Your Dream Team

Oregon, USA, November 20, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “Your Dream Team”

Message received by Anyas

“Seek the greater thing, and the lesser will be found therein; ask for the heavenly, and the earthly shall be included. The shadow is certain to follow the substance.” [UB 165:5.3]

Thought Adjuster: “God’s creative portfolio will keep expanding ad infinitum. What does it tell you about the divine mindset?

“The majestic sceneries of your planetary habitat and the craftsmanship of their mood-setting lighting staged with the mixed media of sunrays and moonbeams, cloud formations, and irradiated rainbows give you a sneak preview of his prolific artworks. Their animated and colorful backdrops do not leave the eye wanting.

“What about you? What is the range of your creative endeavors? How far does your vision stretch? Do you think big or small, long, or short-term? Do you pursue worthwhile and challenging objectives? Honest answers will help you dismantle the mental blocks that prevent you from turning your creative activities into a breathtaking fresco that lends a voice to your overflowing heart.

“Be a visionary! It unleashes the power of your imagination. Then, shift to the implementation phase by going after your fondest dreams—no matter how far-fetched they may appear to be. Keep in mind that I, your indwelling divine Fragment, share the Father’s grandiose visions. Let me do the dreaming for both of us, and you should have ample materials to work with.

“Such ‘dream teams’ eventuate stunning masterpieces. It is how Michelangelo so magnificently depicted God reaching out for man on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

“By going after your noblest passions, you will structure your daily life in ways that will lift you out of the monotony of a mind-numbing lifestyle. It is how you will become an ‘outstanding’ citizen, joining forces with those who implement the leadings of their inner Fragments, thus etching light-infused fingerprints in your current living quarters.”

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Developing Conscious Contact

Asheville, NC, US of A, May 15, 2021.
Teacher: Vutia (Voot-cha).
Subject: “Developing Conscious Contact.”

Message received by Chris Maurus

Vutia: “Greetings to you from the Fifth Mansion World! Today I will continue to speak about Afterlife and give you an understanding about how Mansion World Citizens use their mind to develop greater conscious contact with their Thought Adjusters (TAs) — to create a construct in the mind for a vision of progress. To achieve this, you need to understand how important it is to have a “vision” of what lies ahead of you — not only here, but hereafter. To use your gift as a partner to the Universal Father’s Spirit Presence, each of you have been given a powerful imagination — this is inherent as a partner to the Creator’s Fragmented Nature that indwells your human mind, and this ‘virtual canvas’ can be a vehicle to ‘see’ that your soul is progressing.

“You cannot live in the past — your life circumstances, history, and past decisions have led you to where you are today. The past is unchangeable. You can, however, use the lessons of the past as a way to plan for the future in this present moment. If you are reading this message, you therefore have an awareness about your spiritual condition — you desire to know more about the unseen realities and spirit forces that affect you and the world — how you fit into this greater picture of reality, and where it is you are headed — here, and hereafter? These are healthy curiosities that inspire the imagination and spark deep questions in the mind. Use this sense of awareness and curiosity to further open your mind to greater possibilities — to see yourself — not from the perspective of the immaturity of the past, but as a progressive soul that is determined to become more than you are today.

“The present moment is all that really exists. The present moment is where you do all your ‘work’ in reality. The experience you are having in this present moment is in a state of change. Each breath and heartbeat change the biochemical processes in your body — your thoughts change, your juxtaposition in time space moves in relation to the center of infinity — everything about you is changing. Growth, however, is something that requires your will and determination — your evaluation of where you are and where you are going. It requires vision, decisions, and planning for the future — the immediate future and the distant future — both here and hereafter.

“It is in this vision and planning that I want to talk about — how important it is to use your open mind to see yourself — not as you are now, but as a transformed being of great light and understanding — to be as wise as those celestial teachers and angels — even to achieve the greatness of the deities themselves — not out of a sense of pride, but as a great administrator and co-creator — to participate in the completion of universe destiny and to be a blessing to all those in your circle of influence. You are a ‘distributor of light’ and a great link in a chain of souls doing the ‘Will and work’ of the Creator — finding great satisfaction in the achievement of progress!

“Growth is more than a desire — it is the achievement of the successful application of deity led inspiration expressed through your unique personality. It is a measure of your journey of experiences and how you interpret deity inspiration — how you adapt those inspirations to the surrounding conditions and relationships in your life. The soul is a collection of the growth moments of extraordinary experiences based on the values of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Your Thought Adjuster is the harvester of those treasured growth moments and achievements. What better way to grow than to be aware of, and to work in partnership with, the Indwelling Presence of the Creator that inspires you to become greater than you were only one breath and heartbeat ago?

“Having conscious contact with the TA is like speaking an unceasing prayer — it is the center of your world from where you are comparing notes as you live and work in reality. Although the TA knows what you are thinking, the TA requires that you use your will and make decisions about your thinking. By doing this, you place on the canvas of your mind the way you want to experience your life. The TA then ‘sees’ this and goes to work creating light in the field for the manifestation of opportunities that lead to your desires — consciously or unconsciously.

“Those that live life oblivious to the inspiration of deity often find that their unconscious fears drive their reality. How much more progressive and powerful is it to have conscious awareness of this powerful partnership and to paint on the canvas of your mind the greatness of who you want to become! You, in this present moment, can do this — you have this Powerful Partner that is wanting a conscious exchange with you — to work out the problems of life — to see your desires and future achievements! The TA knows you intimately and there is nothing that can come between you — not even your poor choices.

“Hello my Beloved Indwelling, let me show you what I AM thinking — can you assist me please?

“Dare you try this and see how powerful conscious contact is?

“I AM Vutia.”

Receiver’s note: It is through conscious contact with the TA that we, as citizens of Urantia, are preparing for the obsolescence of the first mansion world as we transform our minds, then our world, to emulate the higher worlds of light (as above — so below). Conscious Contact is the experience of progress in the present moment. Mansion world citizens are taught to hone their ability to engage in conscious contact with the TA. Greater attunement in conscious contact leads to fusion with the TA — the crowning achievement of all progressing souls.

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I Promise to Lead and Guide You

Urantia, April 23, 2021.
Teacher: The Beloved Within.
Subject: “I Promise to Lead and Guide You.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved: “In the hallowed Silence resides the greatest insights yet to be discovered.

“One can read inspirational messages over and over again, but if the words do not touch the heart, the meanings and values of those words stay undiscovered and unused.

“It remains only book knowledge which, if not put into practice and experienced, becomes as nothing.

“Therefore, let each insight sink deep into your heart and soul and mind, to transmute into a golden nugget of light.

“Even the tiniest of seeds, with the life force within it, can become mighty powerful when additionally nourished with deep and sincere contemplation.

“This is a progressing, a solidifying, a forming, a pattering so very beautiful, but as yet unknown to you.

“Trust this process, My beloved, for I hold the completed and perfected model of what you are to become within My being.

“Together we shall labor and mold you, part by tiny part, ‘furnish and decorate’ you by you free-will choices, decisions and experiences.

“When you allow Me, your heavenly Counterpart, into this process, I promise to lead and guide you with My love and wisdom.

“All you need to do is listen more often to My still Voice, and follow My leadings.

“We both desire to fashion you into all you can be, so that eventually we can and will fuse together into one being that glorifies the eternal Creator, who made this whole ascension scheme possible. As I am a divine Spark of this self-same Creator, and you a speck of dust raised up into eternal glory.

“Trust, and exercise boundless faith that this is so, for you are a worthy miracle in the making.”

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One Vetted Supremacy

Oregon, USA, November 17, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “One Vetted Supremacy”

Message received by Anyas

“Can you not perceive that I have called you as ambassadors of a spiritual kingdom?” [UB 138:7.1]

Thought Adjuster: “Jesus’ disciples squabbled among themselves as to which positions of honor they would hold in the ‘kingdom,’ as they failed to comprehend that it was a spiritual institution—not a political one.

“Political matters take center stage in many lives—often at the costly expense of their spiritual dimension. Jesus is still recruiting a humble and diversified workforce to represent the Father’s spiritual interests on Earth. The groundwork will occur inconspicuously at first, building strongholds in the hearts of men and annexing them one at a time.

“It is a great honor to be vested as a goodwill ambassador of the Father. If your heart is at the right place, your application will most certainly be accepted. Your sincere desire should be to emulate Jesus' love-in-action—the most fundamental requirement for promoting and protecting God’s family.

“Do not let political collusions trouble your heart. Remain loyal to your divine assignment, drawing attention to its underlying loving intent. Love is the corrective lens that puts all-that-is under the right lighting. By treating others with tender loving care, you amplify your auric light. Your ambassadorship is perpetual, as the staggering blueprint of the kingdom of heaven spans over infinity and eternity. Someday it will reign supreme.”

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Increased Likeness

Alabama, US of A, October 7, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Increased Likeness.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “All the uncertainties, doubts, and apparent contradictions you find in your human life will be resolved sooner or later for those who honestly search for truth. Someday, once you have gained more experience and you have been provided with a superior mind, you will understand many things when you consider them from a higher point of view.

“The search for spiritual perfection does not invalidate in any way the curiosity of man to know his surroundings. This curiosity has given birth to science and philosophy, two noble achievements for individuals and civilization. The efforts of humanity to find answers to the mysteries of the universe is just another manifestation of the impulse to find God – inspired by the presence of the Father within. For those who are searching for evidence of how spirit influences the flesh, this impulse to know more is the most eloquent evidence.

“The effort to better understand the universe inevitably brings the researcher to face the hypothesis of a primordial cause, eventually finding the Father as the origin of all there is. Those who search the Father in their life experience through an authentic religious experience, sooner or later will find God behind each manifestation in the universe. Science and religion bring all true searchers to the presence of the Father, but where science cannot reach, faith can be the bridge to discover in the personal spiritual experience that which cannot be experienced by other means.

“All human beings need both science and religion to formulate their personal philosophy of the universe and the purpose of their existence. As this purpose becomes clearer and as you discover the relationship you can establish with your Father, the fruits of spirit that spontaneously manifest in your experience will assure you that you are getting closer to the truth. When you find in your life peace beyond all understanding and experience a divine love that makes you consider the universe as a place where you can grow to be the best you can be, trusting in the care of the Creator, you will know you are walking in the right direction, and that your faith is based on solid foundations, not susceptible to be altered by the appearances and the confusion of this world. Then you will realize you have attained the freedom to build yourself in increased likeness to the God you are discovering.”

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