I Beseech You to Turn Within

Urantia. July 28, 2019.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “I Beseech You to Turn Within.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “The will of God is the way of God. It is in learning to subdue the mortal self with all its ‘material flesh’ desires, so the higher spirit-self can take over and grow.

“It is the daily overcoming of the selfish creature instincts — the urges of self-preservation and instant self-gratification that lead to mastery over the self. Victory lies in conquering the baser instincts, such as unbridled giving in to wants, rather than needs, of which the western half of the world is especially guilty.

“Defeat lies in un-brotherly treatment of humanity, in intolerance, impatience and rudeness. When will humanity wake up to the simple golden rule: Do unto others as you would like to be treated?

“It may not yet have entered into many a mind, but the truth and fact is that the Creator is no respecter of persons. He looks upon His entire creation of evolving mortals with unconditional love, and as equally entitled to enter the Kingdom of heaven trough faith and trust, never mind their race, creed, color or sex.

“The sad fact is that among so-called civilized man, so many barbaric traits and superstitions still exist in their dealings with their brothers and sisters. How can you ever project love and peace out into space toward all your kin on all the other worlds of the Creator’s making, when you cannot live in peace among each other?

“Surely you must by now realize that the bickering in your little sandbox, as well as the unfair dealings with your kin, needs to slowly give way to a greater maturity so that you will start behaving like adult sons and daughters of God.

“I beseech you to turn within where I reside, and allow Me to teach you.”

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I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One.

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Midwayers’ Name-codes – Part One

Midwayers’ Name-codes – Part One
From the Desk of George Barnard – August 12, 2019.

On quite a number of occasions when I was still a child, I met up with Midwayers. To my way of thinking they were just ordinary people. Cherubim were simply someone’s children and pleasant company to be with.

Back in about 1945.
There was one ‘Spirit Guardian’ who occasionally stood diagonally accross from me at our dining room table, right between my mom and dad. Anyone who would have seen him would have called him rather ‘pushy’ to just stand there at dinner time, but no one else could see him. I could see him, but I was just a kid and not allowed to express myself during meal times. Dr. Mendoza, the visitor in question, was in my opinion possibly enquiring about my dad’s political opinion. He was dressed like most other men in those days, in a brown suit. Brown, the fashion color of a defeated, war-weary people.

Forward to the 1970’s.
It was a time when many young, married South American immigrants began arriving in Australia. It seemed that neither the wives nor the husbands could handle the new freedoms of the southern continent. At least, such was claimed by one of their seniors, a very much respected Argentinian man called Angel. I had earned my license as a clinical hypnotherapist and some South American doctor was sending me one of his patients after another, all from a small local hospital. Something else . . . I kept hearing the term, “Emenohwait.”

Spanish-speaking patients kept coming. All mentioned the doctor who recommended George Barnard’s services and told them where the therapist’s clinic was located. As well, old Angel translated one of my basic hypnotic inductions from English into phonetic Spanish – “Just read it what it say and Bob’s your uncle,” said Angel. It worked just fine. The Spanish-speaking patients kept coming and I was still hearing that term, “Emenohwait.” Some patients were desperate cases, supposedly beyond my reach. I telephoned the hospital to tell the doctor I was being overloaded with patients.

“We don’t have a Spanish-speaking doctor here, not even a visiting doctor from those parts of the world,” the receptionist said. “Just some patients from South America. Sorry, I can’t help you.” She rang off. Suddenly I heard the words, “Not in your realm!” I replied, “Give us a look at him then!” And there he was, in a hospital corridor, casually walking towards me. He was a smallish man, well tanned and dark haired, wearing a brown suit, brown tie, black shoes, white shirt and an unbuttoned white doctor’s coat. A stetascope hung around his neck. There really was a Spanish-speaking doctor in that hospital!

“Give us his name then!” I demanded with some annoyance in my voice. A street sign showed up – VIA MENDOZA – “OK then, Dr. Mendoza. What takes you so long?” Some time later I finally broke all the Midwayers’ name-codes.

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We are each other at our Spiritual Root Source –
ABC-22, January 1972

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Truthfully Yours

Oregon, US of A, June 28, 2019.
Trinity Teacher Uteah.
Subject: “Truthfully Yours.”

Message received by Anyas.

“The new teacher is the ‘conviction of truth,’ the consciousness and assurance of true meanings on real spiritual levels. And this new teacher is the spirit of living and growing truth, expanding, unfolding, and adaptative truth.” [UB Paper 180:5]

Teacher Uteah: “You were reading about the New Teacher — the Spirit of Truth dispatched by Jesus at Pentecost. What does it mean? First of all, there is no denying that It is a living Entity, quite a stretch from the crystalized gospel or the letter of the law recorded in your sacred reference books.

“There is nothing wrong with keeping records of hard-earned truth. However, the formulation of experiential and intellectual truth may differ significantly. The first one comes to light through the testing grounds of reality, while intellectual truth may need to be revisited and amended as time goes by, and it comes under keen scrutiny due to its dwindling productivity. The apex of truth is reached when its experiential and intellectual formulations are compatible and can be successfully applied to the demands of daily living.

“Truth as you identify it can still be very relative in its expression while divine Truth is absolute — all the Truth and nothing but the Truth. At your level of reality, you could say that there is much fogginess surrounding the coveted truth. In higher realms, beings are not so puzzled about truth, as the higher they ascend, the more they get exposed to full-strength truth. Eventually, they ARE living facets of the truth — just as was Jesus.

“The Spirit of Truth dwells within you, bringing down to your human level Its Guidance. It is an abundant wellspring of meaningful insights, outflowing from the living Source of All Truth. Can you fathom what it implies for you? By following Its leadings, you are in the best of hands. Such a Teacher will never fail you, as It will custom-fit Its curriculum to meet your special needs — presenting truth at your current level of understanding to elevate it one notch at a time. Such a living truth feeds you, heart, mind, and soul.”

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Abide With Me And In Me

Urantia, August 4, 2019.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Abide With Me And In Me.”

Message transmitted by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “The expressions and the longings of your soul are slowly finding their way to conscious recognition.

“Most often humans are totally oblivious to what is living so deep within them. They have no idea that they have been gifted with a Spark from the living God, laboring unceasingly to lift their thoughts toward eternal life.

“They have no idea that this is the God-Fragment’s only purpose for existing in them – to co-create with the human personality a perfecting being, which once that personality completed his or her age-long training on other worlds beyond the earthy domain, will stand in perfection in the presence of the Creator from whom I hail.

“My sole purpose is to uplift your thoughts, to help you through and lift you out of your negative creature tendencies, which still tend to dominate the lives of creatures on this planet.

“Evolution is the method of creation in time and space. Nothing in the material world is happenstance and everything evolves according to the divine plan.

“Eons ago, when the atmospheric conditions were right, the Life Carriers planted three tiny seeds in the shallow waters on your barren planet and everything evolved from these. The human race has literally come up from the elemental dust of the earth. Every possibility from potential to actual was seeded right then, so genetically you go back to sea plant life, and your bodies together with every living thing, shares the same saline condition.

“Humanity has developed a mind which can in greater measure evolve God-ward. However, most minds are not being used in this manner. Instead the mind is being misused for negative purposes by some, abused by others by means of all sorts of addictions and not for the prime purpose for which it was created – to develop a thinking pattern that would glorify the Creator of all life.

“Ponder the meaning of these words and see how you can actively bring your thoughts to a higher level, so they will work with you and for you and bring you your greater eternal advantage.

“Abide with Me and in Me, as I abide with you and in you.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One.

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The Truth about Rebellion – Part 2

Asheville, NC, US of A, August 11, 2019.
Teacher: The I AM.
Subject: “The Truth about Rebellion – Part 2”
Lesson #1, “The Coming Era of Enlightenment.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

The I AM: “My Dearest Child,
Please know that everything in your world is going through change. It is the one constant that you can depend on that is absolute in your reality. Also know that with change comes a collective good that moves you ever closer to perfection, even when things may seem to be regressing from your personal point of view — they are, in reality, all moving toward a greater destiny. The Universal Father calls all things in His creation to perfection and so does the spirit gravity of His sheer Will bring about the necessary changes to see that the Great Plan succeeds while upholding universal law.

The Universal Father’s Will is sovereign, and by His grace does he abide in the promise of providing you a way to understand this Great Plan and to participate in it according to your free will. It takes a great many souls using their free will to forge a collective destiny, at the planetary level, to see that the definition of “progress” is something that all souls want and what they truly desire at the root of their soul is to participate in the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness of the Great Plan. This collective desire to align with these values lies submerged in the super-conscious mind of all souls indwelled by the Father’s Presence. Therein is the divide and the tension between the will of the child and the Will of the Parent — one imperfect, the other perfect.

This time of correction and transition is the “redefinition” of the values of progress. This redefining process takes place on many levels of reality — not just your material reality, and it involves a great many of Father’s children both human and celestial to concertedly and collectively work out a destiny that is moving forward toward a more perfected outcome. Even at the seemingly darkest parts of your rebellious past, the view from paradise was and is, in this moment, one of astounding achievement. You (humanity), having to redefine the human understanding of values, moving from the depravity of darkness and suffering to the glories of an enlightened civilization — Light and Life, shall eventually succumb to the spirit gravity of the Father’s Great Plan.

This may sound to some as a predefined destiny, but it is not — it is an inevitability as the collective will of all souls and celestial operators exercise their free will and choose Truth, Beauty, and Goodness over darkness and evil. It is by collective free will that the Great Plan moves forward toward perfection. It is the path of destiny — the uniqueness and contrast of the adventure that meanders like a winding river, giving each soul a breathtaking view around each bend, that has value to the Universal Father and to the Supreme. It takes the will of each individual soul to participate in the plan and make a choice to proceed or not. Those that do will find the rewards of satisfaction for working in unity with the organism of the Oversoul of Creation.

The time it takes to move from one epic to another is completely dependent on all the pieces working together to solve the problems of the evolutionary cycle without usurping the free will of those souls that are yet imperfect. There are two constants that you can depend on — one being change, the other is the spirit gravity of the Universal Father working through the Father Fragment (the Thought Adjuster) indwelling the human mind to guide you on a path that is the most beneficial to your ascension.

There are many twists and turns in this epic on your world that require more guidance than do other worlds following a more normal curve of development and so you may expect some surprises along the way. Guidance should not be looked at as breaking the shell for the chick to hatch sooner, but as moving the sleeping hen off the nest to let the chick break free. When darkness and rebellion holds a world back from its natural path of evolution, it creates a great tension (like a rubber band being stretched to its capacity), and it can only be detained until it reaches the limits of its ability to convince the souls there that there is no other way but to suffer.

Your world has now reached the point where it has decided that it can no longer be detained by the will of the few to convince the many that there is no other choice. There is always a choice. The truth about rebellion is that a lie, no matter how cleverly crafted, will eventually be found out.

I AM that I AM.”

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

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