Q: Can you comment on the relevancy of any of the confessional styles of dealing with remorse and guilt. Some of us have been through 12-step programs, which instruct us to examine ourselves and admit the exact nature of or sins to God, ourselves, and another human being and humbly ask for forgiveness. That's also the style of the psycho therapeutic technique that's currently used. I have to admit it - it seemed at the time I went through it that it was very helpful to me, although maybe primitive compared to other -

A: It is a useful emotional and psychological technique to be self-reflective and aware of one's life-actions in a spiritual light. It often helps one to recognize patterns of negativity and areas that need improvement. It is also emotionally a release from the past-guilt cleansing - to discuss this with another human who is non-judgmental and unconditionally accepting - loving of the present self. Confession is a more psychological tool than spiritual. Confession is not part of prayer. No, prayer - pure prayer - does not involve a request for the self, or even a request for one's fellows. Pure prayer as you border on to worship involves consciousness of the Divine, which becomes worship. So, confession is not a spiritually pure tool, but it does lead to more spiritual growth. It is not harmful, it is helpful for the human psyche and often leads to great periods of spiritual growth, but it is not a purely spiritual tool in and of itself. Does that answer?

Q: Yes, that's very helpful. As people find themselves attracted to each of us involved in this Mission and want to come forth with their own confession, can you give us any advice on what to do other than to listen and love?

A: This is personal between friends, and I do not myself accept confessions. As a being, I am not here to absolve or comment on anyone's life. Merely to illuminate and enlighten and lure you into a better life style. (08/09/92)


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