Limited Teachings

Alabama, US of A, September 19, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Limited Teachings.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “What if all the teachings you have received so far are only partial truths? What if all the revelations that have been given to the world have been tailored to that which you are willing to accept without resulting in chaos and barbarism even greater than what is already here? All this is not as important as the fact that you have discovered your Father within your heart. If you have started to enjoy a closer relationship with divinity you are in fact accomplishing the purpose for which you came into this world.

“All the things you think you know — particularly about the spiritual realm — are always partial. Many teachings have been limited, modified, or somehow adapted to the level that the humans of this time can accept. Imagine how destructive would it be to tell a primitive human race that divine punishment is not real. To humanity of today, this truth promotes liberty and personal exploration, but for the primitive man this would be an excuse to give free rein to their instincts and animalistic tendencies.

“Similarly, as you can imagine, there are ideas and concepts that may cause confusion or even chaos in your society, given your current spiritual and cultural level. However, the truth is always available for each of you individually, since you possess the presence of a Thought Adjuster — a fragment of God — which is entirely at your service. As your level of spiritual perspicacity increases you will advance towards ever higher levels of spiritual understandings and eternal values.

“However, many truths that are eternal and truly valuable have found their ways to some of the enlightened minds among you. These are the truths that you must promote and preserve. These truths demonstrate their eternal value when they survive the test of time and society. These truths are applicable during the first ages of a material world as well as the advanced stages of light and life. An example is your Golden Rule. Even if all your religious traditions ended up being wrong and even if religion didn’t exist, it should be self-evident to human beings that treating others as they themselves desire to be treated would promote civilization and social development.

“In this age in which religions are as guilty of bringing misery to human life as does any other institutions, it would serve you well to take from your religions only that which makes sense for your survival and just forget all the rest that is just dogma or plain fantasy.”

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