Be the Living Proof

Oregon, July 13, 2019
Trinity Teacher Uteah
Subject: “Be the Living Proof”

Message received by Anyas

“Dedicate your life to the great work of showing how the critical material mind of man can triumph over the inertia of intellectual doubting when faced by the demonstration of the manifestation of living truth as it operates in the experience of spirit-born men an women who yield the fruits of the spirit in their lives, and who love one another, even as I have loved you.” [UB 181:02.26]

Teacher Uteah: “Indeed, man’s material mind is critical by nature, as it believes what it sees but doubts what is not part yet of its experience. The above recommendation was Jesus’ intimate farewell admonition to ‘doubting’ Thomas. Thomas did, at times, waver in his faith, as he filtered his beliefs through the sieve of his imperfect intellectual understanding and sense of discernment. However, once they passed that test, he never failed to take bold action.

“There is nothing wrong with closely examining any incoming data. It is advisable to do so, as each new ‘belief’ you embrace should add to the cohesiveness of your framework of belief. At times, a new understanding will prompt you to toss aside an obsolete one—trading them up.

“Those who are spirit-born have gained access to the invisible world of spiritual realities. As they garner valuable insights, they start living their lives, keeping eternal and higher objectives in mind and heart. The attainment of the absolute values they pursue cannot but mightily impact their character. Such a beautiful makeover becomes a manifestation of ‘living truth.’

“Indeed, only ‘living’ truth is productive. A mere intellectual agreement does not suffice to better the world. Actions matter over everything else. By being ‘truth-led’ in your actions, it becomes an agent of inner change—a change manifested through the authentic way you conduct your life. You then become a ‘living proof’ of the process of ‘yielding’ the fruits of the spirit. You start emitting power of attraction, as others come to desire what you have. Who would not wish to taste the peace that passes all understanding paired with the reassurance that their life is in the divine right order?”

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An Abundance of Unconditional Love

Urantia, August 19, 2019.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “An Abundance of Unconditional Love.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “When, as if it were a vicious storm, a great disturbance is trying to seize a hold of your mind and emotions, due to circumstances beyond your control, remember to hand it all over to the Father in heaven, who knows all from the beginning to the end.

“It is deemed to be the foundation of wisdom, when you realize that only by coming to Me in the Stillness, and by placing all your disappointments into My hands, you will experience an enormous relief.

“The lesson of forgiveness is ongoing, until you reach a point where a greater understanding about the motivation of others takes a hold in your soul. You need to realize that not all are at the same level of understanding. Therefore, you can forgive them, because some are truly incapable of understanding the higher road you are endeavoring to travel.

“All mortals have their innate capacity of light and understanding, and as in all matters, each learns at his or her own speed. This is the reason why at all times you feel like a fish out of water, and it is totally normal to excuse yourself. Indeed I recommend that you enjoy the company of like-minded individuals, for a recharging of your spiritual batteries. No man or woman is an island to itself, and all need the refreshing presence others can bring.

“Realize that truth, beauty and goodness can be found anywhere. Seek for these realities in all things and a greater appreciation of life will take a hold. Life itself is truly wonderful the more you use it for spiritual growth and understanding and for the growth of your soul, where true reality is to be found.

“Regrets ought to spur you on to come more often into the Stillness to seek My guidance. I am always available and the benefits you can reap are enormous, including the healing of your anxious heart and tired nerves which will unfurl and result in calmness.

“You will gain greater equilibrium within yourself when you develop the discipline of regularly coming to Me, so you can then go forth to do yet another day’s battle in overcoming your baser creature self through a more tranquil awareness.

“Life is filled with hope, wonder and an abundance of unconditional love from the Creator towards his creatures. I counsel to seek more often the Stillness within yourself, so you can imbibe of My healing and nurturing presence.”

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I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One. 11:11 Store

I AM Forever Yours

Asheville, NC, US of A, August 25, 2019.
Teacher: The I AM.
Subject: “I AM Forever Yours.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

The I AM: Dear One, there is always time available to talk together and this is something that many do not understand. When you sit in stillness and listen to my voice, I will whisper my guidance to your soul, but when you come and speak openly with me in conversation, I will also speak to your conscious mind in a subtle way when you are being calm and open to receive. I understand what you are asking and needing even before you ask it, but it is important for you to express these things with me as a way for you to strengthen this Parent/Child relationship in your mind.

At the human level of mind, it is important for you to build trust in a relationship, and so it is necessary for you to engage in dialog with those personalities that value your friendship. I have a very specific interest in your life and your development as a personality that will one day fuse with me, and together, as a new expression of creation, we become integrated into the Creator’s family as an ‘eternal child.’

There is much work for us to do together and I would admonish you to think about this work as a partnership and see me always working with you in any given moment. Keeping a consistent thought that we are working together is a powerful way that I can express creation through you in the unseen realms of the universe. I work inside and outside of time and always I AM paving the way for your future by providing the needed guidance to see that you stay on a path that leads, first, to our fusion, then to your embrace as a Finalitor.

I gather all the best parts of you — your refined character and the values of your current life and work to see that it is kept safe for the development of your soul that you shall need in the greater epics to come. The current epic is ongoing, and it is during this period of intense living on the worlds of time that you need more assurances and guidance to build that needed trust to ‘do the work’ together. And, so I ask you to always see ‘Us’ as a partnership that is eternal, for this long range view of our relationship is important for you to believe in and be assured that it is a true reality.

Why is this eternal view important? Your free will; your intentions, and your beliefs are the ‘counter-framework’ to the life plan framework that I have set before you to walk. If we cannot communicate effectively enough to see that you are willing to be guided (to connect the human and divine frameworks), then the counter-framework becomes a stumbling block to the life plan that I have laid out for your universe career.

Much of the power that I AM endowed with, as a Fragment of the Universal Father, must wait until you are mature enough to exercise it. The more aligned the human and divine frameworks become, the more power are you afforded in this epic to solve universe problems. With this understanding, you can see that ‘all power’ is available to you, but requires a maturity of character and personality to exercise it. How much of this ‘all power’ can you manifest in your current life remains hidden until you figure out how to better align the frameworks — this is your work to do with me. Power sharing is a part of this partnership — your will and creativity to align with Father’s Will brings the power to create and transform.

Building a relationship; building trust, and having dialog with your Father Fragment is the most efficient way of aligning the frameworks and unleashing the power of the universe to participate in the Great Plan and your part in it. I have so much more for you — come now and let us talk more about this, Dear One.

I AM forever yours.

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store

Midwayers’ Name-codes – Part Two

Midwayers’ Name-codes – Part Two.
From the Desk of George Barnard – August 12, 2019.

The Argentinian man, Angel, seemed to know what the people from his homeland needed. They needed to urgently go back to where they came from, he reasoned, because in Australia their women shopped till they dropped and the men lost their grip on family life. This caused a veritable epidemic of divorces.

It became clear there was some merit in what the senior citizen, Angel, espoused: South American marriages were drifting onto the rocks, wholesale, and even the ‘angels’ were concerned. And there appeared Dr. Mendoza! The term “Emenohwait” was actually MNO8. George’s Spirit Friend, “Dreyfus” was actually DEF5 and “Ahbecetutu” or “Bzutu” was ABC22, of course, easy when you have the answers, but Chief Bzutu only shrugged. He could not have cared less about that belated discovery or whatever he was called.

People have names, Spirit Guardians should have names, but these were numbers or codes I had never heard of. Was I the only fool taking orders from those who mostly turned up when it suited them? The Midwayer, Dr. Mendoza, however, had begun to accompany me on healing ventures. With one notable exception, Dante Alighieri was the only one I knew who worked with ‘spirits’ like my friends. Dante was the only one I knew about, since my family owned his Divine Comedy in french. I read that book, more than just once.

There was Winston Churchill with his eleventh month, eleventh day, eleventh hour. Maybe, just maybe, but Dante Alighieri had two Guides, Virgil and Beatrice. Everyone knew Virgil, I thought, but Beatrice was not the neighborhood lady Dante adored. Beatrice was BeAhTriCe, BA3C or ABC3, Bzutu’s older sister — a tall, blonde and rather smart Adamic-looking lady. I must have gotten strong confirmation of that fact, but I don’t now remember which Celestial verified my conclusion.

Forward to the year 2000
It was the day before I was to take a plane trip to the US when I remembered about Dante and his Guide in the celestial regions and I wrote to a friend in Idaho that Dante Alighieri knew Beatrice, ABC3, Bzutu’s older sister. Checking my email during the morning of my departure, I found an email from my friend wishing me a safe journey. Surprise! There was a second message from him, saying, “You spoke to us about Beatrice and she was here!”

Moments later I felt the warmest and most loving of embraces as the Lady ABC3 hugged me for letting folks know it was she who worked with Dante at that critical time.

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

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We are each other at our Spiritual Root Source –
ABC-22, January 1972 11:11 Store

Your Real Needs

Alabama, US of A, May 8, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Your Real Needs.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “It is possible to obtain relative freedom from material pressures and false needs. Social influences push human beings to believe that they need to make, achieve, or obtain certain things that in the end are not necessary nor contribute to happiness or lasting satisfaction. Today there are many who place heavy loads upon their shoulders, struggling to obtain things that will not add any value to their lives. How can you break this vicious circle?

“The key is to focus on those things that really add value to your life, those things that truly provide a real and lasting satisfaction as a reward for your efforts. This is possible only when a human being explores her spiritual life thus discovering the real desires of her being. While a creature remains asleep in the material dream, she will feel like there is a void that she needs to fill, and this is truly the case because her spiritual needs are real. Connecting to the Divine Love is a real need because the love of the Father is the force that sustains the universes and all life.

“This exploration is an endeavor that human beings must fulfill in a personal way. There is a path to find the presence of the Father inside your being – the source of lasting satisfaction for your soul – but since each one of you is unique and original, this path is also unique. The experience of spiritual growth is unique to each person and even when the experiences of others can serve as reference, your Thought Adjuster possesses a plan that is perfectly adapted to your personality and your current state.

“The Will of the Father is that each and every child finds their way to perfection and eternal life, and he has provided everything that is needed to help you in this glorious enterprise. As you become closer to the Divine Presence within you, you will discover what your real needs are and where you should focus your efforts to live a happy and fruitful life, rich in spiritual experiences that will effectively prepare you for the next level of existence beyond this world.”

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