S: Financially, for me now this is a very frightening period. And instead of the usual panic that I feel - and in the past when faced with a situation like this, I used to get frightened by just the idea of lack of abundance - and now that I am experiencing it more on a daily basis I find that my panic and fear has been replaced by a peacefulness and a stillness. I don't know if that is a function of the spirit of courage, the fact that I really understand that everything is really okay and everything is taken care of, but whatever it is, it’s not what I expected it to be. I really expected this to be my flip-out time. And it turned out to be kind of a beautiful experience, and I'm enjoying it. And I know that the angels at times teach through adversity.

One of the lessons that I have learned has been my friendship with [a woman with AIDS] and watching how she handles what I considered to be an unnatural human burden. So I'm enjoying this challenge - I think. But I do understand and feel the terrors that - my usual panic has been replaced with something that money couldn't buy even if I had it.

R: Well stated. Yes, yes, your perception of peacefulness as an aspect of personal spiritual growth is most accurate. Why attribute it to a Seraphim when you have done the work yourself?

S: Well, I've killed so many bugs I want to give credit where credit is due. [Laughter.] You know come judgment I get a little bit of leeway.

R: Even bugs have bad luck. [More laughter.]

S2: I just need to rearrange the financial aspects of my life. They are such a burden and pressure.

R: Every adverse event that occurs during your universe existence has a lesson in it for you, and part of your mission is to find those lessons. At times they are readily apparent, and at other times you must dig deeply and search hard for meaning. But it will emerge if you are assiduous in your search.

Q: I'd just like it to change. I ask for help from the other side, just in terms of maybe a bit more strength or something to do what I need to do to clean up my life. Sometimes I just feel like I don't have it all by myself to balance that cheque-book or to do those things. Could I have some inspiration, please?

A: We ascendant mortals are much esteemed throughout the universes for our great capacity to adapt to changing circumstances, a necessary quality to have in order to survive. And most survive.

Non-survival is a very, very rare event. We are also much respected and - not exactly envied - but I would say that other more perfect beings sometimes yearn for our - for the change that does occur during our lives. Change is an inevitable fact of existence and is multiplied by many orders of magnitude when one is created imperfect. From the moment that you came into being you have been undergoing change with every fragment of time that has passed. As you listen to this lesson you are changing. It is an inevitable and irreversible process. And we call ourselves ascendant because as we change we also ascend simultaneously. There is no turning back.

The change that you seek is difficult to measure by your standard physical means, for you cannot put it on a yardstick, or hold it in your hands, or leave an impression on a film with it. It is measured instead in terms of peacefulness, confidence, awareness, that ability to be in the world but not of it, joy in the creations of the Father that abound so wonderfully on your planet. That is how you can discern the change within. And also by an increasing awareness to the promptings of your Thought Adjuster, which you, in particular, are very well attuned to. Does that help?

S: Yes, it helps. It reminds me of a line from the movie called “Star Man”. It was to the effect that humans are at our best when we're at our worst, our very worst. And I do like that part of being a human. And there's nothing like it. I'm proud of that part. And I guess it all fits into what we were just talking about now. Resilient. And I am grateful for that. I thank you, and Father.

R: Yes, how can we ever settle the outer universes successfully unless we experience all there is to be had at all of the levels of ascension?

S: Right, clean one's own closet, I guess. (05/22/93)

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