R: The director's of this teaching mission are most pleased. The benefits of the lessons go far beyond the individual participants - far, far beyond. You are all growing very much spiritually and are working hard. You are to be commended for your efforts as well as for your courage in going out among your fellows and serving. Thank you. Farewell. (02/14/93)


Q: Is it correct to say that, since the adjudication of the rebellion has been completed, there are no mischievous beings who would deliberately mislead our transmitter/receivers?

A: That is correct. Yes. (04/25/93)


R: If I spent years on the fundamentals, you could be seriously retarded in your own growth.

S: That makes sense.

R: Even in the lessons, as you have probably noticed, there has been a definite increase in complexity over the months.

S: Yes. I've noticed that.

R: Like the proverbial carrot before the nose of the donkey, we try to keep you moving forward at a steady pace.

S: Do you feel that you are succeeding?

R: What do you think?

S: I hope so. It feels like it.

R: Yes, we have all of the indicators to show that the mission is doing well. (12/18/93)

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