He wishes you to know that in spite of much confusion about the nature of the teaching mission and much upheaval in the Urantia movement itself, and (S), in spite of the dire conditions on Urantia, that we are enthusiastically progressing in our task. Much progress has been made and we are extremely optimistic about our successes. We continue to grow quietly human to human, group to group, country to country. We have great cause for celebration as more circuits are opened daily and Urantia is almost a full member of the local universe.

You will see over the next decade a shift in the energy, the spiritual energy, of this planet which will make you realize that we are indeed progressing towards light and life. The shift in economics, health, and national boundaries is violent right now, but will result in a much more aligned and democratic world government. The Melchizedeks working on the world issues predict a period of peace and growth starting 2005 to 10. This does not seem attainable now, but rest assured that the alignment of the world while - as it shifts in this earthquake, mountains will emerge. Solid ground will emerge which will stay in place for centuries.

You are seeing a great historical moment in time: the early formation nationalistically, racially, economically, of the world which will some day be the basis for light and life. These things must occur, must be broken down, so that we can gain a global consciousness to solve and overcome other problems which will lay the groundwork for true brotherhood on this planet. The announcement tomorrow concerns new - a further unfolding of the world plan that we wish to implement. Some reservists will be activated during this next decade. We hope to gain more details tomorrow, but we are excited for we are entering a new stage. Our teaching mission proceeds well.

You must accept on faith and using your spiritual tools that this is real and serves the purpose of the Father's plan. We limp along, human and celestial together, really not knowing or are seeing as the Father sees, but just knowing that God's plan is good and that we are partners with Him now. So, my children I commend each of you for your diligence. There is no right or wrong, there is just God and our commitment to serving Him, and worshiping Him, and loving Him. And you and I are equal in that commitment.

I commend your teacher, Rayson, who - in spite of his own personality flaws continues to do an excellent and objective job of working with his brothers and sisters. And I wish you to continue to ask your questions, to live your lives, to stumble, to rise, and to progress as you have been doing. In the light and love of our Father, I remain your Prince and servant, Machiventa Melchizedek.

R: And that is the message, brothers and sisters, from Prince Machiventa today. (04/25/93)


Q: Rayson, before you go, do you have any messages for us collectively, for any - or for any one individually, from either yourself or are any one present?

A: One moment. (long pause.) Yes. The message from above is that the mission is maturing and presently the time will come for the seeds to disperse on the wind. There are may germinating foci of knowledge and wisdom scattering even now, waiting to be carried to their destinations near and far, to plant a new crop of hope for mankind. The fathers love shines down on this field as the sun on a cornfield, and the growth is most wonderful to behold.

Each of you are to grow ever stronger in yourself as a single individual being and draw on the whole of creation to enhance your strength. For it is there now. The circuits are reestablished. You have only to reach out, to receive. You are much admired and respected for your ongoing struggles in this difficult situation. We are here to help you. Do not despair. The road has obstacles, yes, but you all know that ultimately you will stand in the presence of the Father on Paradise. What greater incentive than that could you have? What greater beacon to guide you through the difficulties, to spur you on through all of your lessons, to give you hope rather than despair? You are much loved and much guided. And we all stand ready to serve you. I now bid you farewell. (ALL: Farewell.) (05/22/93)

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