Basic human flaws

São Carlos-SP, Brazil, October 20, 2018.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Subject: “Basic human flaws.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Human beings are not — as some religionists proclaim — born in sin and therefore inherently sinners. On the other hand, human beings are not perfect — you are imperfect — therefore, you are susceptible to project evil and commit sin but, exclusively by choice, not by inheritance. There is no original sin. Since human beings are indeed imperfect, they live lives that are also imperfect which show flaws in variable degrees according to specific choices and unique experiences of each individual. Those flaws may constitute weakness, sin, wickedness and evil. They are, in fact, very common in lives that are not yet under the control of the Spirit Within, and fail to show the fruits of the spirit. Let’s today examine these basic flaws and how to overcome them in life’s experiences.

1. Selfishness — the flaw of the self-centeredness
“Selfishness is more than an isolated selfish act, it is, in reality, the expression of the adoption of a lifestyle in which someone has decided (consciously or not) to put himself or herself in the center, first and foremost in all situations, with little or no concern for either God or others. Selfishness is a personality flaw because it fails to recognize the spiritual appeal for supreme love to God and the moral duty of the love expansion, to love others as you love yourself. Loving yourself is not wrong; it is even necessary, but to be obsessed with yourself is detrimental to you and others. To overcome selfishness, one must learn to genuinely love God and others, starting by practicing self-forgetfulness, as God did. He bestows all from Himself to benefit others, retaining only what makes possible the continuation of this love distribution. As your Master Jesus, said, ‘the first will serve all.’

2. Prejudice — the flaw of the biased-presumption
“Prejudice is the habit of making judgments on situations and people without first looking for the real facts about them. The flaw, in this case, reveals two aspects: intellectual and moral. Its intellectual fault consists in the lack of factual, coherent, and relevant evidence for rendering a merit judgment on situations and persons. Prejudice is a judgment based on appearances or bias. Its moral weakness resides in the lack of human consideration, comprehension of mitigating factors or even the admission of one’s own bias on the issue of rendering judgments. Prejudice is a self-inflicted malady because of the ‘Law of Returning’ (karma), as Jesus of Nazareth said, ‘with the measure with which you judge, you will be judged.’ Only he or she can overcome prejudice who recognizes their own weakness or bias, admitting the possibility of being wrong or insensitive.

3. Malice — the flaw of evil-engendering
“Malice is to project evil against God’s plans or His creatures, is not only the intent (the desire of doing evil) but as well as the very substance of evil when practiced. Malice hurts. However, it doesn't only hurt the person or persons against whom it aims, but also the one who perpetrates it. The victim may be hurt by malice in emotional and/or physical ways, but the perpetrator is affected on a deeper and more important level: spiritual, since by projecting malice and doing evil one degrades oneself. To overcome malice, one needs to be morally re-sensitized, to develop an ethical conscience to open ways to listen to the guidance of the Spirit Within on goodness, truth, and beauty. In other words, as your Master said, ‘Repent of your sins and turn to God.’

“Therefore, my pupil, imperfection is a human condition that, in conjunction with personality and selfhood, facilitates the appearance of human flaws. Those can be numerous and various, however, three of them are basic in human behavior: selfishness - the flaw of the self-centeredness; prejudice- the flaw of the biased-presumption; and malice - the flaw of evil-engendering. These are the ones that degrade human beings in such ways as to bar their personal growth towards the human fraternity on Urantia. The Spirit Within has an important role in guiding the individual to overcome each one of these flaws, but wholehearted and personal decisions are crucial. There are things that God doesn’t do for you, but if you want, He really does with you. I am Prolotheos, your teacher-tutor on High. Peace to all!”

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My Promise to You

Urantia, October 17, 2018.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “My Promise to You.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Once again we meet in the secret chamber of your heart, where I am ready to impart to you more instructions on becoming perfect, as this desire has more readily awakened in your heart.

“To become a more effective worker in the Kingdom of God requires ongoing training. It involves continuous testing, and learning the lessons you give yourself, as a result of your exercising your self-will in the choices and decisions you make.

“Each day, dedicate and re-dedicate yourself to seek first the will of the Father in Heaven, for the Father’s will is the desire to do what is good to others. This shall surely lead you on the path to perfection. It is in exercising your faith-muscles by building op your trust in Me, and by banishing all doubt about the eternal future — as you learn to walk hand in hand with your God within.

“Learn to listen, and cultivate the practice of Stillness meditation. This cannot be said often enough. This practice ideally needs to become second nature — one so natural that you would miss a part of yourself if you had not practiced this at least once daily.

“For in the Stillness of your heart is the secret chamber where all is well, where there is calm and peace, and where emanates the love from God; that you cannot even begin to imagine at this point in time.

“This Love is of God, and this is what I am to you, as I am that Part from God that is eternally gifted to you. Therefore, the more often you seek Me, the more I can give you of My love. In time to come you will be so saturated with My love, that it will automatically pour forth from you to all you meet in life’s travels.

“You will then have no other thought but Mine, and you will only act according to My desires as you meanwhile learn to do the will of God. This, My beloved, is the sure road to perfection. And this road we are traveling together, you and I, as one.

“Continue to build on your faith and trust in Me as this will come to pass in the eternal future. This is My promise to you.”

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I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One. 11:11 Store

Eternally Yours

Oregon, US of A, October 7, 2018.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Eternally Yours.”

Thought Adjuster: “Let us use another visualization technique to establish our connection. After setting your intentions to hear from Me, why don’t you place on your ears some imaginary high-tech headphones that block all ambient sounds entirely and give you full access into the Silence? Do you now hear My Still Small Voice more clearly?

“I am always with you. Of this, you can be assured. I very much look forward to our daily quality time — the moment in your day when you put Me first. It means a lot to Me. By doing so, we develop a familiarity with each other. I may be in the know of your thinking and feeling and of all the elements of your life, but I wish to be far more than a silent observer and idle bystander.

“I AM your Soul-Mate. I AM your Confident. I Am your Adviser. I am ‘Eternally Yours.’ Your desire to commune with Me means the world to Me and, when you take the necessary steps to make it happen at a deep level, I know that this is not mere lip service on your part.

“Dear child, the day will come when we shall fuse as one being of light. I will snuggly fit into your beautiful personality, and we shall ascend together toward higher realms of divine perfection. I will take you all the way to the shores of Paradise and beyond.”

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Waiting to Throw the Switch

Asheville, NC, US of A, November 4, 2018.
Teacher: Posturon — System Center.
Subject: “Waiting to Throw the Switch.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Posturon: “Greeting to you my new friend! I AM Posturon, and I AM a System Center of the order of the Supreme Power Centers. It is my responsibility to dispatch certain energy lanes of power to your planet, Urantia. Specifically, these energy lanes serve mind capacity and the interface between the Thought Adjusters, and creature mind, with the influence of the Supreme Being in the system of Satania. When a planet is subjected to rebellion, all superfluous and non-vital circuits are cut off from that planet and are isolated from the rest of the local universe — and this includes certain aspects of the Supreme Being’s influence and His emergent activities with those systems in rebellion. Because your world and the other former apostate worlds are now in recovery, mind circuitry and its originally intended function with the Third Source and Center, through the Local Universe Mother Spirit, are to be expanded to enhance creature mind capacity for greater spirit receptivity.

“Although the Adjuster circuit continued to operate on your world in and through the rebellion, it was lacking certain functionality that would allow for creature mind to communicate at the super-conscious level with Nebadonia’s Holy Spirit to the degree in which other worlds evolving normally would have access. This soon-to-be unrestricted connection with Nebadonia, now being restored to intended functionality, brings the emergent activities of the Supreme Being into contact with Urantia and the greater system of Satania.

“Nearly all circuitry is in place for this enhancement, and the physical controllers are on ‘stand-by’ waiting for me to ‘throw the switch’ to energize these circuits. Your world is enjoying contact with many orders of universe intelligence that prior was prohibited by the quarantine. My contact with you today is one such example of the expanded plans to aid in your now ‘rapid recovery.’ Since the emergent activities of the Supreme are now to be restored to Urantia, there is a ‘flood gate’ of aid flowing in to assure that the greater good of all souls are served, and herewith, the cumulative experiential values emergent within the Supreme are vouched safe.

“Once these circuits are energized, all soul-mind shall enjoy an expanded sense of unity with deity expression never before experienced. I cannot tell you in human language how this shall be perceived on your world. Certainly, those with the greatest attunement with their Thought Adjusters shall sense this change almost immediately, while those with lessor attunement shall only intrinsically sense this unity of spirit leading that may manifest in more ‘spiritual intelligence.’ Assuredly, free will allows for the complete dismissal of these leadings, yet as it affects more souls, the change in your temporal environment shall become self evident of the spirit influence — great change is coming to 606.

“I trust that these tidings shall be received with hopeful enthusiasm and expectation of a continued improvement in the personal and social development of your world.

“Nebadonia sends her love to you all, I AM Posturon.”

Receicer’s Note: For weeks now, spirit has been throwing me bread crumbs of information that seemed to suggest that an ‘event’ was soon to unfold on our world having to do with an enhancement to the Adjuster circuit or to some aspect of Holy Spirit. The term ‘Second Pentecost’ was referenced in several of my personal communications with spirit.

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store

What Can You Do?

Alabama, US of A, March 6, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “What Can You Do?”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “A spiritual awakening without precedent in the history of this world is occurring. Human beings on different parts of this planet are being inspired by Spirit and they are experimenting with new forms to serve their peers and new original methods of cooperation and advancement. There is an air of adventure, where the goal is to simply find out how far we can reach or how much progress can be achieved. This is a sign of the arrival of a new era on Urantia.

“The old motivations of power, selfishness and complacency are being left behind, replaced by a new sense of responsibility about our surroundings. For many, taking a glance from the edge of the abyss of unmitigated greed and artificial human separation have made them realize that enough is enough and something has to be done. These mortals have decided that the future is in their hands and that either a desolate outcome or an outcome filled with hope depends exclusively on the decisions and actions of the present.

“The typical confusion of the periods of great changes will continue for many years. Many of those starting to explore their original ideas will be seen as outcasts or strangers, but in time many more will start to perceive the goodness behind every action thanks to an increased spiritual perspicacity and a higher capacity to choose goodness, beauty and truth.

“How can each individual participate in this tide of changes that will promote an age of light and life on this world? Spiritual perspicacity is the key to bring about the wisdom to choose the best way in every situation. Each one of you should explore the relationship with the Divine Spark of the Father within your being. Each one of you should learn about and experience the unconditional love of the Father. Each one of you should plant the seeds that will spontaneously produce the fruits of the spirit in your hearts. Finally, each one of you should promote for yourself the transformation to a higher and more beautiful version of a human being; the one your Father intended to manifest in you.

“Once a soul awakens to the truth and starts to understand his or her purpose in life, he or she will find a way to fit in a harmonious way as another piece in the puzzle of creation. There are many things for which an individual is prepared in an unique and original way. In the end, the achievement of the enlightenment of a material world is a collective one, where each one of its inhabitants contribute in an individual way. The glory for the salvation of this world belongs to you, to each and every one of you, who choose to live a life consecrated to the divine will and to the achievement of perfection.

“On an evolutionary world that is starting to rise from darkness, there are many problems to be solved and many tasks to be fulfilled. Leaders, teachers, workers, artists, inspiration givers and guides are needed. All of you have the potential to offer an excellent service in any of these areas or many others within the infinite variety of creation. Remember that to the eyes of the Father, the leader is not above the followers and in the universal economy the teachers and the students frequently exchange roles. It is not important what you do. The important thing and that what promotes the use of the resources and the energies of the personality is the desire of a creature to follow the will of the Creator — to participate in the divine plan for spiritual evolution and progress.”

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