Q: Do you have a message for any of us from any other celestial being?

A: The outgoing message is that you are all loved, including those who are not here. On a planet such as Urantia it is almost unfathomably difficult to strive to do the Father's will. Despite the fact that the Lucifer rebellion has been adjudicated, there is still much of what you would call clean-up remaining to be done by the nonhuman entities on Urantia. And this is proceeding as quickly as possible - but it will take time.

It is most admirable that you have responded to your promptings to participate in this teaching mission, and we - -the teachers and the architects of the mission - thank you deeply for your faith. We, of course, cannot know how difficult it is for you, and we - among ourselves - often marvel at your continuing efforts. Thank you, all of you, for the good work. You are much loved. Farewell.

All: Farewell. (01/31/93)

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"Michael est toujours au Volant."

(Michael is always at the Steering Wheel.)

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