Q: Rayson, (S2) and I are closer to resolving our choices on our future home, and we have accumulated a lot of information, and have reached the conclusion that we are available for anywhere the mission wants to send us. Our options allow us to go anywhere at this time.

R: Where is it that you prefer to be? Where are you comfortable?

S: A great many places, most any place that the mission would be something that we could continue actively and not be in an environment where it would be antagonistic.

R: There will always be some antagonism.

S: Oh, I understand. We encounter that even in Urantia Book readers. No, I was thinking more in terms of areas where there's no openness to other religious thought than a single view, such as a fundamentalist Baptist community or something like that. But even there, we are finding there are people who are desperately searching for more spiritual alternatives.

R: So you are asking for my advice.

S: Yes, or are volunteering for assignment.

R: You are already assigned, of course, but geographical location is not particularly important. At this point in your lives, when both of you have certain physical limitations, you may wish to consider your own medical needs, physical comfort, the less physically arduous forms of daily living compared to others which might be so demanding that you could become ill or are even die. Does that help?

S: Yes, that helps a lot. It's leaning toward (S2's) inclinations.

R: There is no requirement for the participants in this mission to go to jungles, or ice caps, or prisons, unless, by chance, you find yourself there and your spiritual helpers have so assisted the situation that you are easily able to function. That will be the key for you, if you wish to heed it. Where you find yourself is probably where you have been guided.

S: Thank you, Rayson. That's very enlightening.

R: I will never be gone from you, but I will be more like a professor helping a post-doctoral student than a first grade teacher teaching you to read. Do you understand the difference? (A: Yes.) (12/18/93)

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