S: (A reader/believer) telephoned me some weeks ago asking how to get a teacher. He has a group meeting at ... and they want a teacher. I told him they should get their group together and read the sermon on “counting the cost,” and if, after reading it, they still wanted a teacher to let me know, and I would pass their request through Rayson to Prince Melchizedek. They have done so, and I want to do that now. I would like to pass on their request for a teacher.

R: I will do so.

Q: He said that (a member of his group) had a feeling that some entity was trying to contact her. She thought she might be losing her mind. Is this individual a recipient of a teacher who is trying to get through, or is this her own imagination?

A: One moment. It is both (chuckling). She will unbalance for a while, but the contact is real. You must understand that many individuals are contacted and then found not sufficient. So there will often be experiences which are indeed real, but do not bear fruit for many reasons. But she should try to stay centered and balanced, and not try to fixate on her sanity, and let it happen - which is, I understand - almost impossible for the human mind to achieve. But a clear pond reflects images back truthfully. A pond with a rock thrown into it ripples and distorts. She should keep the image of a clear pond when contact is attempted and try not to throw a rock in the water.

Q: He said the word “Ramon” was felt over and over again by one of the people in his group. Could this possibly be Rayson?

A: I have not contacted that group.

Q: He asks: “Does the name Hash-hem refer to a teacher?”

A: That is correct. (Is it?) Yes. (01/21/93)


Q: (S) of (Mission Group), who we were talking about the other day when you communicated a request for a teacher for his study group, called to thank you for passing his request on to Melchizedek. He said that shortly thereafter at least two people in his group began to feel that they were being contacted. He said that (S) thought she was being contacted, (S2) thought that she was being contacted, by teachers. (S) thinks that the teacher might be named “Racine.” Do you have any comments?

A: One moment. Yes, they are in contact and need to work with the teachers. It would be useful for them to gather information from other groups - including tapes and transcripts - toward this end. We realize now that this teaching mission will meet certain road blocks we had not quite expected, such as the occasional rejection of a teacher by mortal beings - either by the transmitter himself or herself, or by others. We had hoped that this would not be, however, we shall wait and see how this new situation develops.

Q: He asks whether or not Hilson, or Loriyana, or both, are personal teachers?

A: They are both teachers, but both may not remain. That depends on the humans involved...

Q: You have heard our discussions of the transmissions of (S) as a T/R and his present teacher, Aneena. Do you have any comments that you would like to make concerning this matter?

A: Yes. Michael's sojourn on Urantia was intended, among other things, to serve as a model of behavior. He was the one and only human born of woman who ever so graciously expressed His spiritual virtues despite the strong draw of the animal. We all do well to remind ourselves, myself included, of how Michael would approach a given situation, striving always to express His actions with love, goodness, truth and beauty at the forefront.

Throughout your ascension career, of course there will be conflicts among personalities. This is unavoidable. However, there are so many ways of acting given a particular situation or conflict, which way shall you choose? The animal way? Or the spiritual. That is my advice. As far as the question of the new teacher, the teacher came by invitation and is a genuine teacher. (S) has worked hard. More than that I cannot say at this time. (01/31/93)


Q: We thank you for being our teacher. When we were in Woods Cross we were told that Ham was sort of an organizer of the teachers, or a leader of the teaching group. Is that still what he is doing? Or is there a new person doing that position?

A: One moment. Ham is still very much a participant in the mission. Those of us who have direct contact with Urantia mortals through the transmitter/receivers are only a fraction of the total participants and some teachers will appear and then contact will be lost for varying periods of time due to a number of circumstances, including emergency missions elsewhere, calls to universe headquarters and other matters which we are not permitted to discuss. The mission is in certain respects taking form even as it occurs. That is part of the reason that there has been a degree of variability.

However, Ham will reappear, possibly in this very group, if there is a receptive transmitter/receiver. The match between teacher and mortal is not always easy. Not only must the mortal be highly desirous of serving but there must also be a capability on the part of the mortal to receive physical energy forms without incurring bodily damage or emotional damage. Therefore it is difficult to predict where a given teacher, for example Ham, may next appear. That is the best answer I can give you at present.

Q: It sounded from what you were saying as though this mission were on other planets as well. Would it be likely that it's on all of the planets not in Light and Life?

A: Moment. I am not permitted to reveal the facts but basically you are correct. Are there other comments?

Q: How do the teachers get to this planet? Do they come by Seraphic transport?

A: Sometimes. Other times the transmission is done from beyond Urantia.

Q: In other words, you can be somewhere else and actually communicate through a T/R on Urantia, is that correct?

A: Yes. Generally we try to be in close proximity and there are generally observers present as well.

Q: I understand you were on Urantia and standing very close to Mary for a long time. Are you still close to Mary?

A: Yes, at her behest. But then I am close to all of you. Can you not feel it? (Yes.)

Q: Was that you who visited me last week, or somebody else?

A: I was with you . ....

Q: I hear, Rayson, that you have been visiting other groups in the area. They are all sending back very good reports of the work that you are doing there. I want to say thank you. I feel that you must be a leader of teachers if you are able to do that. Of course it might be that we're not keeping you too busy here, but I just wanted you to know that you are loved and appreciated by other groups than this one.

A: Thank you, (S). It is an honor, as always, to be here. I would not characterize myself as a leader of teachers, but rather as a willing and grateful participant in an exciting and challenging mission for our Father.

S: You seem to have talents that are useful and need to be applied in other areas. (Thank you.) (02/21/93)


Q: We spoke last week of my ability and willingness to be a T/R and I would like to reiterate that. And if the process could be stepped up it might be useful so that the position of T/R could be shared so (T/R) could sit on the side as well. I just wanted to let you know that I am willing. I know you talked about fear, but fear is only until one does it. If you let the other side know I am ready, and if you think useful. Should I meet with you alone? If (T/R) is willing? Will I get what I need here?

A: Yes, my daughter. There are a number of ways that you can approach this. Most have found it useful to embark upon a series of practice sessions with a trusted friend, during which time in the safety of one's home or elsewhere you can achieve the stillness and practice contact with the teacher. That may well be the best course to follow for it has yielded much success in other situations.

Q: Rayson, would you be willing to practice with (T/R trainee) sometimes?

A: Yes, of course, at her request. Certainly.

T/R trainee: I request it now. I feel you I think. I'm going through kind of a lonely time, but I feel you, and thank you for being there.

R: You are welcome. Each of the teachers is given special dispensation to spend extra time with the students of the teaching group, so your perception is most likely correct.

T/R trainee: Today, I was walking my dog and all of a sudden out of the creek bed rose this wonderful, wonderful heron. And in that moment I felt specially blessed by the Father's gift. At those kinds of moments I feel very - just aware of everything He has created and consider that a special blessing.

R: Yes, that is the right way. You are doing very well. (05/22/93)


Q: (T/R trainee) [Long commentary on her progress as a potential T/R. It ends by:] Is there anything else that I can do to facilitate? I've spoken with (another T/R) and gotten some background - but I know they are there and I am here. How do we come together?

A: Often our very desire to serve is the obstacle to the completion. Use relaxation techniques to quiet your desire, which is sincere but is getting in the way of receptivity, for it keeps you in the realm of the human ego and want, and it therefore becomes harder to make a connection. Relaxation techniques do not have to, necessarily, be metaphysical. It could be something as simple as a warm bath or a television show which relaxes you. Try to make your mind as a, clear pond so you will see the reflection more clearly. It will take time. And perhaps it will not always be totally connected, and it is just a matter of practicing . ....

S: When there is a new person who is desirous of receiving a teacher, I'm wondering if that is something that Melchizedek or Ham do? They choose the teacher? Or can a person say “well I want (??) this teacher ..

(End of side A of tape. Side B continues:]

A: Brother Ham is the person, being, who assigns teachers to humans. However, much scouting has occurred with permission from Ham and Melchizedek for teachers to make connections or try out humans to expedite the teaching mission. They are more compatible, mindally, between individuals, teachers and humans, so the teaching staff has been allowed to have a trial with certain humans. But the assignment officially comes from brother Ham, although requests, of course, by humans are acknowledged and given priority. (05/29/93)


R: The substance of these lessons has been designed such that the important elements shall be repeated many times so that those who may be absent from a given session will not miss the teaching. But thank you for your consideration. And as far as the teachers, if anything there will be more teachers as the mission continues its progress and growth. As the first group of students goes forth as individuals and others are touched there will be greater numbers of persons requesting teachers. We are ready for the call. (06/19/93)

My question pertains to a letter we got this week from a group, and I think it's in Delaware, that they ask us to write and give them encouragement because they have private teachers but apparently they do not have yet a T/R. I was wondering whether there was, other than encouraging them and giving them some of the experiences of our group, whether there was any message for them.

A: The message is to be willing to allow one of their members to serve as the human conduit without resentment or jealousy, for it is most difficult for a transmitter receiver to emerge when there is the natural mortal vying for position of leader. It is important to understand that your transmitter receiver is in no way the leader of your group but is merely one who has offered to participate as a conduit, not the surgeon or even the assistant, but merely the one who hands the instrument. This may be helpful to the group of which you speak. (Thank you)

And remember, my friends, that while Melchizedek oversees this teaching mission, and indeed the whole correcting time, he is a busy, busy administrator, and like all administrators delegates very, very much to those beneath him, so to speak, including yourselves. There is as much work for you to do, each of you as an individual, as you are willing to do. (01/22/94)

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