Receiving and Transmitting

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Transmitting and receiving is the term that has been coined to describe the process of communication between mortals and celestials. The process does vary from individual to individual, and indeed even one individual may over time utilise slightly different approaches. In all cases however a meditative state is adopted, with the depth of that meditative state varying from light to deep states. It does seem that the celestials are desirous of moving away from what might be called "spoon feeding", where the receiver receives a word at a time, to a co-creative process where they communicate entire concepts or packets of information. This is often quite stressful for the mortal, as we are all naturally very concerned over the precise nature of the communication, and very careful to avoid more error than is inevitable. So leaving it up to the mortal to flesh out the details, would seem unduly hazardous. Nonetheless this seems to the the direction that communications are moving. Perhaps this co-creative process is intended less for public dissemination, and more for private tutoring? Or perhaps it is simply a part of the faith journey we are on?




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