How to Earn Your Emotional Black Belt

Oregon, US of A, September 10, 2019.
Teacher: Christ Michael/Jesus.
Subject: “How to Earn Your Emotional Black Belt.”

Message received by Anyas.

Christ Michael/Jesus: “Any challenging emotional situation presents you with multiple choices. What you need to learn is to consistently take the higher emotional road, thus growing in self-mastery and self-esteem, as well as earning the respect of your peers. How else could you ever gain control over your baser propensities?

“Whenever under emotional attack, many of you get trigger happy and pepper your antagonists with a home-brewed mix of pent-up emotions, thus escalating the hostilities. They plead self-defense, feeling justified in their unloving reactions.

“‘How else can I respond?’ you may ask. You need to realize that, in such situations, you always have multiple choices: (1) to retaliate in kind; or (2) to find a better and viable alternative — which was the perspective from which I addressed My emotional challenges while living among you.

“To shift into Light and Life at the personal level, find the heart-opening that lets the light in. Expand it, rather than slamming it shut. Beware of impulsive comebacks — unless they surge from your wide-open heart. Learn to detect the emotional minefield that threatens to engulf you. Stop in your tracks to survey the lay of the land and devise a well-thought-out response strategy. Consult with your Inner Guide to be shown how to remain in alignment with Love-in-Action.

“During My earthly incarnation, I shocked many with My unusual behavior when under the sneaky attacks of dark spiritual forces — human or celestial. Never did I retaliate in kind, as by doing so I would have condoned their faulty ways. Instead, I sent them a powerful message through the element of surprise I threw into the mix by remaining anchored in love, empathy, and compassion. These tactful emotions act as potent emotional antibodies, neutralizing the lower emotions on the spot. It is how I earned My emotional black belt.”

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Children of the Future

Alabama, US of A, May 20, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Children of the Future.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “It is natural for human beings to go through a period of uncertainty when deciding the course for the coming years of their lives. Normally, this occurs when a young person realizes that soon she must be responsible for her destiny in the world. However, many people in this world do not experience the deep conflicts that young men and women in your ‘modern’ societies do. For many, the plethora of options to choose from what is available to young people in those countries or cities that have achieved a certain level of economic development do not exist.

“For young people in tribal societies there are fewer alternatives for their future lives. If their parents are hunter-gatherers, they will do the same. In these cases, those who enter adult life do not experience anxiety about their future, nor suffer ‘paralysis by analysis’ when deciding which path to follow. Ironically, it is the great abundance of opportunity that confuses most of the young people.

“Many young men and women in your world would face less difficulty if from very early they were not exposed to false expectations. Your media exalts the image of successful men and women, who are invariably those who possess great material fortune and are known by the multitudes, regardless of what these persons do for the benefit of others. In the minds of young people, fame and fortune without real value becomes the image of success and it is very difficult to satisfy the human ego when it yearns for these things.

“It would be far better to promote the image of those men and women that strive to be useful to their peers, even if this does not bring them any special recognition. Celebrate the exemplary lives of many human beings who are not exalted on the pages of history, but are helping the world move forward. Celebrate the parents that dedicate their lives to their children. Celebrate the teachers who strive to feed the minds and creativity of their students. Celebrate the workers who produce the things others use. Celebrate those who pick up the garbage and clean everything for the benefit of their peers. Celebrate those who govern and create fair laws to promote a satisfactory life for all. There are many examples of great human lives that would do a lot to motivate young people to become useful members of society, instead of yearning for their own glory and selfish benefit.

“Finally, young people should be encouraged to discover that they carry inside a Fragment of the Creator, where the source of all wisdom lies, and that in order to get in touch with this Divine Spark only the impulse to find the Father and the intention to become better every day are needed. Thus each one becomes responsible for his or her own growth and the achievement of his or her spiritual maturity – a cooperative work of each human being with God, aligning the human will with the divine will. This is how the human beings that will carry this world towards light and life will arise, thanks to the guidance of their fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters – the men and women of the present who have in their hands the lives of the children of the future.”

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Influence Human Consciousness in a Positive Way

Asheville, NC, US of A, October 20, 2019.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “Influence Human Consciousness in a Positive Way.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Uteah: When you live with the idea that every day the world is becoming more aligned with the virtues of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, regardless of any negativity you see in the media, you are contributing to the collective intention for a better world. These are seed ideas in consciousness that do affect the collective consciousness of your world. Ideas born from these virtues are much more powerful than the ideas born out of fear, and you can “engineer” a seed idea like this, nurture it to grow and work to become self perpetuating; to gather gravity; and to influence human consciousness in a positive way.

Everything in your reality is a product of consciousness, and consciousness is the co-creative medium through which all form is manifested. There are no limits to how you may use consciousness and the Universal Father gives His children the free-will to think any thoughts they choose. Herein lies the power of what you may do with conscious creativity — you may use it to manifest a reality that attracts more light, more truth, more beauty, more goodness, or you may use it to create a reality of more fear.

Imagine that the collective consciousness of humanity is like a gray fog that surrounds your planet — all beings contributing to it in various qualities of light and dark. You may think of a seed idea like a ball of light that is brighter than the fog. You launch it out into the sea of consciousness and it attracts other consciousnesses that are aligned in like vibration with that seed-thought. Other minds contribute to this seed idea and it grows in strength and gravity. As it strengthens, it attracts more minds which then exponentially attract more and more minds aligned with the original seed idea. Like a fractal, the diversity of mind then creates various ways to manifest that idea in reality. The ball of light (seed idea) that is gathering strength begins to change the hue of collective consciousness to a lighter shade of gray — the reality of this region of consciousness begins to manifest and change.

This idea of thought-form engineering is not new on your world — many have used it to wage war and create all forms of suffering throughout your history. It has kept the hue of collective consciousness dark and its main attractive energy is fear. Because fear is not as potent as the virtues of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, it needs to be seen by a large number of minds to gather potential, and this is being done very effectively on your world by your news media, entertainment industries, and political strategists.

There are more minds on your world that want peace, love, and understanding than there are minds that want war and suffering, but the majority of good people fail to generate the seeds to gather the needed gravity to sweep across the planet. Why is this? It is because you have all been conditioned to accept that fear and suffering is a part of your reality and you perpetuate it by allowing your mind to contribute to the gravity of the thought-forms of fear. The lighter the hue of the fog becomes, the less gravity the dark thoughts of fear and suffering can gather. You can starve these dark thought-forms by creating the antithesis (light) and attracting more minds to it.

Human consciousness is hovering at the brink of change — a lighter shade which will at some point overcome and saturate the dark hues of fear and suffering. You can have a direct effect on human collective consciousness by engineering the seed ideas of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness — Peace, Love, and Understanding (Light and Life). Once the wave of the collective light gathers and begins to break on the shores of your world, you will see human consciousness blossom and transform from hues of gray to a spectrum of brilliant colors!

How much more interesting and beautiful are colors over the gray hue? Dare to imagine!

I AM here to support your ideas,

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store

A True Hero

Oregon, US of A, August 26, 2019.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “A True Hero.”

Message received by Anyas.

“This young man had looked upon Barabbas as a hero. Now he saw that he had been mistaken. Here on the cross beside him, he saw a really great man, a true hero… who fired his zeal and inspired his highest ideas of moral self-respect and quickened all his ideals of courage, manhood, and bravery. [UB 187:04]

Teacher Uteah: “At His final hours, Jesus was still harvesting souls. The young thief crucified next to Him, and one of the Roman soldiers witnessing His dignified agony underwent mighty last-minute conversion experiences. What does it tell you?

“First of all, the young thief was suffering through similar death throes. In times of extreme suffering, everyone looks for saving grace. The young man fully realized his error of judgment concerning his blind allegiance to Barabbas. Jesus comforted him with a few words and significantly lifted his spirit by His impressive self-control.

“Secondly, greatness does not require words. It has more to do with attitude. It is amid the greatest challenges that human beings demonstrate what they are made of. Jesus’ uncomplaining demeanor disarmed many of his detractors.

“Lastly, I would like to point out the universal outreach of Jesus. In your times of struggles and inner turmoil, He will answer your prayers and stand by your side, infusing you with the same “overwhelming sense of love, loyalty, and genuine greatness” that flooded the young thief once He humbly established a heart connection with Him. No saying which instantaneous transformation you will undergo once you fully surrender your life to His leading.”

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The Most Sublime Act

Alabama, US of A, May 17, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Most Sublime Act.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The supreme importance of a human life is found in the contributions a human being makes to the entire creation and in the way in which a reality is improved by the existence of that particular individual. For human beings it is difficult to determine with certainty the value of a human life, but for the Father, Who can see the end from the beginning, the great value of human life is an eternal reality.

“Only when a creature manages to express the divine will through his or her being the fulfillment of the hidden potentials can take place and the Father can find an original way of expression through that personality. The Father has created each human being with a purpose and for a reason. Each one is a revelation of a unique and original aspect of deity. Through your existence, your Father manifests Himself in a more complete way to His creation and through your experiences the Father overcomes the limitations of His infinite state.

“Everything you do today can have eternal repercussions if you do it with the highest intention. It is possible that you have within your reach today an opportunity to create something original that will last forever. Each time you choose to listen within and attempt to follow the voice of the Father to be better, you are producing a true spiritual experience that in turn will produce a value that will never perish, a jewel that will be preserved for all universes.

“The most sublime act of a human life is to help others find their way. You are the luminous beings of the eternal future. Each one of you will be thoroughly educated about the workings of creation. You will explore reality from the lowest animal level to the attainment of the First Source and Center of all things. You will be perfect, as your Father is perfect. The achievements and the contributions of creatures with such magnificent experience and devotion will be for the glory of the Father. Today each one of you can contribute to the creation of one of these wonderful beings, by your effort to elevate yourself from your material limitations and by your service to help others find the way that will bring them to this elevated destiny.

“This is the reason why many orders of beings in the universes and Havona are fully dedicated to the task of promoting the ascension of mortal creatures, since such is the greatest work in the current state of creation. Each mortal creature that finds God is an un-measurably rich achievement for creation. Do not forget your great value and start to appreciate each other better, with a love similar to the one offered to you by your Father. A perfected being can really perform miracles but many of these beings working together in harmony have an enormous co-creative power. Love each other so much that you can walk together in love and harmony toward your exalted destiny.”

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