Q: Would you help us with a spelling lesson, briefly, for our transcripts? How do you spell Adnon and how do you spell Aneena in our planet's language?

A: Adnon and Anina or Aneena. Either may be used.

S: Thank you.

S: And how do you spell Rayson? I'm just curious if there's a second spelling for Rayson. We've been spelling Rayson “R-A-Y-S-0-N.” Is there another spelling for your name?

A: That is as good as any. The point is, the name, the spiritual name of an individual is carefully selected in such a way as to reflect one's origin, one's mission, and one's level of spirit attainment. Thus, it is entirely possible and certainly does happen, that names may be altered during mortal ascent toward Paradise. This may be a surprise to some of you, but if you think of a name as a designation that provides information, it really makes quite a bit of sense that this would be the case.

Q: Is there a connection between the spiritual names that have been given to some individuals and the character traits that are in the Urantia book of people who have the same name?

A: Sometimes. Sometimes the name is one of the individual's own preference. For that reason.

Q: Rayson, my name's ... and I'd like to know if I have a spiritual name.

A: It is delightful to have you here participating. As far as spiritual names go, my own personal decision is to not assign any further names due to some misunderstandings that have occurred. This is not intended to glorify those who received names prior to now, or to belittle those who have not yet gotten such names, but rather to simplify communication. Part of the misunderstanding has been that there is sort of hierarchy in this teaching mission based on names that are shared with beings of higher repute in the Urantia book, the Bible, the Koran, other writings. This was never intended and has caused wasted energy in the mission. Better for energy to be spent on spirit growth than on petty quibbling and ranking that has no meaning.

S: I understand and thank you for the explanation. (09/25/93)

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