Before we begin our lesson I have some news... about your discussion of the birth planet celebration of our creator-father MICHAEL. Here to impart this news I turn over to our revered Divine Prince MACHIVENTA.

Greetings, children of time. I am Prince MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and have come to address you directly to tell you the news which the two humans were enjoined not to discuss, but I will tell you partially that earth-time August 21 you will receive a visit from GABRIEL of Salvington at your celebrations of the Master's earth birthday.

You will not see a presence but will be in touch and perhaps spoken to. This is not unprecedented as GABRIEL has attended these remembrance suppers before, and has been made extremely happy by them.

Also, you are commended, humans, for your diligence in coming on line in our mission,... and ... and ... and their partners. We are pleased with all progress and attribute all good to our Divine FATHER. As (T/R) is overloading, I bid farewell.

This is RAYSON. (T/R) must have a moment out to recompose. (A moment out. (T/R) recomposed.) Greetings, children. (T/R) requests that MACHIVENTA not speak and we are chuckling and honoring her will, however our revered prince is present, and I am slightly - wanting to do a good job on the lesson. (Laughter). (T/R’s) reaction is understandable to me as I also feel humbled in the presence of such goodness. (06/06/92)

* * *

Q: It is my understanding that GABRIEL of Salvington will be on Urantia – personally - to visit the celebrations of the human birthday of JESUS of Nazareth in August of this year, and that he may have a personal message for some groups of celebrants. Is this correct?

A: That is correct

Q: It is also my understanding that whether or not GABRIEL gives a personal message depends, among other things, upon the composition of the group celebrating the event; that a group composed entirely of believers in the validity of that method of communication will be more likely to receive a personal "message" from GABRIEL than will one composed of believers and non-believers. Is this correct?

A: Correct.

Student: We are taking measures to insure that all attending our first celebration are believers. There will be a second and separate celebration under the auspices of F.S.L.A. to include those who are not aware of, or believers in, the messages.

We, “Students of RAYSON” cordially invite all superhuman personalities who happen to be visiting this planet at the time, including specifically you, our Planetary Prince MACHIVENTA, and GABRIEL to join us in both our celebrations, and we invite each of the three of you to address our group of believers in the first celebration.

Will you communicate these invitations to the proper authorities?

A: I will. And I can say that on behalf of myself and Prince MACHIVENTA, we humbly accept your invitation. I cannot speak with total assurance, but GABRIEL - I know - will be with us. Whether he chooses to address our group is beyond my knowledge, (student), but we will be at the remembrance ritual with you.

Student: Which will add zest to our enjoyment I am quite certain.

Q: Now, other groups are not so fortunate as to be able to host two separate meetings. Several of them will be composed predominantly of believers in the messages, but will also include those exposed to the teachings who do not yet know what to make of them. Some may include spouses and friends who love JESUS and who read The Urantia Book but do not accept the messages. I know that the organizers of these celebrations fervently desire to receive a personal message from GABRIEL. Can you give me some guidelines to pass on to the organizers of these celebrations regarding whatever measures they can take to increase the likelihood or probability of a personal message from GABRIEL?

A: Please, a moment. (pause) First, this should be discussed with their individual teachers beforehand. I do not wish to override their teaching instructions. But, I can advise that if it were my group I would speak with the uncommitted attendees and explain that we have been in contact with supermortal beings and that we are hoping that it will happen on this most holy joyous day on Urantia. To prepare them. We cannot, or do not wish to have someone believe because of impressive acts. So, neither do we wish people to become unbalanced. Preparations - emotional, psychological preparations - should be taken. And each teacher should be consulted for more detailed instructions. GABRIEL is wise and will probably evaluate what he will do individually with each group. We do not know ourselves.

Student: Thank you very very much. I will be very happy to pass on your exact words to (S) and to other transmitter/receiver groups.

RAYSON: And please give my personal salutations to the brave and courageous Joshua. (07126/92)


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