Mansion World Care and Sincerity

Illawarra District, Australia, November 28, 2018.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “Mansion World Care and Sincerity.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “We have spoken with you in the past about Mansion-World Care. Perhaps at this moment in time we can manage to ‘come a little closer’ to giving you a better understanding of what the Mansion World Spheres have to offer, especially to those souls that are making their way from the worlds held back by rebellion. However, not only your kinds of (rebellious) worlds, but many newly populated ones fall into the category that need extra loving care for former humans to later flourish in the hereafter.

(A lengthy question is here asked but the sound is all but lost — something to do with how troubled Urantians are compared to most other humans).

“Absolutely! You have heard of the term, ‘Heaven on Earth?’ Does this look like heaven on our earth? No, nothing like it. Far from it. And when your new body comes to life in the Resurrection Halls of Mansonia One, your experiences have already been told in rather great detail and the potential difficulties in you making a success of your new Mansion World life will have been assessed. A Carer — a Mansion World Carer — will have already been appointed and such kind of specialists can be encountered anywhere in our universes.

“We are not blind, my friend. We know you live in circumstances far from ideal in your western world, whilst the majority envies you for you ‘having it so good.’ True, there are some among us whom you may see as ‘cold’ by virtue of the specific tasks they perform, but their use of time is measured, efficient and their mannerisms may seem short and to-the-point. Most of those you will be dealing with will be ever so thoughtful and patient, yes, sincere in their ways and this is what we will ask of you former humans, sincerity, sincerity, sincerity.

“One may be considered to be a great spiritual mind whilst dwelling on this planet. Another might well be classed as, what you call, a spiritual novice, not at all interested in anything spiritual, just wishing to live on when it is time to die. Chances are both individuals will be taught in the same Mansonia classrooms because, you see, there’s really no great difference between these two from ‘heaven’s’ point of view.

“To answer you both more clearly, yes, Urantians and almost all who hail from the worlds of rebellion, require a lot of care, but after that they tend to outperform most others. Consider yourself lucky to be toughened, yes, hardened by such a troubled world.

“I am the Damascus Scribe.”

Receiver’s note: The questions came from a reader and from me. Both were answered.

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Your Faith Richly Rewarded

Urantia, November 18, 2018.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Your Faith Richly Rewarded.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Let it be known that it is often through a severe crisis in life that mortals receive a so-called wake-up call. This often makes them realize at the very depths of their being that there is more to life than what meets the material eyes. It is in that moment that they discover the silver-cord or Light Beam which grounds humans between heaven and earth, between the visible and the invisible.

“These unforgettable experiences are forever etched in those mortals’ souls, and they sense and know for certain that life goes on after the physical dissolution that is death, and all fear then evaporates. This instant is a deciding moment in eternity, in which such a one is forever freed from earthly bondage and knows in faith that a more glorious life awaits for all those who believe.

“According to your faith, it shall be done unto you.

“The mists of time are temporarily lifted, and that great burden of unbelief is taken from the soul of that human, who experiences Serenity and Peace beyond words. He or she is forever set free from the clamor of the world, which keeps a soul in bondage and unable to fly. Faith and trust are the wings that lift a soul heavenward. Believe and it shall be done unto you, is all it takes.

“Oh, the freedom to turn within and seek Me; a Gift from the Universal Creator God within and your faith will be richly rewarded by your having conversed with your Spark from God within that comes to that formerly fear-ridden soul when it seeks for My Presence and finds it! It is the prize of great value your Master Jesus alluded to when He spoke His parables to His disciples, and to all whom had ears to hear.

“Not everyone was willing to have an open ear, to in heart discover the deeper meanings. Even His apostles had their own interpretation.

“However, as long as the eternal truth is grasped in the human heart, such a one is forever set free from bondage and superstition that tries to enslave the heart, soul and mind of yet far too many mortals.

“So, please, do take the time every day.”

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I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One. 11:11 Store

Love, Light, and Miracles

Oregon, US of A, October 17, 2018.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Love, Light, and Miracles.”

Teacher: “In your prayers and meditation, you can invoke the guiding lights of Higher Beings. Indeed, the closer to Paradise they dwell, the brighter is the light they emit, and the stronger is their Love, as you cannot separate Love from Light.

“As you grow spiritually, you too, have to fully integrate the element of Love with the one of Light. They are the inseparable attributes woven into the Oneness of the Great I AM.

“Take the time to reflect on Love and Light. They are indeed your speed dial to Higher Realms. By ‘reflecting’ on them, you activate ‘Reflectivity’ — the cosmic-wide web. By meditating on them, you also absorb them in all the layers of your being, thus benefiting from their healing energies. It cannot be otherwise. Love and Light are the most precious energetic substances made available to you. They are as vital as the air you breathe and the water you drink.

“Daily oxygenate your soul with these high-quality spiritual boosters. You will draw the greatest benefits from such a practice. Tap into these free energies until the thirst of your soul is fully quenched. Then, go out into the world and spend this energetic quota by becoming Love in Action — a telltale sign that you are now operating as a full-fledged light and love worker — a miracle worker.”

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Alabama, US of A, March 8, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Individual acts of kindsness do transform the world. When you live a life consecrated to doing the will of the Father and to the pursuit of perfection you become an inspiration to others. When they see your actions and your behavior, something within will inspire them to do the same. That something is the Presence of the Father — the Thought Adjuster — that through your actions has found a means of expression and has become a tool to awaken the person under His care.

“You have been told many times that a life lived following the will of the Father becomes a great agent of change for this world. You also know that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, since an idea that is expressed verbally is never as completely understood as and idea that is lived through experience. You can read your documents about the life of Michael but the contemplation of such a life would do much more for your spiritual progress than would a million writings.

“Human beings learn from experience and often the experiences of others can be a more than adequate source of learning. Your marketing professionals know that word-of-mouth has more weight than any other way to gain customers. It is more likely for you to pay money to go see a movie by the recommendation of a friend than by all the advertising you see in the media for that movie.

“Human beings are designed to function this way, with the help of the experiences of others, because this is how the entire program of evolution in the universes of space and time has been conceived. The benefits of experiences are always a resource for all. Your civilization has advanced because of this. The methods that have worked well in the past are still being used, instead of those that have been detrimental. It is through your collective experiences that you learn as a group. Without this human ability each new generation would be destined to repeat those same mistakes of the previous generation and you would still be living in caves or in the tops of the trees.

“There is something contagious about the experience of a human being that is somehow perceived by others around them. No one remains untouched by witnessing the destruction of another human being as a consequence of their own decisions and actions. If the desire to help that person does not arise, at least the impulse to avoid making the same mistakes will. If negative experiences can have such power to influence the behavior of others, how much more powerful would positive experiences be?

“If you live a life dedicated to the divine will, living as if you are already an inhabitant of a world established in light and life, you will be a powerful and positive influence over those around you. It is possible that by changing your own mind and your own heart to be increasingly closer to perfection you will actually be changing the world and lighting another light to erradicate the darkess that is so widespread on this sphere. Go and fight to become the best you can aspire to be and thanks to this effort you will become an authentic revelation of God for your peers and your life will be the picture that will be worth a thousand words for those who have the fortune to cross your path.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store

The Most Highs Rule in the Kingdom of Men

São Carlos-SP, Brazil, November 8, 2018.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Subject: “The Most Highs Rule in the Kingdom of Men.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Urantia and all the other inhabited spheres in the Super Universe of Orvonton receive three levels of government, care, and supervision. From Uversa, our super-universe capital comes the general supervision for all local universes by the agencies of the Ancient of Days. From the local universes comes the government of the Creator Sons, like our Christ Michael (Jesus) who most capably governs His Nebadon Universe. And finally, from the Systems is dispatched, for the inhabited worlds, a Planetary Prince, for the local government. However, on this occasion let’s talk about an intermediary, but very important level of supervision, the Most Highs of the Constellations, who have jurisdiction over 100 systems and mostly oversee the social development of its inhabited planets, like Urantia, which belongs to the Constellation of Norlatiadek. Without trampling free will, the three Most Highs in each Constellation, are the ones that really rule in the evolutionary worlds.

1 — Sponsoring Changes Towards Holistic Progress.
“In their superior wisdom, the Most Highs take into account the level of spiritual, moral and social development of the peoples and races of a planet and conduct changes accordingly. In Daniel’s days, for example, the Great Empires were the most practical and efficient way of conducting almost the whole known civilization in one direction and the Most Highs used them to accomplish their long-term objectives. The Most Highs seek a unified government in the evolutionary worlds. However, on Urantia that was not followed due to the Lucifer Secession, which resulted in the so-called ‘sovereign’ and ‘independent’ nations of your time. Although your time period experiences a relative good technological progress, it is still very backward spiritually, socially and morally, all progress in these fields being due to the Christ Michael Bestowal in your world and further activity of His Spirit of Truth and the Adjuster Monitors sent to Urantia.

2 — Restraining Unwise and Detrimental Changes.
“Not all changes are beneficial to a particular world and certainly not every progressive feature is entirely proper at any time. Therefore, to avoid severe, disruptive, and retarding conflicts in the evolutionary worlds, the Most Highs wisely restrain some untimely changes to achieve a more homogeneous progress generally. That may well explain much of the movement of the social pendulum going back and forth between conservatism and liberalism in your world. Sometimes, even desired social and political advances must be held back to allow other peoples at a more backward stage to keep up with the progressive changes.

3 — Preserving and Fostering Positive Changes So Far.
“The Most Highs not only stimulate and promote adequate and timely changes to the evolutionary worlds as they also formulate specific programs to keep and advance the progress that was obtained through past positive changes. In general, Freedom is the main agenda, balanced with social responsibility and spiritual sensibility. Wars certainly are ugly and destructive of values and institutions, but in the lack of more spiritual and civilized ways to solve crucial problems, the Most Highs allow them, but not without putting in place some safeguards to prevent extreme moral breakdown and social retrogression. The Most Highs do not plan or cause wars, but they might use them to wisely advance their spiritual, social and political objectives.

“Therefore, my pupil, there is a well-ordered and spiritual government structure working on your world, including the one from the Most Highs, directly impinging on Urantia affairs. Everything spiritual, social, political moral, cultural that is happening on your world is overseen by these most capable supervisors. They know it, and they have each feature under cautious administration, seeking the wholesome good for the whole of Urantia. That doesn’t mean that conflicts, wars, tragedies will not happen, but as this progressive government from on High continues, they will certainly diminish. You can count on that. I am Prolotheos, your teacher-tutor on High. Peace be with you all.”

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