Q: Also, if you have any insight as to how the Universal Creative Mother Spirit and the Creator Son, when they created the Bright and Morning Star, how did they create that? There's no discussion of the technique.

R: Could he please restate?

S: The Urantia Book describes that one of the first acts of a Creator Son and Mother Spirit is to bring about the existence of a Bright and Morning Star. It alludes to the creation. And I was curious as to the actual techniques of this creation, since that's not really spoken about in the book. Have you have any insight or information on that.

A: Well, that is not information I am permitted to disclose and, in fact, I do not have it at my disposal, so I am most sorry that I cannot answer.

Q: That's okay. I expected that. Rayson, also the technique whereby Michael was able to be born of a female young human, they talk about that as a secret of Divinington or Salvington - one of the tons, [laughter] but all these secrets that are not answered in the book. [Another Student: Sonarington.] Sonarington. All these secrets, I mean, somewhere, to someone other than the Universal Father, they are all known, is that correct? Or are there some secrets that are wholly and totally held by the Universal Father?

A: There are some that only the Father may access, but those are relatively few. There is a mota concept which, simply stated, is “The universe is a cooperative of function and knowledge.” Many, many, of what you call “secrets” are common knowledge at relatively low levels of universe ascension. For those of us who are ascending mortals, this is not only part of the educational program, but in fact, this knowledge is made available because it is necessary to have this information in order to proceed with our work.

However, there are particular matters such as the incarnation of a Creator Son in a mortal woman that are reserved for only the celestials, and that for a functional purpose as well. It also is due to the fact that to effect such an incarnation requires the concerted efforts of many, many, many beings beyond simply Life Carriers and Physical Controllers.

There was a veritable army of higher beings attendant upon Jesus the babe, the child, and the man throughout the brief period of his human incarnation. The administration and coordination of this corps of beings required a fairly high level of administrative function and expertise. Just as in your armies on Urantia, so too in the administration of the universe.

As one ascends one has first only one's self to be responsible for, then a few beings, possibly children, then more and more. When you reach the step at which you will be ready for your paradise journey you will have the responsibility for the safeguarding of many, many, many ascending mortals as well as other created beings entrusted to you. And even at that point you will not be privy to the secret of incarnation because it will be neither useful nor necessary for you. Does that answer? (05/22/93)

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