Discover the 1,111 Spirit Guardians

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"In the Service of 11:11" is the second book of the amazing story of the mysterious Spirit Guardians. This book provides a roadmap for all those who have received the 11:11 prompt, and for anyone who would dare to serve in partnership with the 1,111.


"In the Service of 11:11" continues George Barnard's association with the midwayers. Its 240 pages continue the many ways in which a platoon of Midwayers and a lone mortal can make themselves useful for the benefit of many. This second book covers some even more amazing adventures.

George Barnard is among the first to achieve visual recognition of these beings, and the only known living mortal to work with them for more than four decades. In this book, the second in a series, Barnard goes public with a compelling story of revelation,  healing, and planetary redemption.

George Barnard is Dutch by birth, French by descent, and Australian by choice. Since childhood, he has been aware of Spirit Guardians who often guided and protected him. In his career as an industrialist, and later a therapist, these Spirit Friends assisted him in emergencies - from saving lives to rescuing companies from disaster. They seek to make us aware that this unique human-celestial liaison is available to all who seek it and wish to serve.


paperback • 244 pages

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