RAYSON: Being alive, aliveness, means encompassing changes. Change is not in itself a negative occurrence, rather, look upon it as a sign of growth. Does the seed not change into the flower? Does the child not change into the man? There is a sameness to the core of the being. There is also a change, reflecting God's good and holy plan. Many do not understand as they cling to the familiar that the rungs of the ladder on which they roost are only illusionary. They will be threatened by a change, and not even know why in their own hearts. We must be patient with these children and try not to let their fear, which will be masked often as anger, upset our own equilibrium. (10/24/91)

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Lesson on Change:

The lesson tonight is change. Children, I would like you to be aware right now with your entire beings, of your bodily reaction to that word. How many have tensed, winced, clenched? How many have turned heads? How many wished not to hear this word? I think that each of you have reacted psychologically, emotionally. You have probably had a reaction of pushing away, for the sad state of humans is - physically, emotionally, psychologically, mindally - to resist change. No matter how sorry your life may be at the moment or what areas one wishes to improve, one does not really wish to change. You wish life's circumstances might change, or relationships - friendships might change, or finances might change, etc., but you, yourself, resist change.

It is only through the spiritual that you can truly understand change. Spiritually, for you - children of time - change is not something you have a choice over. It is the very fact of evolution for you. It is built into, and the basic building block foundation of The FATHER's plan for the evolutionary worlds and children of time and space. You cannot NOT change. Lack of change equals non-survival. Nor can you say this is a good change and this is a negative change. Change simply IS. It IS. It is not good or bad. It is the very basic idea and will of the Universal FATHER for his creatures of time and space - is change. So, so much energy goes into resisting change - as if you can somehow control this - you cannot.

Change is part of who you are. Change will get you Godward. And change should be welcomed by each of you. Immobility - consider it - what a horrible fate! Even the angels - created perfect - learn through experience and change. Immobility is probably the worst thing that could become of you at any stage - not because you are first graders now. So, do not spend your energy thinking you can resist, control, or mail-order what types of change you wish. Because all of this is fantasy and generally to do with your outer environment and not your inner landscape, because when it comes to the inner, you are all resistant.

Now, spiritually, if you can truly understand that change is always a step Godward, that not only should change NOT be resisted but should rather be embraced, sought after, prayed for, blessed. When you can recognize this event, you will have the adventuresome attitude of the spiritual soldier, evolving being, towards change instead of a material cowardly hiding-from-something, the unknown. For there is no unknown to you children, your destiny is to “be you perfect even as I am perfect” as our FATHER has promised you.

What is so unknown and frightening? Yes, the path of evolution has prickly patches full of thorns, rocks, sunburned places that burn our beings. Yes, true. These are the events, which shape our characters and force change, and while going through them it is sometimes painful and difficult and disappointing, etc. However, do not make the arrogant mistake of putting down or hiding from The FATHER's plan for you - for there is a plan for each of you, a divine destiny - because it is hard at the moment, difficult, and because your vision is not wide enough to see the ultimate perfection and goodness of The FATHER's plan for you.

One life, children, is not nearly enough time to glimpse destiny. You must on faith believe that whatever befalls you is to the ultimate goodness of your own being - and that of God's. God will not leave you naked. God will not let you, like the serpent; shed your skin before you are ready for a new one to grow. Would a benevolent loving parent do this to his most helpless child? No. Therefore must you trust and with a faith-filled heart embrace the adventure of uncertainty. It is only uncertain in linear time. It is not uncertain in eternity.

Whosoever will, may run the race Godward. Whosoever will join the adventure is welcome, and legions of helpers will be sent to you. And you have already begun to run this glorious race of time and eternity. Change is God's gift to you, children, the gift of experience is change. But you cover yourself up and root yourself in and dig holes and, like stubborn little frightened babies, refuse to leave your cocoon. Children, the world, the universes, the ascension plan is glorious. The calluses you burn on your soul will some day turn into a being who can be god-like, a finaliter, god-like in terms of experience, in terms of every stage of creation, in terms of service, in terms of perfection, in terms of goodness and love. This is the stuff - these calluses that you are experiencing now - that will create the god-like finaliter.

All glory is to God, children of time. God has created all glory and all glory should go to God. Have not in your hearts fear or sadness or anxiety or resistance to change. Whether it comes in your own personal hearts and souls, or whether it is fear to lose teachers, or the mission, or spiritual matters. These are all illusions, for the teachings come from God, we come from God, as do you. Nothing can ever be lost in God's plan, his magnificence.

Remember that God, metaphysically, is perfect and evolving at the same time. This is what religionists miss: the idea of perfection, omniscience, destiny; the idea of God as imperfect, evolving and being created by his own creations; the Creator, the creations, ultimately flow into and out of each other. And this is why no religion yet has grasped what God is. That is the simplest way I can put it in your words, to speak to your minds, because there is so much more, but you are creating the Creator as He has created you. God is perfect and imperfect, is eternal and finite right now. Even God, children, changes. That is the lesson today. I ask you to use The Urantia Book this week to obtain quotes, which are there on change. You would be surprised how many there are. (11/29/92)


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