Q: Are ascendent mortals properly classified as celestial beings? Or are they...

A: (Interrupting) No, they are not. (Laughing.) (01/21/93)


Q: Rayson, I have a question on the seraphic guardians, etc. I feel I'm talking to somebody all the time. It's been suggested that I hear a lot from my Thought Adjuster. When I'm talking, is there a way to address other beings rather than just “hey you guys?” Do they have names? Or how could I call on them? Or, in particular, how can I not get it mixed up with what's coming through from my Thought Adjuster? How do I gather them closer with some kind of greeting or ...

A: It's not necessary. (S: M) Not at this point. They know.

S: I'd like to know if they have names? Anything?

A: The Thought Adjuster has a number that's so big you can't comprehend it.

S2: He will get his name from you when he fuses with you.

S: Sometimes I think of them as a conglomeration or something.

R: They have identities but not the same as you would assign to a pet dog or cat.

Q: When thinking in the sense that you're communicating with a celestial presence like yourself or with the seraphic guardians, when you're expressing the thought in your mind, just you and me, is that thought going out like a radio transmission so that anyone can pick up with a receiver? Or would the seraphic guardian, alone, pick that up?

R: Your mean your own personal thought?

S: If I were, for instance, right now thinking I really love and care about you Rayson, would you pick that up? If I weren't verbalizing it?

A: It's not the verbalization that is transmitted, but the feeling itself.

Q: Then you do pick that up then?

A: If it is there, yes.

Q: Ok, so you don't really read a person's mind without permission, but on the other hand when we're worshiping or sending kind thoughts your way or are toward other relationships we have with our seraphim and so on that they can feel and pick up on those messages.

A: Yes, that is true. They come through as pinpoints of light.

S: That's interesting. Thank you very much because I was concerned that maybe they weren't getting the messages.

R: No, all that is positive is received and appreciated. And the pinpoints of light, are they coded by frequency to reach their destination? It's a crude way of putting it, but they reach their destination.

S: I remember your saying one time, Rayson, and I was very touched by it, that there is almost an instantaneous reception of prayer at Paradise level.

R: That is true.

S: And that was such a wonderful, revealing and heartwarming thought. I would like to also have you thank the other celestials that might be around watching at this time visiting with us. I presume there are other celestials.

R: Yes, that is true. (08/28/93)

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