Q: (S) and I received invitations to Naperville, Illinois, for an event that is supposed to occur in the 24th of April in which a Melchizedek - I don't know whether it is Prince Machiventa or another Melchizedek - is to be visible to human eyes. I know that there are different types of visibility such as the imagery that occurs in ones mind, and the second level is that which was used at the transfiguration where the apostles were allowed to see celestial beings, and then there is downright materialization such as Melchizedek did when Abraham was allowed to see him - and all the other people on the world. Do you have any comment, first of all, as to whether or not the Naperville meeting will be blessed with any one of those three forms of seeing a Melchizedek?

A: Don't spend your last dime on the plane ticket. (laughter) (02/14/93)


Q: Rayson, we have heard from several sources that Melchizedek is going to make an effort to visualize himself to students in various areas of the country on the 24th of next month and thereafter. Do you have any comment on that? Should we make an effort to visit one of the groups? Or to hold a meeting ourselves on that day to help Prince Melchizedek with his plans?

A: That is for you to evaluate individually and take your action. I have no more comment on this issue of visualization. I have commented about it before, and have not revised my opinion. (03/28/93)

(Prior to the lesson, the students discussed the fact that three or four groups of students of the Teaching Mission met in various parts of the country the previous day [April 24th] in an effort to “visualize” Prince Machiventa Melchizedek. So far as we knew, no one had been successful. Three of Rayson's students attended the meeting in Orange county and reported that although no one visualized Prince Melchizedek, most - if not all - had a very spiritual experience and none expressed disappointment.)

Today's lesson was to have dealt with perseverance, but in light of your discussion I shall give a short impromptu instruction on the post resurrection period as illustrated for you in The Urantia Book. In particular, on the Spirit of Truth. [See lesson on SPIRIT OF TRUTH]

The need of the humans to see is something which I, as my own individual personality type, have very little understanding of. I am simply bemused after all this time that it continues to be so important, and have tried to refrain from commenting because it is something I cannot fully understand. However, it appears to be so universal that it is obviously built into the mortal. Very few appearances have happened: the morontial appearances of Jesus, the appearance of the angel to Mary, to Joseph, the voice in the garden, to name a few. But appearances are unpredictable, and are not the first choice of communication on the part of the beings of the non-material realm.

Because of the confusing rebellion on this planet where Midwayers often appeared - rebellious Midwayers appeared to primitive mortals and misled them - we have tried to not engage in this type of activity for fear of building up the superstitious and cult type religions that proliferate here more so than on other planets which have not undergone the rebellion. I urge you, brothers and sisters, to take advantage of the sound spiritual helpers which do exist and are here for your benefit, who love you and only want to serve your needs.

The lesson was not planned, therefore not as well thought out as usual. For this I apologize. Do you have questions?

Q: Rayson, I wonder why it is that some of the T/R's have become impressed that a teacher has told them that there would be a manifestations of this sort. Do you care to comment on that?

A: I do not understand it, (S). (S: Neither do I.) I really feel that this has not come from the teaching staff. In fact I know it has not. The need to see, touch, understand on your own level, is so - apparently - overpowering that it is a consistent projection on the part of the human minds involved with the teachers to hear, believe, what has not been promised. This is getting into a somewhat delicate area of psychology, but it is a problem we have debated and discussed for many, many, many hours amongst the staff of Machiventa: how to separate the teaching mission from the wish projections, fantasies, and unconscious longings of the humans - who are still looking for miracles, how to separate the spiritual from the psychic, how to foster faith - true faith - while discouraging the need for instant confirmation that all this is true.

This is a dilemma, for we have come close to tipping the balance with our means of communicating to you. To you this must seem like a miracle or a supernatural occurrence, but it is not. It is a mere circuit for us that is as second nature as your circuits of gravity. This is not spectacular. And, because to you - perhaps - it seems spectacular, you expect other paranormal manifestations. That is some of the thinking that goes on in our discussions of this phenomenon on the part of the humans.

I cannot tell you that Machiventa will never appear, for I do not know that. But I can tell you that if he did appear it would not be because a small group of you wished to have your faith confirmed. You will see him one day. Perhaps not here.

What we find hard to understand is: when you speak with the Prince why you find it so hard to accept that he is here. The most real things on this planet are things which you cannot see. The most unreal are those which seem the most solid to you. These are the things which shall pass away. It is a reversal of thinking - from our perspective that - humans suffer from.

Q: My question relates to our discussion about the human need for seeing things. I was thinking on the way over, that I find it disturbing in myself that given the fourteen or fifteen years of reading The Urantia Book, and being involved in the Teaching Mission, and knowing you, and developing a personal relationship with you, and also being more aware now of the Spirit of Truth, my angels, my Thought Adjuster, and all these gifts, that it can become such a mundane part of my life. I question whether that represents a failure on my part to respond to the gifts I've received, or it represents a balance of the spiritual and the material in my life. To me it seems like I failed here, because I should be more awestruck or something.

A: Well awestruck? No. To integrate the spiritual and have it become part of your daily life is a good goal. It should not be - you do not want to be Paul or Saul on the road and become fanatical. Spiritual experiences do not have to be visions like John had. It should be part of the daily life the way Jesus lived.

However, only you can answer if you have become jaded or unappreciative of these gifts and this ability. If you practice your spiritual work daily, I think you will not, because you will deepen in your understanding and communication. As in everything, we all go through periods of greater practice or more dedicated practice, and then some other areas take our attention for a while. All I am asking you to be aware of is to make an effort every day to communicate with your spiritual guides. For if you do you will be rewarded for this. And your attention will come back to that eventually. (04/25/93)

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