Q: Rayson, does the angelic realm - is it common that the angelic realm, specifically the Guardian Seraphim, ever communicate with us metaphorically, or through symbols or through coincidences, or synchronicity? Or is that a function of the human mind/psychology, or wilful thinking as opposed to actual contact?

A: Yes, all of the contacts you mentioned do occur and may occur. And as you become more spiritually attuned you may well perceive such things. You in particular, (S), because of your own special gifts, may be especially aware of the workings of the helpers. Of course, superstitious persons may attribute many accidents or coincidences to seraphic beings or other sorts of entities and be in error, but this is not important other than as an observation at this point in your existence. I would not be troubled by it, but rather gladdened, if your inner sense is that you are being guided in such a way. (05/22/93)

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