Q: As you know, there is a General Council (of the FELLOWSHIP) meeting in February, and there are Urantia Book readers who are urging some strong stand against the teaching mission. And I know if I have to make a choice between being an officer of the FELLOWSHIP or participating in the teaching mission, the teaching mission will prevail. It is the most important thing in my life right now of a spiritual nature, and the place I feel I can serve the most. But what I want to know is: is there anything that we can do there that would avoid this sort of a show-down type activity?

A: The opposition to the teaching mission is based mostly on pride of individual persons. There is - of course - jealousy, anger, ego considerations. The teaching mission will thrive despite the opposition. In fact the adversity will strengthen the teaching mission for those who are not truly faithful will fall away and the adherents who remain will be the strongest. (S), you must follow your own feelings on this matter. Does this answer?

S: Yes, thank you, I'll just love them and hope they will be generous. (01/31/93)


S: My heart is burdened, and so is that of (S2), with the attitude of some leaders of the FELLOWSHIP, the membership organization for the Urantia movement on this planet. We have heard and read and seen that some of the leaders are proposing, or will propose, that the FELLOWSHIP take a stand against the teaching mission, and that it - in effect - remove from office those who are believers in the teaching mission. We find ourselves in a position where are forced, simply by our offices, to respond one way or another to this. I wonder if you could give us some advice as to things that we should be aware of, the attitudes we should take, some general advice about this?

R: (S), I sense your sadness. This is an earth institution, and all earth institutions pass away in time. It is unfortunate that those who have been associated so closely with the spread of the teachings of the Urantia Book for these almost forty years have been blinded by their supposed duty. But you are called to a higher plane. And when the Father has a desire, and the Son also has the same desire, then you must act.

One moment. This can be viewed as a situation where the old will pass away in preparation for the new. We have foreseen that such an end occurrence was potential. It seems to be becoming actual. But with their refusal to accept the teaching mission, implicit in this is their denial of living truth. Their denial of growth. And with that denial eventually becomes death - figuratively. As you know through your connection with that body over the years, it has been moving closer and closer to self destruction because of the control of certain humans who are ego attached to their supposed mission. There is little difference in the outcome when compared to the FOUNDATION from which it was born. Sometimes we are called upon to make heroic statements in the face of supposed difference, but your stand on this issue will stand the test of time. Theirs will not. Does that help?

S: It is encouraging. I get the feeling that (S2) and I have been put in this place for this very hour, and I think I can promise you that we will defend to the best of our ability the teaching mission. Our first goal will be to see that the FELLOWSHIP does not adopt any position adverse to the teaching mission. Is this the correct goal?

R: Two things. We are certain that you are both dedicated servers. We have absolutely no doubt of your ability to put forth your efforts on behalf of the teaching mission. And secondly - and this may be difficult to accept - but it truly matters not whether you are actually able to sustain your desire to maintain either neutrality or acceptance of the teaching mission - or not. If they do accept the teaching mission, eventually they will change. And what they are today will pass away, because the teaching mission is dynamic. It is powerful. It requires action on the part of the believer; not action as dictated from above, but action that has welled up in the heart of the believer. This is not evidenced within the FELLOWSHIP at this time. And so, if they accept the teaching mission, what is now the FELLOWSHIP will pass away in favor of this new light. If they accept neutrality, they will also pass away, because of the powerful movement that is now unstoppable on Urantia. And thirdly, should they deny the existence of the teaching mission, their demise will be only sooner.

S: We received a letter from a lady we know who now calls herself Delphius and who is associated with a group in Sedona led by a mortal who calls himself Gabriel, my cosmic brother, and refers to a Celestial Overcontrol as the person or being guiding him. I have never heard of this name before, nor have I seen it in the Urantia Book. Is there such a being?

R: No.

Q: Is this Gabriel, whom we know by this name in the music publishing world, a person truly dedicated to serving Michael? Or is he on an ego trip? or are we not to try to judge that?

A: I can tell you that he is not part of the teaching mission.

Q: I would like to write her because I like her. I do not wish to say negative things, nor give the impression that I support what they are doing - other than to wish them well in whatever activities they are doing that are in service of Michael. Do you have any suggestions or are guidance I might follow?

A: You may share our teachings with her. And hopefully the light of the beauty of our teachings, or are of the teachings of other teachers of which you have transcripts, will supplant the negative views that she may be acquiring as a part of that group. By no means should you make reference to their teachings.

Q: Versus somebody else's? (A: Correct.) Then I have no need to go there and observe their activities and their organization?

A: Not unless you have some personal need to. (S: No, thank you.) It is not required. (05/12/93)

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