[The group discussed whether or are not guests from other teacher groups should be invited to attend the sessions. Also, how to add new members to Rayson's group.]

R: THIS IS RAYSON. As always, it is an honor and a privilege to be here. I believe we have business at hand prior to the lesson.

Q: Yes, Rayson, are you aware of the conversation we had before the lesson? (Yes,) Could you give us some advice concerning each of the matters that we discussed? First should we invite guests from other study groups?

A: Certainly. Guests are most welcome. And you are advised to screen them as you have in the past, with any modifications you may wish to impose as required by the needs of the group. I have been constrained from interfering beyond a very limited area in the conduct of your group. This is for your good as it will help your spiritual growth, and that of others whom you affect in large and small ways.

The second matter?

Q: Yes, the previous custom has been that we would ask you first then send the applicant before the gatekeeper, (S). I understand that we should continue this process “as we have amended it?” I would like to clear up the amendment. Are you saying that any of us can act as gatekeepers?

A: If that is the consensus of the group then it shall be. The conduct of your group is a matter to be decided among yourselves. I would not interfere unless it were an emergency matter, which seems highly unlikely.

Q: The second phase of this, then, we have discussed specific individuals whom we should and shouldn't invite, including (persons) Are we at liberty to decide individually on those?

A: Yes, although if the group grows too quickly it may pose a burden for (T/R) as she is still a novice in the technique of group transmitting/receiving. I cannot disclose the details of how the transmitter-receiver interacts with me, but I can tell you that this interaction also involves any and all persons present. With each added person there is an extra amount of effort required by the person you call the T/R or transmitter-receiver, and in a large group this can be quite taxing for that person. Therefore, please try to keep the growth in the size of the group slow. It may be steady growth, but small increments would be best at this time. (01/31/93)

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