To Those Feeling Disheartened

Chicago, US of A, February 10, 2017.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Subject: “To Those Feeling Disheartened.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Many of you are perhaps and for several reasons feeling disheartened with your current governments but mostly because they don’t represent your aspirations for your nation or province. I would like to remind you, my pupil, that these adverse situations, although perhaps discouraging to many, comprise a part of life in time and space where experiences, even unfortunate ones, are the means to progress in your ascension career. To better understand these situations, I invite you to take a look at the larger picture, which many times have been hidden from human perception. In these ‘disheartening’ situations, consider this:

“Firstly, I ask you to realize is that God has a Master Plan at work in this Universe Age. Our Universe Age is sometimes called the Age of Supremacy, because it is characterized by the Experiential Expansion of God the Supreme through synthetization of all bona-fide experiences of will-endowed creatures into His existence. This means that at the end this Universe Age all will creatures that have chosen the Divine Path will have grown spiritually to the full extent of their inherent capacities. In God’s plan, the delays of free will that may cause adversities and sometimes are contrary to the immediate will of God, are indeed counted for, and even work together to the final completion of this Universe Age.

“Secondly, I invite you to look at the fact that here in Nebadon, our Local Universe, the Most Highs of Norlatiadek (our constellation) reign in the kingdom of men. Without interfering with the free-will of individuals, the Most Highs are incredibly resourceful to influence the destinies of the nations on Urantia. The Most Highs expedite or retard the overall progress of a world so it can reach, as planned, the ‘fullness of time’ of each dispensation when a Divine Son comes and inaugurates a new dispensation. Accordingly, before the coming of Christ Michael, Urantia was led by large empires, but after it, there came this period of politically independent nations. Therefore, even though the current events on your world and in your nations may seem ‘disheartening’ to the individual, on an overall view it follows the direction the Most Highs predicted; otherwise, they will correct it — rest assured.

“Thirdly, I call your attention to the fact that reality in time and space, to be functional, must feature progress relatively apace with backwardness. It is not good that there would be a large gap between the developed nations and the most backward ones. The world must be brought to progress without creating these insurmountable gaps between the cultures and peoples, or technology and other advancements can be ill and dangerously used by either group. That is the role of what you call globalization — to equally spread progress. But when globalization is leaving behind certain disfavored groups, a break must be applied so these groups can catch up with the most progressive ones. That is the reason for these seasonal waves of so-called ‘distasteful conservationism’ — the pendulum must swing continuously — so overall benefits are acquired.

“Therefore, my pupil, although times may look disheartening to you and to many others, be of good cheer because God, the Creator, Controller, and Upholder of this Universe of Universes has an infallible plan at work that will bring all together at the end of his Universe Age. Also, trust your immediate spiritual governors, the Most Highs, because it is not without reason that they are called 'Most High' — they know what they are doing. And lastly, be mindful of the many peoples on Urantia that still are in so much darkness — especially spiritually. Solidarity says that you must sacrifice part of your progressive status to go out and bring them peace. I am Prolotheos your teacher and tutor on High, Peace be with you and all who strive to do the will of the Father.”

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A Lesson on Connectedness

Urantia, February 5, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Connectedness.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Any day is a wonderful day to be alive, when on awakening one feels connected to the Creator, and a song of thanksgiving rises in the human breast about being alive. Included in this connection is also the appreciation of knowing that there is more to life than just what is visible to the 'naked eye'. Material eyes on their own, indeed, saw so very little until instruments were developed which permitted human eyes to penetrate the mysteries of creation.

“There are far more hidden senses within the human mind which are so very slowly being discovered, and are present in varying degrees. The 'inner eye' or ‘inner seeing’ is usually more developed in the visually impaired as they miss out on the distractions of the ‘outer world’ and have therefore more occasion to be connected to life itself because this mundane aspect is missing.

“Allow me to discuss some of this inner connectedness, which is far more real as it is part of a well-developed intuition which is usually connected to trust and belief, leading to faith and an inner knowing. Knowingness is the well-developed connection to the Source of all life, which remains as yet hidden from humanity. It is through the prompting of the Thought Adjuster within and the longing in the evolving human soul which feels the ‘pull’ to God, and seeks to know the Source of its existence.

“That precious connection to the Creator is established through human free will; even though the connection from the Creator to the creature has always been in existence. At that first moment in time when the human realizes more fully the awesome and precious existence of the Creator as fact is; because the inner connection is becoming more actively alive through the seeking on the part of the creature which has set this search in motion.

“As with all relationship connections in life, make sure that it remains a vital and an energetic living and growing connection as you express this in your life with all other relationships. This cannot be otherwise. As time goes by, you will come to know other creatures, who also crave this connection to their Source, as this gives the only stability in a very unstable world. Many hungry and so-called ‘lost souls’ harbor an inexpressible longing to be ‘plugged in’ and to be connected to something greater than themselves. They have yet to start flexing their ‘faith muscles’ in any and all situations, in which they find themselves.

“It takes time for the under-used muscles of trust and faith to gain strength and vitality but the Vital Spark from the Creator within is always waiting to encourage each one if they will only take the time to seek.

“The Spirit of Truth will guide each one in all truth and the Holy Spirit will help on request; to open the hearts and minds, so the soul can receive the nurturing it needs to grow, and so hopefully inspire the mortal to lead an actively connected life to the Source within and at the same time learn to actively seek the Will of God through loving service to others.”

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We Come in Peace

Oregon, US of A, February 1, 2017.
Unknown Teacher Group.
Subject: “We Come in Peace.”

Message received by Anyas.

Teacher: “Dear child, as you ready yourself to receive higher teachings, the thought came to your mind that the Celestial Faculty of Teachers exudes peace.

“Not only, do we come in peace, but we also connect with you through the medium of peace. Therefore, to succeed in establishing this connection, you have to ‘appease’ your being at all its levels. Once it exudes its own quality of peace, it is oblivious of any interferences and distractions that would otherwise rudely interrupt our teaching session.

“Another mighty advantage of living in a state of peace is that you do not unnecessarily burn your precious life energies. Instead, you recharge your spiritual batteries by allowing Spirit and Its Helpers to dispense their precious spiritual nectars.

“Being in a peaceful state in the midst of busyness is becoming more and more godlike, as Peace is eternally the emotional state from which the infinite creative process occurs.

“Indeed, we come in peace, as our intentions are mainly to reveal to you incrementally Truth, Beauty, Goodness and their many combinations that disseminate Love at all levels of the human experience and more. The ‘peace that passes all understanding’ is not intellectual. Rather, it takes over your heart and shifts your whole being out of the states of restlessness and unsettledness that you frequently experience in your human experience. As you become more ‘peace-filled,’ the way you experience yourself undergoes a powerful metamorphosis and you unfailingly develop a greater appreciation for the emergence of your godlike personality. Indeed, it has to be born to peace, even though the birth pangs may appear less than peaceful.”

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How to Change the World

Alabama, US of A, September 17, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “How to Change the World.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “On this confused world it is sometimes hard to make out what is truly important. Should we work to rid this world of its evils? Should we spread the truth to help lost souls find their way? Should we fight against injustice and inequality? There are many problems and many areas that deserve the attention of those souls that have discovered life to be much more than pursuing their personal benefits. As well, there are those souls that are discovering within their being a great love for their peers.

“The purpose for each mortal has already been declared in the single exhortation the Father has offered to His creatures: ‘Be perfect as your Father is perfect’. This should be the first responsibility and concern of every human being. Success at this task practically guarantees happiness and satisfaction of the deepest desires of your being, not to mention that a life dedicated to the search for perfection and spiritual elevation will constitute a profoundly satisfying eternal success for a creature.

“Even when the problems of this world are numerous and the solutions may require several generations to become apparent, every human being on this world can start to enjoy the age of light and life within their own being, during his or her life. Michael of Nebadon lived His life like people live theirs on the worlds established in light and life, and He did this two thousand years ago, when the common level of civilization in some aspects was even more primitive and backward than it is at present.

“The solutions to the problems of this world are not really that complex. If the majority of human beings on Urantia decided to love each other like siblings in the universal family of God, all the wars, injustices, abuses, fears and inequalities would disappear almost immediately. This will only be possible when a large majority of the population is sincerely dedicated to spiritual elevation and the perfecting of their personalities.

“It is true that in order to see a change in your world you have to first manifest it in your individual life. When a human being understands and accepts the divine Will with all her heart she becomes a creative agent in the establishment of a new reality filled with beauty, truth and goodness. Certainly, you would be doing great things for this world if in your life you are becoming increasingly more like your Father, because you will start to express the fruits of the spirit and you will become one more channel for expression of His Divine Love.”

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The Most Misunderstood in His Young Universes

Illawarra District, Australia, February 12, 2017.
Teacher: The Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: “The Most Misunderstood in His Young Universes.”
(shortened transmit).

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “One of the main projects in our superuniverses is the education of the sheer ‘waves of humans’ occupying the ever-changing worlds of space, designed for no other outcome, no other purpose, but to bring man to God — the child to its Father. It is to this very day and on this globe hardly a successful mission, far from it, my human friends.

“Especially on this world — and, yes, there are a few other young worlds as well — where the Creator of All is seen as distant. He dwells on Paradise, too far away to be communicating with you so far out in space but, wonder of wonders, when you pray He will actually hear you! The fact that each and every one of you has a Fragment of the Creator dwelling in your heart and mind is not clearly recognized.

“Long ago the Father came to his children, all, in the form of Thought Adjusters (TAs), one for each, and when you pray, the words, the thoughts and the feelings are instantly accepted and passed on. Still, the connection of the Father to His child is only partially ‘installed,’ waiting for a spark of recognition, and a few moments in time.

“It amazes Me to witness the many who address the far-away Father and babble on about the ‘mundanes’ of their lives, not even aware of the fact that the Father’s Representative is right there within their person, quite capable of answering them and at a considerably higher level.

“It is for the 11:11 Progress Group at this stage of its diverse being, its well-earned growth and its wide-ranging experience to announce that the Father has things to say to you . . . that the Father is available to you all, both day and night . . . that you, too, can hear from your TA and that you will feel His great Love, rather than being overwhelmed.

“I ask to be your Wayshower during this extended period, my friends, when we encourage the many to make friends with their very own TAs to learn of their individual journeys to perfection and to Paradise.

“It is a most urgent thing — some say, the most urgent thing — that more of the children of God learn to hear from, answer to and know of the love of their Father on Paradise, for ages and ages the most misunderstood in His very own and widespread universes, yes, and especially on this world.

“In the fulness of time however, all will be good . . . all will be fine.

“I Am the Damascus Scribe. I Am Sananda, who loves you.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
My Gift to you is for you to be of service to Me — Christ Michael. 11:11 Store