Q: We have a ten-year-old daughter. We need some guidance as to how to handle discussing what's going on here in her hearing.

A: Good question, showing a parent's wisdom and concern. I would not tell her too much unless she asks. Children have a natural and protective quality that allows them to take in only as much as they can make sense of. If she asks, direct your conversation to the spiritual. She has a Thought Adjuster and Spirit of Truth and angels to aid her in recognizing truths. Keep your answers simple. (About grief upon death) ... do not show too much of your devastation in front of the child as this will confuse her, because you might say ... and ... are in a better place in words to her and yet she will observe your deeds as construing the opposite emotion. Cry behind closed doors. She will get through this, and this is an opportunity for her to learn more about the Eternal Spirit of the ascendent children of time. (12/07/91)

* * *

Q: Some of us in this group have been talking over the period of the last few months about the possibility of preparing an adaptation of The Urantia Book that would be available for younger readers or people who lack the sophistication to comprehend The Urantia Book. This would be a course scaled down in content, in detail. We have been also talking about having illustrations. Do you think this is advisable? And what would be the earliest age at which a child could safely be presented this without our worrying about the possibility of brainwashing and tricking him into a free-will decision making too early? I know I was asking questions from about age four or five that were never answered until I encountered The Urantia Book. But in the search for answers I learned many valuable things and had many important experiences. Could you answer this somehow for me?

A: It is impossible to brainwash anyone with truth. (laughter) So, immediately discard that anxiety. Ages of receptivity it is a worthy project, and there may be some resource materials available. (02/09/92)

* * *

Q: Since I don't have a church or an organized religion and my spiritual growth - knowledge has been based on The Urantia Book for many, many years, I am curious as to the best way to support and nurture my children's relationship to God? My four year old son is asking a lot of very interesting and pointed questions, and given that I don't have a formal context for instructing him, can you give me some ideas as to the best way to nurture that?

A: Yes. By example is the best way, but in matters where example cannot be used, when there are questions of the intellect and about the soul do as JESUS did with the parables. Many of the parables in The Urantia Book, and of course the Bible, are useful in this way. You might want to change the parables a little bit to suit this age -and his age or her age. But yes, this will be a good way. (11/15/92)


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