Working Together

Illawarra District, Australia, December 07, 2018.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “Working Together.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “Today I wish to discuss with you something your Master, Jesus, was so adamant about during his life on earth and towards all of His apostles. That special something the Master was unwavering about in his heart and in his mind — often also in His speech and in His directions to whoever wanted to hear — was that we should be companiable and work together.

“Often enough He sent a message ahead to a friend or likely host with two of His apostles, rather than with just the one. You could well conclude that if one muddled up the message, the other might correct him or her. I see that you do . . . but in those days of Roman repression it was often safer to travel in twos. As well, and this is profitable to bear in mind — in the afterlife, that you are all presently being made ready for on this evolutionary planet — very few work alone.

“Here on this earth in artistry and industry, commerce, sports and invention, the producers are hailed as especial achievers, the self-starters, because what they did, they did alone, individually without the help of another. Whereas in the afterlife, all millions and millions of centuries of it, you will be at a task of recommendation or of your own choosing with ever-more colleagues of ever-more new species of Children of God.

“Not one person will save your world, my well-meaning student, but many ‘apostles’ grouped around a divine idea, a divine mind, a divine personality, taking away and spreading the lofty ideas from on High will achieve that success in the end, as long as you all work together.

“I Am the Damascus Scribe, glad to be working with you all and being your Teacher for a time.”

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We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972 11:11 Store

Playing by Different Rules

Oregon, US of A, November 26, 2018.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Playing by Different Rules.”

Message received by Anyas.

“You hold grudges and nurse vengefulness in direct proportion to your ignorance of the inner nature and true longing of your children and your fellow beings.” [UB 1898:05]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us view the above statement in light of the contrasting demeanor of Jesus while He walked among you. Never did He nurse grudges nor entertain vengefulness. How did He manage to do so when ruthlessly subjected to the harsh criticism of His fellow men, their sarcasm, and false testimonies? Wouldn’t this — in your eyes — justify His entertaining grudges and scheming revengeful agendas? Wasn’t Jesus cut from the same carnal cloth?

“He certainly was, but differed in the attitude of His tender heart. He was highly protective of its emotional integrity, viewing it as the ‘goodwill’ ambassador of His Father’s Heart. He never broke His vows of loyalty to the divine will. Rather than wishing harm to befall those who attacked His flawless character, He wondered what had rendered them so bitter, critical, and self-righteous.

“He was a student of men, striving to understand human nature with all the kinks and complexity stemming from the traumatic Lucifer rebellion so genetically passed down. As a spiritual Savior, how could He remedy them?

“Jesus broadcasted many ‘breaking good news’: the unconditional Divine Love and Forgiveness toward humankind, infused with the compassionate understanding of their difficult condition. He set the record straight as to their Family of Origin, and much more. Those disclosures were game-changers, which is the very reason why Jesus did not ‘play by the same rules’ as did His fellow men.

“Rather than blaming them for their shortsightedness, He exculpated them in His heart, understanding that ignorance was the main culprit. He was ever willing and ready to associate with them, initially lowering Himself to their conversational level, listening to what they had to say, before imparting them with small gems of heightened understanding — thus lifting them, and blessing them with valuable guidance.

“Dear ones, do not let grudges and vengefulness get the better of you — or rather trigger the worse in you. They are huge roadblocks standing in the way of world peace — starting with your inner world. Let go of them! Instead, strive to understand the exculpatory circumstances of your fellow men by being attentive listeners to their said or unsaid. Such is God’s way.”

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Your Spiritual Life is not an Optional Feature

Oregon, US of A, November 20, 2018.
Mother Spirit (Nebadonia).
Subject: “Your Spiritual Life is not an Optional Feature.”

Message received by Anyas.

Mother Spirit: “My dear earthly children, as a doting Mother, there is so much I want to convey to you to foster your spiritual development and make it enjoyable. Indeed, your spiritual life should not be dissociated from your physical experience. Many of you consider it as ‘optional,’ which is in some way accurate, due to your freedom of choice. However, ultimately, if you genuinely take your life seriously, it has to include the vision you entertain for your eternal life.

“Over-focusing on your material existence amounts to shortsightedness — if not soul blindness. Beloved children, the time has come for Me to invest more of Myself in your lives — yours willing. The time has come for the planetary energy field to be cleansed of the remnants of the Lucifer rebellion. The time has come for you to look at each other with sparkles in your eyes — telltales of the Love you have come to embody. It is what will correct your spiritual vision. It is what will make you grasp that you are hoping for a happy ‘forever-and-ever-after,’ as Love is a feeling that you want to be all-encompassing and never-ending.

“You have been conceived to be receivers/transmitters of the Father’s Love Substance. What honor it is to partake of its chain of custody! Be mindful not to breach that trust! Instead, be intent on strengthening your link. It is what I am counting on, as I pour down more abundantly of My very own Spirit. Breathe Love; feel Love; speak Love; act Love. Let it infuse the content of your life, and you will become powerful co-creators — no longer enabling hatred to trespass on this world but substituting it for the Love you have been created to embody to the fullest as the glorious children of Love and Light.”

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No matter what the question is, the answer is always Love. 11:11 Store

Two Extremes

Alabama, US of A, March 14, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Two Extremes.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “A life without faith in the existence of a Creator Father is in the end a life without impulse, motivation, or purpose. Among you there are many that are considered to be atheists and in spite of this they seem to be very successful in their lives, even with healthy relationships with their family and friends. These may even be persons who cooperate within their social group and provide benefits to others. However, they do not possess the momemtum that inspires their actions and their decisions towards higher goals. When they are shaken by the storms of this world, their moral rules crumble and the way they see their life stumbles, because they are like the masons who build upon false foundations.

“These individuals place their hopes and their strengths upon themselves and when they face those challenges in which they reach the limits of their human endurance they find themselves adrift and without destination. In other words, lost. Many of them think that their siblings who believe in invisible ‘things’ are deceiving themselves, holding onto fantasies that do not produce anything in return. In their spiritual blindness they can’t understand the real power of dynamic faith during a human life.

“At the other extreme you will find those who accept everything without question. They are the ones who are easier in being controlled by their religious leaders and unscrupulous politicians who seek to promote their own agendas, forgetting their initial purpose of showing a better way to their siblings. These are the ones who live ‘by the book’ and have crystalized the truth in their hearts, turning this truth into a heavy load that prevents them from looking beyond and understanding that truth grows, expands and is better understood through the experiences of life and the successive revelations from the spiritual world.

“However, halfway between these two extremes you will find many human beings in this world who search with sincerity to know more about their purpose in life and whether there is anything beyond the material world. When they search with honesty and hope for the truth about the Celestial Father, they unavoidably find Him, and in the place they least suspect — right within their own being, always present, always listening and always willing to offer everything a mortal may need to achieve his or her maximum potential.

“These honest truth seekers are the ones who observe how their lives change and how within their minds new values and meanings are revealed to make sense of life and fill their actions with purpose. They have placed their strength in the Divine Fragment that they possess and when they are hit by the tides of this world their ships remain afloat, because they are able to leave the rudder in the hands of the One Who Knows for real which way is the best, the perfect way. It is they who always come out victorious even in defeat, because when they see that their resources and their human strength have failed they discover that they are in the hands of someone Who is perfect in all His actions and that they will never lack anything they may need to live a life really vibrant and full.

“For these fortunate mortals who searched and found, who asked and received, who know about a reality without a beginning and with an eternal destiny, the idea of a universe without God would seem absurd and senseless. Their own life experience, observing how they progressively controlled their animal tendencies and fears to transform into new beings with qualities that they would not have been able to imagine on their own, constitutes the most eloquent proof of the existence and the love of the Father. It is they who demonstrate a true and dynamic faith, which is not simply accepting what they hear from others, but the hope of counting with an Inner Teacher — the Presence of God in a human being — to triumph over all the situations of life and move increasingly closer toward the perfection of being.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store

A Pint Can Never Hold a Quart

Oregon, US of A, November 15, 2018.
Teacher: Mother Spirit/Nebadonia.
Subject: “A Pint Can Never Hold a Quart.”

Message received by Anyas.

Mother Spirit/Nebadonia: “I am celebrating the open hearts of many of My earthly children. Indeed, I can only infuse each heart with My Infinite Love according to its capacity to receive. Like your textbook* says: “Inherent capacities cannot be exceeded; a pint can never hold a quart.” My Love will always fill your being to its present capacity.

“Yours is to work on expanding your ‘love-receptivity.’ How do you go about this? It has much to do with letting your guard down. Indeed, Love does not require safeguards, as it is safe in and of itself. My Love will never inflict any hurts, as it is always infused with the highest and purest intentions.

“As part of the human species, your love suffers frequent setbacks due to the state of emotional immaturity of the involved parties. Much of human Love is blended with elements of self-gratification. It will not remain so forever. As you keep expanding your spiritual capacity, you will learn to filter out all such impurities.

“My Love is 100% pure. It is the reason why, by opening yourself to it, you are purified! Take time daily to access My Omnipresence. Know that by focusing on it, you can absorb My Love Substance. Such a process upgrades your entire being, activating dormant elements of your DNA. Isn’t your physical well-being determined by what you ingest or expose it to? The same goes for its more aethereal counterparts. Turn your back on any form of toxicity to intentionally bask in the transformative ‘sunny divine exposure.’”

*The Urantia Book 48:7.5.

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No matter what the question is, the answer is always Love. 11:11 Store