(T/R Jacob)

Greetings, ascending Sons of God. This is Machiventa Melchizedek addressing you today for a brief message. Much love to you all and a heartfelt thank you for your jobs being done. We wonder with awe at the Father's plan, purpose, and destiny, and its outworkings in you.

Right now I would like to inform you of Aneena's part in the teaching mission. She is not necessarily Jacob's personal teacher, but she is a personal teacher for all of you. You all have a mission on this earth. Some of you have an idea of what that is, some of you do not. Aneena will assist you in ascertaining or confirming the part you must play in the unravelment of the Paradise plan. Whether this mission - which is your own personal mission - is of a service nature or if it involves the daily evolvement of your own spiritual nature, she will guide you if you ask her. It is not necessary to confide or to be outpouring of personal matters to her, but in order for you to grow spiritually you may ask her those questions which are pertinent and which can help you in your journey.

This mission of Aneena's - and yours - will be done in a slightly different format as compared to the other teachers. There will be more interaction more questions and answers, and an interplay of words, ideas, and concepts much like in a classroom situation. I hope that you partake of this gift and that you benefit greatly from it. That is all. Now I leave you to (T/R) and Rayson who has prepared a very delightful lesson for you all. Aneena will be available later on. Farewell.

[Later] S: I wonder if Prince Melchizedek is still around?

A: Yes. Yes, he is here.

S: I would like to thank him very very much for giving us this message and for assigning Aneena to this group instead of simply to Jacob. We really do appreciate that. I think I can assure you that several of our group will attempt to utilize the talent of Aneena to guide us in our ways.

R: Melchizedek is much pleased. Those in this group are well motivated and most willing to learn and work.


[Still later:] Visiting T/R, Re: Messages from

Q: It's been a long time since I've been with you (Rayson). I have some “thank yous” that I wish you would pass on for me. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to transmit you back several months ago when the group here was without a transmitter/ receiver. While acting as a transmitter/receiver its very difficult for me to pass along these messages from me. I'd like for you to pass along my “thank yous” to Abraham for coming and visiting our group some time ago, as well as to Prince Machiventa on occasions. All are welcome including yourself. I know that you have been at least an observer on several occasions, and should you ever wish to have a few words, you certainly may.

I also would like to ask for any type of confirmation or understanding of the transmission that came through me last Monday night from Jesus. Was that the Spirit of Truth, or what was that? 'Cause it certainly felt different from any other personality I transmitted.

A: One moment. I am told that many were present at that time, including Michael who did indeed give you a message. And yes, the Spirit of Truth was present. Michael supervises this mission from time to time, and is fairly well pleased with its progress. He plans to visit each group on at least one occasion in the future, some groups more than once. Some of the mortals who act as transmitters are not physically able to bear the electrochemical demands of transmitting higher entities. In those cases He will, that is Michael will, be sensed by certain members of each group. You, (Visiting T/R), are strong and therefore able to withstand the increased demands of your mortal body and because of this there will be more visitations to your group. (02/14/93)

[Rayson advises that “there are many beings in this room.” A student asks if any of them would like to speak.]

R: I will check. One moment. (pause) It just so happens, (T/R) is fighting this, the teacher Ham is visiting and would like to speak. (T/R), however, is reluctant. And is trying hard to subdue her anxiety.

We will take a moment for her to make up her mind.

(Long pause)

HAM: Greetings, children, this is Ham. I bid you hellos from our revered Creator Son, Michael, and his heavenly Divine mate, Creative Mother Spirit. I have had much to attend to at the local headquarters and have been away. I ask that you reassure my study group that I will return, and to urge them to use this time constructively, without squabbling over ego, and to absorb all of the lessons which they have been given for their personal growth.

The emotional reaction to my abrupt departure was unfortunate and I had hoped that they would have had grown more, but we have certainly learned much from this experience. And it is hard for me to relate to human emotions. So, I did not mean to be insensitive, but it was just not considered that it would hit so hard. Everything will be revealed in time for the good, and please give much love to your human brothers and sisters in Utah as they need it and will appreciate it.

I will return to their group by winter, Urantian time. Until then they are to act as if I am there - in a manner worthy of students. Admonish them of this, for some are perilously close to error. They are loved unconditionally by me regardless, and must see through higher mind now. This is being asked of them for much has been given to them spiritually, and they are not without the ability to grow through and to this challenge.

That is my message, and my commendation for your loyalty through your own murky and confusing times. You are to be held as an example of loyalty in the face of the unknown. You are commended and continue, and should continue, on your present path for it is quite correct.

And as (T/R) is tiring, for it is not easy for me to use this human to speak through, I will bid you farewell. (Several: Farewell.) (02/28/93)


Q: First I feel a very, very, very powerful presence here today. I don't know if that presence would like to speak or not, or if it would just acknowledge that he is here, because I think that it would be nice for us to know. I would like to know.

A: Yes, we are observed today by the Prince, himself, who watches with an air of much love for his children. Also, many other teachers from around the world are here. There is an event transpiring in your state which is of much significance to our mission and we expect broadcast noon tomorrow. So, many have gathered to travel and retreat together for a seminar.

I took the liberty of inviting them to observe our little group even though (T/R), herself, forgot that we were meeting. The only reason Prince Machiventa will not speak is because (T/R) does not wish to transmit him as this would exhaust her and she has not had a good week physically, is in poorer physical condition than normal. So, I will transmit the message from the Prince.

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