Q: Teacher Bertrand, I have intermittently served as a transmitter/receiver for Rayson for some period now. Since near the time I began to serve in that function I've had a sense that I would get a separate teacher with a name something like Quin-ton. Now I sense that the time is very close, indeed, and that I may serve as T/R for both Rayson and Quin-ton. Do you have any comment?

A: [by Bertrand] You are correct in your understanding of your personal teacher. Personal teachers are generally specifically assigned to an individual and are not subject to group transmitted missions. Those are usually a part of the assigned teachers to teaching classes, such as Rayson and myself. Your personal teacher is assigned as a helper for you when your assignment has been given. They are your assistant, and generally will not require verbalization to others.

It may occur from time to time that a personal teacher may indeed have something to say, but in most cases will be private. (05/12/93)


Q: Rayson, yesterday I received a list of over 200 ascendent mortals and other personalities that had made contact with human beings on this teaching mission. Could you comment on the accuracy of that, and whether or not that is only a small portion of the number of personalities involved.

A: That is only a very small portion! There have been many more contacts. However, many of these the human does not recognize as such, or discounts as imagination.

Q: What do you mean to say, that a person can be contacted without knowing it as such?

A: Yes. A person's mind cannot be used for transmission without free will consent by the humans, but there are many contacts between celestial beings and humans that occur daily. In many cases the humans disbelieve it.

Q: [Question too soft to be understood on tape.]

A: We do not teach the transmitter/receivers individually per se, although they do have access to more range of meaning than they are capable of expressing in words.

Q: Rayson, I've recently been thinking that, like you said, there have been many contacts between celestial beings and humans for a long time, happening daily - maybe even hourly. Since the advent of the Melchizedek teaching mission, people have used it as a context in which to base their thoughts of what the origin of these contacts may be. Maybe this shouldn't necessarily be the case. Maybe we should just open our minds to the possibility that its not a Melchizedek teaching mission teacher, but maybe an angel or Melchizedek, himself, or some other being, on a separate mission. It is not necessarily good to lock ourselves into that one mode.

A: Yes, of course, (S), for you are the recipient of all spiritual gifts on Urantia, and I have informed our group that there is at least one additional mission which is happening on Urantia concurrent with this one. And also that you have your helpers - Angels, Midwayers, Spirit of Truth, and Adjuster, and many other celestial guides - which constantly try to make an impression upon the human mind. So to narrow your interpretation to just this teaching mission would be to make invisible many other valid spiritual contexts which occur all the time. (05/29/93


Q: Rayson, I have a personal question. Some of the evenings when I'm alone and trying to make contact or trying to reach the stillness the feeling in the top of my head is like steel brushes going around. Last night it came in from the top and was far more intense than I have ever felt before but no voices, and I can't make any sense out of it. Are the celestial beings trying to adjust my mind to receive messages or are they trying to adjust me for healing purposes or just what's going on?

A: The celestial beings have always been there. It is your will that is adjusting. If you would like to transmit, you may certainly do so at any time. Perhaps you would find it easier to transmit in written form by using a writing tool or a keyboard. Some find that transmission occurs most easily by drawing pictographs. This is indeed an effective way of conveying a message, when one has the necessary talent. Also, transmission can be done by transducing the signal into simple or complex behavioral terms. That it, receiving signal and then modifying one's behavior with subsequent human contacts. Does this answer? (S: Yes.) (09/25/93)


R: Before we start our lesson today, I'm going to give you a bit of instruction on transmission for those who wish to participate as transmitters. I know that many of you here have wished to do this, and have earnestly striven toward this end. That is good.

It may be that for some of you at least, the final block is a matter of relinquishing complete and total control of your conscious mind to outside influence. This is not an easy matter for Urantia mortals. It engenders fear, and with good reason. Therefore it is of utmost importance, if you truly wish to do this thing that you call upon your faith and your trust in Father and His servants.

Consider that your function as a transmitter is along the line of service. You will not be harmed in any way, nor will you be exalted, but you will help the cause of this mission on Urantia by your participation. You will not be weakened, certainly. If anything, by allowing higher mind to mingle with your own, you will be the stronger in your dealings with your fellow Urantia mortals. Now we will move on to our formal lesson for today. (See Lesson on GOODNESS)

S: Thank you so much for the sense I've had quite a bit recently, of your presence and the comfort that gives me even though I'm not talking to you.

R: You are most welcome, my dear. Have you sensed the upstepping of the energy that we discussed a few weeks ago?

S: Well, I haven't been as faithful in my working on this as I had hoped to be. I've been doing some earthly things, but I do feel more in tune and more comforted.

R: Good, very good.

Q: Rayson, you were expressing some regrets at your inability to communicate when the tape ended, and although I certainly don't agree with you, I think you ought to pick up there.

A: Well, as you know, I am an ascendant being as you are, and my understanding of spiritual matters and mota is far from complete so I am learning as we go, as you are. I welcome your comments and questions. They always help me to progress along these lines.

Q: Concerning the preliminary matter that you discussed, the matter of those who desire to become transmitter receivers, is there any correlation between the physical ability of the brain and the ability of the teacher to reach the mind?

A: Well, in a sense, yes, but where there is a decreased physical ability on the part of the brain that can be overridden by faith and earnest desire to participate, if those two are present in sufficient amount. (Thank you.)

Q: Are there any, are there certain individuals in the room that would be able to do this?

A: You are all capable. The easiest route for each may vary, however. Some may find it easier to transmit directly from body to body and may channel spirit energy through direct personal healing.

Others will find that verbalization is easiest. Others will find that artistic expression in song or in graphic display is best. Still others will find that the written word is most easily available for this means. Think of all the modes of expression that are available to mankind. Any one of them can be used as a medium of expression of spirit-channelled message. It does boggle the mind, does it not?

S: Wonderful answer, Rayson. Thank you. It really was expanding. I speak for myself, but I had more or less thought of transmitting as being more in a verbal one-on-one with you and another person. And thank you for that answer.

S2: Rayson, I request that you communicate - I know we can do it directly - but communicate to the Planetary Prince our appreciation and thanks for His allowing you to come here and talk with us on various occasions. We are extremely blessed by this particular phenomenon, and we would like for Him to know that we all appreciate it and we love you.

R: You are much loved in return, and the message is sent. You see, my friends, goodness is part of worship. Are there other comments? If not, then I shall bid you farewell. (10/09/93)


S: Pursuant to your advice to see a neurologist I saw one yesterday. I went over and had an MRI, a brain scan. I took the negatives to Dr. A_ head of the neurosurgery department, and he examined them closely. I also took them later on to the duty neurologist in the neurology department, and he examined them closely. They could find no evidence of any aberrations, tumors or anything like that except the scar from the original tumor that was removed. They were very pleased with what they saw.

R: That is wonderful news. So now you probably are curious about possible spirit involvement causing the phenomena that you have described.

(S: Yes.) Yes, that is quite possible. Remember that communication with higher mind can occur in any conceivable fashion, verbal, visual, auditory, and so on. Have you discerned any particular patterns?

S: Well, it comes and goes, but the thing I talked to you about occurred during my meditations at night. During the daylight I - and this is what I saw the neurologist about - I was conscious of changes in intensity of light. It was as if you were sitting in a dark room with the TV facing the other direction, and the light intensity would go up and down, up and down, up and down. I was at various parts of the house when this phenomenon occurred on several occasions. Earlier this week during my morning shower it happened repeatedly. I was able to consciously study what it was. It was a change in light intensity from bright lights at daylight to the red shift of light bulbs. When it was appearing and disappearing, it was as if it were a light flashing on and off. That was what I talked to the doctors about.

R: Do you have the sense of message?

S: No, that's what I'm worried about. I don't get it.

R: Nothing comes into your mind. There are no dreams. You do not feel impelled to write anything down or transpose with your keyboard?

S: Well, I feel impelled to record the message that said “I'm fine.”

R: Did your physician offer any electrical readings of your brain?

S: No, he did not.

R: You may wish to have this checked to be absolutely sure this is not a seizure phenomenon.

S: OK. Thank you.

R: Such a phenomenon can indeed occur in the absence of discernible brain pathology. It may be that your capacity to perceive spirit presence is being developed for reasons that are not clear to you or to me. Do you sense this?

S: I thought it might be the case, yes. Although I don't know to what purpose I would, see spirit personalities. I don't need to see them in order to know that they're real.

R: You have done any formal transmission? (S: No, no.) Have you attempted to write?

S: In the sense that I sit down with my computer and try to get inspiration about something, I've tried and it usually ends up in a letter to someone.

R: Are the letters spirit lead?

S: Well, I think they are, yes.

R: Are they to particular individuals? (S: Yes.) Would you like to attempt this sort of transmission now? Perhaps the time has come. I will work with you, if you wish.

S: I'm not sure it would worth your time. I do feel that - just as I have felt for the last two or three years - there's celestial guidance in my letters because I'm so un-(Student) in them. I used to feel proud of being able to write letters that would make people angry. And now I write letters that are peaceful, kind. I really appreciate the offer, but I don't think your presence is necessary for me to continue along these veins. I'm sorry.

R: As you wish. It could be very interesting for you someday to try this.

S: Yes, someday it could be very interesting, yes. I think I'm planning this afternoon to write a letter to an individual who sent me a very long letter pertaining to Gabriel of Sedona and his belief in the validity that he is the only representative of Melchizedek and Jesus on this planet. I have been thinking about the form in which this should be put, and I want it to be put in loving form, but I think I know what I want to say and it probably is because of spirit guidance.

R: There is probably a mortal who once was a man of high political rank as yourself who has taken you on as a student and is helping you in this form.

S: Well, I certainly do appreciate it, and I need all the help I can get.

R: I advise you since you ask regarding your light visions to attempt two things. One is if you have any drawing materials with color to attempt to draw them on paper or with paint. This will be difficult at first, but if you practice you should be able to achieve a close rendering of what you perceive. The second thing you may wish to try is when another such sighting occurs to sit with paper or keyboard and start writing whatever comes into your mind. You may put it in the form of a letter or simply write freely and see what happens. You may be very pleasantly surprised because there is a strong likelihood that you are being contacted by your own personal teacher.

S: Well, he or she certainly got my attention. I certainly want one.

R: Yes. So, you may try those two things. You are certainly very capable of transmission, although I sense you are reluctant.

S: I don't think I'm reluctant, but I don't know. I've always had a hard time letting someone else have control over my mind. Subconsciously that may be it.

R: Is there not as much control in dancing with another as there is in conducting yourself alone?

S: Did you say dancing?

R: Yes.

S2: You'd probably lead, (S).

S: Yes, that has always been the case.

R: You are very capable at dialogue, and the transmission is far more of a dialogue than it is a mind takeover. Certainly your own mind is always free to interject, comment, or even withdraw at all times during the transmission.

S: So it's just your voice box that you're surrendering, so to speak. (R: Yes.) Would that be accurate? (R: Yes.) Almost like a translator. If we had someone in the room from Peru and someone who knew how to translate for that person, that translator would be in the position of temporarily not voicing their own thoughts and opinions but voicing the opinions and thoughts of that Peruvian person.

R: Yes, very much like that.

S: Well, I certainly hope that I get a spiritual teacher.

R: Do not fear that you will not transmit the message perfectly. We do not seek perfect message transmission. It is the human translation of idea that is so critical to our particular mission, and actually by inserting your own imperfect style you help this mission be conveyed to yet more Urantia mortals. Do you understand that.

S: I think I understand that, yes.

R: There are many, many mortals on this planet who understand the form that your mind gives ideas and accept that form far more readily than they would accept the same message through another being.

S: I understand that.

R: You have lived life. You have experienced history, and your behavior is marked by constraint and judgment. And these things come through in ways that are subtle but definite in your own expression. This will be appreciated by those who read your particular transmissions, and there are very few who have your particular background who are actually transmitting now.

S: Thank you.

R: You are welcome.

S: I did want to tell you that your, the book of your teachings entitled Rayson and Friends prior to 1993, in other words for '91 and '92, the original last night was off the press, and it's now ready to be duplicated. And I will soon have copies of it for distribution.

R: Thank you. That will do much good.

S: I'm excited about it.

S2: I think it will, too.

S: Thank you for the lessons. They're just wonderful.

R: Yes, they have gone well. I appreciate your gratitude, and I remind you, my friends, that while considering becoming a transmitter may seem a little overwhelming to you, remember that it gives you a unique opportunity for spiritual creativity that very few Urantia mortals have ever experienced. Is that not marvellous?

S: That's why I'm so amazed at this whole thing.

S: Very intriguing.

S: Yes, I've lived an extremely exciting time and age, been given extremely exciting opportunities.

R: Anyone can be a court reporter, but who can be the attorney in charge?

S: Thank you for being with us today. I've run out of questions.

R: Well, let me remind you that once you become a transmitter, which you will surely do, your present belief about control will alter in the following fashion. You will believe that the one who lacks control is the listener in the group rather than the transmitter.

S: Thank you for that insight.

R: And I will remind you when that occurs. Never fear. (S: Thank you.) I bid you farewell. (10/23/93)


S: Rayson, for a while during the past week I had a sensation of, I think the presence of celestial beings which gave me great joy. I thought it might be you. Could you confirm whether I sensed properly the presence of celestial beings, and if so whether they were you?

R: Yes, I have been with you very much these last many weeks, and I am, in fact, prepared to transmit through you when you are ready to channel.

S: Thank you. I have been looking forward to that.

R: Perhaps you would care to start practicing. (S: Thank you.) But are you comfortable having your entire being penetrated by another personality?

S: I think I'm getting comfortable. I have been pretty independent all of my life.

R: Have you not been subjected to x-rays? (S: Oh, yes.) Perhaps if you think of it in that vein, yet without any damage accruing to yourselves, it would be helpful - rather than resorting to sexual connotations. Yes or lying in the sun and receiving its radiance.

S: I think that's the way I felt.

R: Yes, we have been practicing with the permission of your Thought Adjuster, for you have indicated your readiness.

S: Thank you. I will practice with (S2) then.

R: Yes. We have also been working with (S2), and she has also expressed her willingness.

S: Would it be helpful if we practiced together and if whoever was trying to transmit were asked questions by the other one?

R: Yes, certainly.

R: Yes, and you are very much loved, my dear friends. Do you understand better now the nature of material life and that which is beyond it?

S: Yes, I understand why we're having to undergo imperfections. It's a mixed blessing, the imperfections.

R: That which even a Lanonendek Son cannot access has been freely and lovingly given to you for all eternity.

S: That makes us special. Even though we're behind. And we know a million years from now we're still not going to know it all.

S2: But who cares?

S: We'll be still in school, so to speak.

S2: We still have plenty of time.

R: Would you rather be a seraphim, frozen in your potentials?

S: Goodness no, this is exciting.

S: I'd rather be a son of God.

R: With no beginning and no end.

S: Yes, because I get my “no beginning” from my Thought Adjuster when I fuse with him, her, or it. (12/04/93)

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