Two Important Papers

Asheville, NC, US of A, January 24, 2021
Editorial: From the Desk of Chris Maurus
Subject: “Two Important Papers”

Dear friends and light workers,

Chris Maurus: There are many changes taking place in our outer-world as well as in our inner-world. Personally, I have been going though my own struggle with these changes as I know you are, but I am more than hopeful about the future, and I continue to be inspired by divine guidance. In September of 2020, Trinity Teacher Uteah said farewell to me indicating that She and other celestials would be less than available during this time of “recess.” My understanding for this recess had to do with the “great changes” in the consciousness circuits that are now unfolding in our present reality.

During this time of uncertainty, I have been more aware of insights coming from my Thought Adjuster, and with that, the inspiration to gather my thoughts about two topics that may be important for you to consider? These two topics were first published to my website, “” because they exceeded the one-page requirement for publishing to the 1111 Progress Group mailing list. They are about five and six pages in length each, and go into detail about a vision and an understanding about how our world may be transformed from the confusion of today to the clarity of life entering an enlightened era. I hope that you will find it as inspiring to you as it was for me to pen these insights from my Thought Adjuster?

The first paper, “The Day of Equilibrium” is about a vision I have had for humanity for many years and I most recently felt compelled to expand and explain it after receiving the missing piece of revelation I needed to pull it together—the Enhanced Circuits.

The second paper, “Unity Consciousness – A Deeper Look” is a companion to the first paper and explains the condition and quality of consciousness that is needed to support the aftermath of Equilibrium to bring the reality of Light and Life to our world.

Going forward, I see the importance of having more than a virtual understanding of divine inheritance. When Trinity Teacher Uteah returns, She will be leading us to understand what I call, “Third Level Contact.” This is the bridge between virtual and actual contact with the Thought Adjuster—the beginning of an experiential relationship that many of you have contemplated and understood only through words. It shall become very visceral in your present reality first, then experiential as you take the next steps in faith to foster the idea that you are indeed having an experience of conscious contact with deity. This insight was given to me recently by the unified voice of Urantian Thought Adjusters in a message called: “The Beginning – 5:52” published through 1111 Progress Group.

I hope you enjoy these articles, what I call, “mind expanding virtual understandings” to prepare you for the exciting future that is before us all as we live in a more real world of Truth; a more inspiring world of Beauty, and a more civilized world of universal Goodness.

Peace to you,
Chris Maurus

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store

Face the Music!

Oregon, USA, November 22, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “Face the Music!”

Message received by Anyas

‘To face the music’ means ‘to face the situation’ or ‘to assume the consequences.’ It originated from the tradition of disgraced officers being ‘drummed out ' of their regiment.

Thought Adjuster: “When you chronically make lame excuses for faulty behaviors, you have not reached the turning point of having a radical conversion experience that will lift you out of the errors of your ways to propel you into pristine new territories of soul growth.

If you are reluctant to face the music, you turn a deaf ear to what rings true. You sense that you are not playing from the same sheet and, even though your inner dissonance bothers you, your untamed sense of pride prevents you from acknowledging the wrong notes that crept into your solo rendition.

To make excuses in place of amends keeps you spiritually complacent and morally deficient. Sadly, your society is very much under the spell of such adversarial lawyering. Assigning all the blame to others is a widespread delusional tactic to refute personal responsibility. It is counterproductive, as your unalienable free will prerogative makes you, de facto, responsible for your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

It is where the saving grace of sincere repentance comes in. Repentance is an ‘activity’ that puts an end to your moral stagnation or regression. You owe to your feeling of contrition and express regret for past wrongs, committing to make improvements. You take the admirable initiative to humbly suspend self-serving pursuits to turn to God and walk in his ways.

Your life will never be the same after turning this corner. Why would you wish to go back to your old destructive ways while the future holds so many blessings in store for you with their altruistic splatter effect?”

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No matter what the question is, the answer is always Love. 11:11 Store

I Am Always Aware of You

Chicago, US of A, December 16, 2015.
Teacher: Urantia, our Planetary Supreme (Gaia).
Subject: “I Am Always Aware of You.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Urantia: “We spent a season without talking to each other. My presence wasn’t in your consciousness, but you and your life are always before me. I receive all life emanations of this planet and I process them into my own being; I was always aware of your life and of your conduct for all these months that we did not speak.

“I see you as part of a whole, not in isolation, but linked to all life on this planet. To me the whole planet looks like a network of luminous spots, some brighter than others. And when I focus on a certain place, even a minute one like a household, I can see those primary links that unite people. I see your primary links and how they stretch as you move, some brighter than others, some stronger than others, but I see how your individuality is linked to all others, because you are part of the whole.

“Everything you do has consequences not only for you, but also for others. Everything you do affects in a positive or negative way all those immediately and remotely linked to you. These influences are sometimes indirect, almost imperceptible, but they are real. You and everyone else are one immense net of life on this planet.

“I envelop Urantia with my receptive capacity for all that is truthful, good and beautiful. All spiritual energy that comes from the practice of these values I have drawn to me by synthesization and this feeds my growth in this sphere as its Supreme Planetary Deity. I am evolving as you are evolving. I am utterly identified with the spiritual energy of this planet that comes from life.

“I am the assurance that your spiritual growth is at your disposition always when you need it. I can minister it back to you, only limited by your capacity to receive, but enhanced by the multitudinous contributions of others, so producing your individual advancement. I am the repository of all possibility of spiritual growth on this planet. Even the morontia and spiritual beings that come to this sphere to minister immediately receive from my spirit energy to themselves.

“I am also the karma dynamic to all life on the planet, all goodness, truth and beauty. I absorb and send back multiplied, but all evil, falsehood and contempt, I simply reflect back to you. Each one receives that which he or she gives, even if the state of mind that first produced it has changed. If it changes, you deal with it according to your presently receptivity — positively or negatively. Keep your life enlightened and light will shine; let evil install itself in your heart and evil will darken you.

“I am always aware of you on this planet. I depend on it for my own evolutionary spiritual growth. You are as important as any other and I am vital to the growth of all, yet you cannot take from me what you didn’t give me in the first place. Give me more and I will give you more.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
My Gift to you is for you to be of service to Me — Christ Michael. 11:11 Store

You Shall Minister in My Name

Urantia, January, 11, 2021.
Teacher: The Beloved.
Subject: You Shall Minister in My Name.

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved: Your thankfulness shall increase a thousand-fold, no less, once you begin to more clearly realize what lies ahead of you. Right now, you live in a ‘house of clay’, but once you are lifted off this planet, you will be astounded by the increased possibilities and by the untold beauty.

It is in your humanness that you make the greatest progress, and this daily coming to Me in the Silence is quite an effort on your part. Yet, this effort shall not go unrewarded.

Even now, you are beginning to reap the benefits of a growing ‘soul-peace’. A solid bastion is developing through your faith and trust in Me – the Eternal Co-Creator of our ‘soul self’.

This is My promise to you, that the more effort you make to come to Me of your free-will choice, while lending Me your mind to hear My words – and yes, there needs to be room for Me in your mind, so you can hear My still voice – the sooner you will hear My voice during the busyness of daily living. In this way you can speak My words of hope and comfort, and of healing to others.

You shall minister in My Name on your journey through life, for this is the secret desire of your soul, known only to Me.

Together we shall help Jesus heal this planet. The more mortals that wake up to the possibility of this fact of their surrendering to their Source within, the sooner the times of Light and Life shall come about.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire — ABC-22. 11:11 Store

Lies Make Fools Out of You

Oregon, August 25, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “Lies Make Fools Out of You”

Message received by Anyas

Thought Adjuster: “One of the major impediments in bringing your world—and your being—into its promised era of light and life—has been the censorship of truth that robbed it of its positive and empowering applications into your reality.

The massive legacy of lies and deception stemming from the Lucifer rebellion has exerted a catastrophic ripple-effect in many hot spots of your universe. In his delusion of grandeur, Lucifer had to spin a complex web of self-serving lies. The root-lie in his godless manifesto was the premeditated ‘assassination’ of the divine character—Lucifer boldly denied the existence of the First Source and Center—the benevolent Creator and Commander-in-Chief.

Defamation of character? Outright lies? Do you see a pattern? Those are still the weapons of predilection of misguided souls, who have no qualms about elevating themselves above others. Such usurpation of power is an abomination to the Divine; it is a brazen infringement on the inalienable human free will prerogative.

As long as lies are not ‘belied’ by the facts—the preponderance of the evidence—humankind will suffer a significant handicap. Lies cannot yield peace, as they are debatable and self-contradicting.

Did Lucifer succeed in brainwashing you with derogative lies that you repeat to yourself in hostile self-talks such as “I don’t amount to much; I am such a loser; I am unlovable; . . .” Such disempowering affirmations echo the demeaning lies circulated by Lucifer in his takeover while convincing himself of the opposite: “I deserve the adulation of my peers; I am best qualified to rule this universe; I am great; . . .”—the delusional statements of a wannabe dictator.

Your most ardent prayer should be in support of the truth—and the whole truth. The shadows projected by lies need to be lifted by the universal light of truth. Light is shadowless.

Your priority should be to remove the lies, misconceptions, and selfish demeanors that dim your inner light. “Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. [Matthew 5:15]

The truth will extirpate you from the dangerous quicksand of unreality and put an end to your identity crisis. You can extend the outreach of your truth inquiry, as you have access to the leadings of the Spirit of Truth and your Thought Adjuster—impeccable truth advocates.

Lies will not succeed in wiping truth off the face of the Earth. Truth is factual—the foundation of all-that-is. Lies are delusional and devoid of actual substance. They may prompt ill-advised actions, but their backslash reveals them for the con artists they are.

Ask to be guided in truth, beauty, and goodness. Become a truth- advocate, refusing to take rumors at face value. They are at the origin of the planetary dysfunction and will keep it going until they are debunked. They relish making fools out of you, as it serves their iniquitous agenda.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
No matter what the question is, the answer is always Love. 11:11 Store