The Tree of Life

Illawarra District, Australia, March 28, 2017.
Teacher: Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “The Tree of Life.”

Message received by George Barnard.

George: “We greet you our dear Samuel and brother Aaron. We tend to think of you and Aaron when it comes to ferreting out something ‘nothing-to-do-with-lessons,’ just plain curiosity. Some years ago — in the early or middle 1997’s — Midwayer Chief Bzutu and I talked about two things during a session about the Urantia Book I remember fairly well.

“My foremost interest was with this Midwayer, who up to that point I had always still seen as an earthbound soul. Now that I had found the Urantia book, I knew more precisely who he was. Had he, basically, without supervision or family, other than his immediate siblings, been behaving himself honorably over all those millenia? He answered my question rather eloquently, saying, ‘There was no law.’ It had been a lengthy ‘do-what-you-think-is-best’ time of endless uncertainties and likely some unfortunate happenings.

“That’s all I ever got from him on that score and truly, what right did I have to insist on further details? He was a model Teacher for at least 35 years by 1997. I asked about Van and Amadon next up and how they could have lived for so many millennia. The Midwayer showed me the image of a bush — a shrub — that’s all it was.

“So there you have the tree of life, some 7’ tall and almost that wide. I honestly don’t recall the shape of its leaves, ovoid, I think, but I’ll not stake my life on that. Over to you, Master.”

Teacher Samuel: “Indeed, my friends, representations of the Tree of Life, if not the real thing, can be found all over the universes. One hardly needs a monkey to climb up high to harvest the leaves. They are easily reached. It is a fast-growing shrub that allows a spacetime body to defy the aging process and the small ovoid leaves carry the medicine that long-staying Celestial visitors to the planets’ and their human co-workers’ need to overcome the ruggedness of spacetime.

“I note your concern about pressing me for revelation, but it should be clear to you that you were given none by me today. You were fully aware of all these facts, just somewhat uncertain. The responsibility for ‘getting it right’ can weigh heavily upon one’s shoulders.

“This is Samuel the Panoptian. Both Aaron and I are proud to be your Teachers.”

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My Gift to you is for you to be of service to Me — Christ Michael. 11:11 Store


Chicago, US of A, March 10, 2017.
Teacher: Midwayer Thomas.
Subject: “Seriousness.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Midwayer Thomas: “Seriousness is more than a merely rugged countenance. It’s more than an exterior appearance; it is, in fact, the way you evaluate life and its circumstances. Being serious about life means giving the right value to it, knowing that decisions you make have consequences for you and for others. When you are serious about life, you don’t take it lightly. Seriousness is one side of life that cannot be mitigated, but too much seriousness makes life unpalatable. You must be serious about those issues that are life-driving and once serious decisions are made, relax and enjoy life as it comes.

“Seriousness reveals how important life is to you. When you are serious about things you don’t act in the heat of emotions, without thinking. Thinking, planning and carefully discharging your duties reveals how serious you are. The way you act towards your duties will reveal how generally serious you are about life. Duties are the gauge of our morality, the measure of our accountability and the expression of our ultimate care for our lives and those of others. On making serious decisions consider their length (reach) their depth (meaning) and width (greatness). Those are the elements that help you with serious decisions.

“Seriousness also means to strive for excellence in your life. To wish to excel is a noble goal for this life that readily puts you on the way to perfection. The Father’s injunction, ‘Be you perfect as I am perfect’ starts in us when we strive to excel in what we do. You cannot excel in life unless you take things seriously. To excel is not yet being perfect, but it is to give life your best and reaching the fullness of what is expected of us. Achieving increasing goals helps us to make excellence a common event in our lives.

“Seriousness gives you a sense of fulfillment. Many times our best judges are ourselves. It is an incredibly frustrating feeling to know that you haven’t fulfilled the higher expectations of your life. A careful exam on the reasons for failures will certainly find a lack of seriousness among the main ones. It is not a small recognition, the fact that we will one day receive such rewarding words from the Master’s evaluation: ‘faithful and good servant.’ However, make sure that the immediate satisfaction with what you do in life comes from the degree of seriousness you give to people and things.

“So, my friend, taking life seriously is perhaps the most important attitude you can cultivate in this world because it will readily guide you to many sound decisions whose importance will make a difference not only in your life but also in the lives of others. Away with whims, futile longings, and just pleasure seeking! Be serious and do not be entangled in the entrapping net of human pride, creature arrogance and people’s greed for power. Be serious: know more and strive better on doing the will of the Father. Listen to the Master saying: ‘I must be about my Father’s business.’ And so should you be.”

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The Handicaps of Time

Oregon, US of A, March 17, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Handicaps of Time.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, the thought came to your mind that the handicaps of time can be overcome in eternity. Indeed, such is the case, as the Father’s Vision for each one of His evolving children is hope-filled, never hope-less. Why is it so?

“Nothing the Father conceives is purposeless or meaningless. Unlike many human beings who live very randomly, as they fail to see their life’s purpose, the Father and His Helpers are in the know of the purpose of each creature.

“This is the reason why humanity needs to find its purpose and work toward its fulfillment. It does not get done overnight, yet it eventually will get done. What matters is that you move in the right direction, as each little bit of progress made is the stepping stone for the next victory.

“The same goes for your personal evolution. How do you go about achieving it? Do you feel like a helpless skiff at the mercy of the tides and the elements? Or do you wisely use your navigational equipment to keep pointing toward the Haven of Peace that is your intended destination? A victim will always be a victim unless he or she willingly ‘converts’ him or herself into a victor by adopting a victor’s mentality. The same set of circumstances will then deliver a totally different outcome.

“Dear ones, whatever your life’s circumstances, do turn them to your advantage, as they are meant to bring out the best in you — not the worse. Those who courageously roll up their sleeves and actively tackle their life’s challenges earn great spiritual brownie points and grow — not only in their self-confidence, but also in their confidence in the Father’s Master Plan that involves them. As they overcome a variety of challenges, they will adopt the comforting Mantra that ‘All is forever well.’

“By changing your perspective, you will change the quality of your life’s experience. Complaining guarantees a negative experience, while looking at the bright side guarantees a positive one. Which one shall it be? You hold the magic wand of Gratitude. Are you waving it?”

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Leave Judgments Behind

Monterrey, Mexico, April 1, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Leave Judgments Behind.”

Message received by Bettina.

Thought Adjuster: “When you think you have to forgive something or someone, it is because you feel that the person acted differently to what you expected he or she should have done. It also means that you are judging what the other person did, so you ‘decided’ whether it was something ‘good or bad’.

“On his earthly journey, Jesus taught us the true unconditional love, a love that does not judge but understands and that protects everything and everyone.

“When a group of people wanted to stone the adulterous woman, He said, ‘Let he who is free of sins throw the first stone.’ He was not judging the woman by her actions, she was calling the others to reflect if they had not made mistakes on their path.

“Another very clear manifestation of the Love that Jesus felt was when He was crucified and even with physical and spiritual pain, He turned to the Father and said to Him: ‘Father, forgive them because they do not know what they are doing’.

“Receive today this unconditional Love of the Father. If there are wounds in your heart caused by yourself, because of your past decisions, heal those wounds today by covering them with the Divine Healing Balm: the Unconditional Love of the Father. And if there is resentment in your heart towards other people, cover it also with the abundant Unconditional Love of the Father.

“You will see how judgments will lose their justification. They will fall by their very incompatibility with this Love and Peace that surpasses all understanding. Realize that pain and hate are simply caused by the lack of Love. Just as darkness disappears with Light, pain and hate disappear with Love.

“At this precise moment, you can choose to cover all the wounds of the past in your heart with the immense and inexhaustible balm of the unconditional Love of the Father. Allow yourself to feel how it floods you without questioning and without judgment, for it is unconditional and total.

“Cleanse your heart completely, so from now on it can only be filled by Love and Light. Thus, you will see other human beings with unconditional Love eyes, and not with eyes of judgment, rancor and incomprehension.

“This cleansing of the hearts is needed to cleanse the planet. It is necessary for each heart to leave behind judgment, hatred, resentment and anger, and become a heart of Light, Peace and Love, which in turn will transform, purify and strengthen the hearts of those around them . . .

“. . . one heart at a time, beginning with yours.”

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If you stop judging, you will find peace — Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store

Quality of Life

Alabama, US of A, September 24, 2012.
Teacher Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Quality of Life.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “One symptom of spiritual growth is your wishing for a simpler way of life. When one discovers what is truly important, many of the things that vie for people’s attention simply lose their value. Those who start to perceive the truth discover that actually only a few things are needed to live a happy life and that the greatest satisfaction in life comes from the relationships with others. In other words, the love you share with those around you determines the quality of your life.

“There are many who are powerful and fortunate in the eyes of the multitude but face each day with discouragement and hopelessness. They don’t anticipate anything positive coming into their lives. In the eyes of others, the actions of those who sometimes decide to end their lives, even when in appearance they possess everything, seem senseless and illogical. How can somebody with so many material benefits feel as if something is missing? Those mortals who sometimes decide to abandon everything realize late in their life that they wasted their time wishing and struggling to obtain material things and when they finally got them this did not bring them any real happiness. For some human beings it is very difficult to accept a grave mistake and decide to start again from the beginning, particularly when they have traveled the same road for many years and sometimes for a lifetime.

“However, those who have the courage to abandon their materialistic desires and tendencies to start over as children and search what is truly valuable, will find what their souls search for — that which the Divine Presence inspires them to look for. This is what the Master suggested when He said that unless a man is born again he will not enter the kingdom. To be born again and to start exploring as a child is to abandon the beliefs and assumptions about life and discovering a new path, with the intent of accepting the guidance of the presence of the Father inside each one of us.

“To live a simpler life has nothing to do with where you live. It is not necessary to escape to a remote place to remove everything that represents an obstacle to your spiritual progress. Just a simple mental change is all that is required. To renounce material things does not mean to stop working or abandoning your duties. It means to live in such a way that material things become useful resources to your life, instead of becoming your masters. Become the master of your own destiny and you will discover the path your Father wishes to reveal to you to help you reach perfection of being.”

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