May The FATHER bless you and keep you spiritually aware and growing until we meet next week, my brothers and sisters. (05/17/92)

RAYSON: Dearest FATHER, beloved Creator of the universes of perfection and evolution, and the universes yet unknown to come. We pray to recognize your blessings in our lives, to make our life a blessing to those we know, to those we pass by, and to your world-and to you. We dedicate and rededicate our wills to the doing of your will, and pray for increased understanding of love and service, beauty, truth and goodness, and increase action of these fruits as we go through this world. We pray for peace internally and externally, and we pray to pass on the faith and hope and love - which we each possess - to others and to the world. May JESUS inspire your lives this week. (05/24/92)

RAYSON: And now we will end with a prayer.

Dear FATHER, help us to discern your will and dedicate our wills more fully to doing your good works. Let us be more aware of higher values and apply them in word, thought, and deeds. Let us remember that every brother and sister has a Divine element and a Divine bestowal of personality, and that even those we dislike are loved by you, FATHER. Let us go through life this week as advertisements for Divine love and spread this benign virus of your love to others, Let us transform ourselves now. MICHAEL will keep us in his mercy and love as Divine Mother ministers to each child during this coming week. (05/30/92)

RAYSON: So we will pray together.

Thank you, FATHER, for this opportunity to work with these humans. We who are non-human have learned - and are learning - much. Their valiant faith inspires us ever onward. We bless each human soul and revere each fragment of Divinity in your children. We pray for their increased awareness of all of your ministers and for their increased love for each other. We thank you, FATHER, for the opportunity for us to know and love them and for them to know and love us. We thank you for Urantia and for all of the gifts, which you have given all of your children in time and eternity. FATHER, some day we know we will all see you with more than faith. We await that day in eternity and in worship to your greatness.

We pray to do great good as we travel toward you, FATHER. May we be as merciful as MICHAEL is, as wise as The FATHER, and as loving as Divine Spirit. (06/06/92)

RAYSON: We will close with a prayer of thanksgiving for our great gift from God.

Thank you for our open minds, hearts, souls and bodies, which perceives ever so dimly in the distance the perfect and eternal light of the Great I AM. Thank you for the gift of faith, for evolution and imperfection, for the great adventure of perception in time and eternity, for the Adjuster, for our loving cousins - the seraphim. Thank you midwayers for letting us visit your planet. For our spirit of truth, and our celestial government. Thank you for sending the great Prince MACHIVENTA once more to this beloved planet. And thank you most of all, for the spark in the human soul, which drives us onward despite adversity. (07/26/92)

RAYSON: And before I depart we will say a prayer which (T/R) has requested.

FATHER of all miracles, Creator of our world, of our being, First Source and Center, Eternal Son, Purpose and Mind Mother, please send your ministers of mercy, goodness and light to your children this day and every moment of their lives. We ask for the healing of Urantia. We ask for healing of the human soul, and heart, and mind. We ask for healing of (T/R)'s friend who is in intense suffering. We pray for healing of (S) and all our fellow mission workers across the world. We ask your blessing that our vision expands so we may see the blessings we already have. (08/02/92)

RAYSON: FATHER, may we worship you more fully day by day, and be more grateful for your Divine gift of love and for the fact that you are, in deed, in fact, in love, in eternity, our Creator-Father. We thank you for your Son, MICHAEL of Nebadon, our Universe Sovereign, God of mercy, and for your Daughter, Divine Mother, who is the God of faith and miracles and ministry. We invite them to fill our lives and beings with their gift of light and ask our angels to draw closer to us daily as we ascend on our path in our trip towards paradise. We pray to forgive this week and always and to feel God's forgiveness.

We mostly pray to recognize how blessed we are as agondonters, as the recipients of revelation, and as children of such a wonderful father. (08/09/92)

RAYSON: I wish to say a prayer for each of you.

Dearest FATHER, strengthen all of us so that we may serve your will to the best of our abilities. Give us courage and centered strength in our faith in your greatness and goodness with that we may reflect this into this dark world and begin to bring it toward the light. May angels draw close to each and every one of us as we take our steps on our ascension walk, and may we be nourished by Your love, ministered to by the MOTHER SPIRIT, and shown much mercy by MICHAEL. We worship you FATHER, and thank you for your goodness. We wish to serve always and dedicate our wills to yours. (08/16/92)

RAYSON: FATHER, let it be known - regardless of hardships, doubts, insecurities, and other adversities of our lives, our will is that your will be done. (10/18/92)

RAYSON: Heavenly FATHER, we are in your presence. We humbly ask you to guide us on our way through this world and to the mansion worlds. Forgive us for our mistakes, the sins we may commit, our evil tendencies, as I know that you will. We long to be with you, and we will strive in the best way we can to love you as much as you love us. And no matter what we may do, let it be known that not our will but yours be done. (11/22/92)

RAYSON: And let us say a prayer of thanksgiving to the Universal FATHER for the fact that we have life and can see God and know God and have inner consciousness of God, and for all the glories of God; for the Divine Mother Spirit, the Eternal Son, all the ministers to the children of time and space. And for the entire beauty, goodness and truth of the outworking of the Divine as we can grasp it from our point on the path of light. We thank you FATHER and we pray for ever-growing enlightenment and dedication of our will to your own.

May God's blessings be apparent to all of you for they are upon you. (11/29/92)

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