Receiving and Transmitting

Illawarra District, Australia, August 3, 2018.
Midwayer Mathew (33-3-33).
Life Carrier Orion.

Subject: “Receiving and Transmitting.”

Received by George Barnard.

Mathew: “We’re well aware of the fact that you are unhappy about not seeing much of your Midwayer family but at least now you are more discerning of the important task they need to presently be engaged in with the circus that is your political world. At present the direction you’re all going in is for the greater part of you to become victims of a global war and for those of you who survive it to become generations of common slaves. Know that you live in a crucial, critical time. I am Mathew and I announce one you well know.”

Orion: “Good day to you, my friend. This is Orion. Today we will talk about Receiving and Transmitting and I will describe to you how mostly it works. Not quite in all cases, but in the vast majority of cases it does so come about. In our case, right now, it does. We are each taking on a part of the task, we cooperate, we co-create. And to explain this more clearly, I need to give you a basic reminder of what you learned about the human speech centers, so you relearn what you always knew.

“Imagine we have a teenager, John, convalescing at home after a severe automobile accident in which he suffered damage to his left frontal lobe and his Brocca speech centre is badly damaged. Long hours visiting your clinic will give him some command of the language but right now he needs people-patience to be understood. Our teenager speaks the kind of gibberish you understand straight from the Wernicke’s speech centre and the Brocca’s speech centre is not there to ‘clean it up’ and make it flow.

“John might say, ‘Friday, Mom, Workbook, Car, Time. Papers, Lawyer’ and you will answer, ‘OK, John, yes, ask your mom to bring you around on Friday next at four o’clock in the afternoon and you bring your workbook. I’ll write up all the papers for your lawyer.’ You only got the broken-up details from John and then you explained to him that you understood just what he meant. That’s how we, your Teachers, work with you. We give meanings and values etc. to your Wernicke’s speech center and let you ‘put it together’ with the use of the Brocca speech center so the message comes out complete and makes sense . . . well mostly. But indeed, as I said, we co-create.

“Make it a pleasant weekend. This is Orion.”

Mathew: “Good day to you both.”

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