The Origin of Everything

Alabama, US of A, October 3, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Origin of Everything.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “In the end analysis, all reality is just an expression of energy. On this planet your scientists are striving to discover this fundamental energy — the basic component from which everything else is derived. However they will be destined to fail as long as they insist on facing this problem from an exclusively material point of view.

“The origin of everything in existence is the divine will of our Celestial Father. This Father is the Creator of life — the material and the spiritual. He is the origin of all things and all beings. The exploration of the true scientists, the honest philosophers and the truth seekers will always reach this absolute and inevitable origin and destination. Everything we see, experience, know and don’t know is an expression of the Father.

“Just as you can throw a pebble in a pond, the creatures can try to interrupt or alter the divine will, but in the end the divine design will prevail and the pond will return to its intended state of perfection and calm. However, when the creatures join their will with the force that sustains the universes — divine love — they can achieve miracles and the entire creation becomes their playground, where they can create new and unique realities defined by their individual personalities in union with the divine personality of the Father.

“The destiny of human beings is to be creators, since they were created to the image of the Creator Father. Even now, during this low and basic stage of your existence, you can start to create and project realities with eternal value. Today, the love that you share with your peers will last forever and the relationships you establish with those you love — humans and celestials — will have no end. Similarly, your prayers and your ideas intended to be for the benefit of creation and the actualization of the will of the Father have a reach that extends beyond your time and your position in space. Even those universes that have not yet been created could benefit from those efforts you make today in your struggle for perfection.

“As you can see, during this life you have a responsibility to the entire creation to become the best you can aspire to be; to strive for perfection even during your life in the flesh. Each step that brings you closer to that which God desires for you is one more step towards the actualization of the will of the Father in the universes. Each one of you is a tool for the construction of a universe of light and life. This is why ‘the heavens rejoice’ each time every little human overcomes his or her animal tendencies and starts off on the long way to perfection. Each human being gained for the ‘kingdom’ is one more step towards a more complete and wonderful revelation of the celestial Father to His creation.”

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Rush Not my Child!

Chicago, US of A, March 17, 2017.
Teacher: The Spirit Within.
Subject: “Rush Not my Child!”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

The Spirit Within: “Desire is that function of the will responsible for the impulse that makes all will creatures take the initiatives to accomplish what they want. However, many times human desires are so much fixated that they lose sight of their dimensions and context, becoming plain obsessions of the ego. Obsessions often dominate the mind, becoming a misguided drive for mistaken actions, rushing things to achieve what you desperately but unwisely want. Rushing is sometimes necessary to not lose opportunities. But, all too often, rushing is indeed a foolish thing. I do have a lesson for you today. It is: ‘Rush not, my child!’

“Rush not, but be Wise. You have heard: ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge.’ Indeed, not knowing the real causes, the means and consequences of actions and events may cause adverse results in life. However, to possess knowledge does not automatically secure Wisdom. Wisdom is more than having or processing knowledge, it is to know how to use knowledge correctly. I am a Thought Adjuster; my role in your mind is to adjust your thoughts so I can present you with wise ways to make decisions and carry out actions. Many times my counsel is: ‘It is not the right time.’

“Rush not, but be Patient. Patience is not simply to wait, but rather it is to wait in peace. Impatience is to wait externally but to be rushing within. I can see when the thoughts are boiling in the mind. I can observe the ego’s obsession driving personality energies into consciousness almost uninterruptedly, and interfering with other present activities. Patience is to calmly wait for the right time. Many times you don’t even know in advance when it is the right time. But, do not worry about when times are right. I will let you know when is the precise moment to act.

“Rush not, but be Ready. Readiness takes time, indeed. It helps you to effectively utilize the time at hand to prepare yourself for the goal you have in life. Everything that is worth waiting for is also worth preparing for. Preparation will increase the odds of success in your achieving your objective. If you rush in unprepared, disaster is lurking in the shadows. Many times not being prepared is far worse than your not being able to execute your initiative. Most of my work in the mind is to prepare you — mainly on the sub-conscious level — for your next life.

“Hence, my child, do not rush in; be wise, patient and ready for your time. I am with you all the way. Look back and see how I took my time to guide you in every phase of your life, to bring you to this state, which you yourself recognize as the best of your life. I do not rush. I work with your potentials, and with your decisions, adjusting your thoughts so you can draw on the best of them. I am preparing you and the time will come when both of us will embark on the next step of our journey.”

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About Humanness

Illawarra District, Australia, May 9, 2017.
Teacher: The Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: “About Humanness.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “I wish to speak to you about humanness, especially in relation to the status of enlightenment and its pitfalls. If and when you (George) feel either confident or so inclined to put it to the Progress list, you may do so. However, there is no insistence on My part or that of others (Celestials) to see that it is published in any way and either in full or in part.

“The sudden ‘appearance’ or ‘event’ of Enlightenment, being the gift of one or more aspects of the Morontia Mind, can have widely varied effects on the 7-fold human mind. Why is this so? It is because you are so different, racially and in a hundred other ways, not to mention your enormously varied belief systems.

“In women the phenomenon can be a vase of flowers or a garden shrub, seemingly lighting up. And afterwards there is a ‘matter-of-cause-knowing’ about God and the universe as if this knowing was always already there, when it certainly was not. Rarely, I say rarely, is Enlightenment a cause for the female to go completely ‘round the twist’ as you describe it, but yes, it does so happen. Mostly the female takes Enlightenment well and simply carries on as before, while some become great contributors.

“In males Enlightenment can go either way: They can become great contributors with their new and advanced minds, or totally lose the storyline. Yes, Enlightenment can have great impact on the male mind and until such time as you come to fully understand this totally natural and progressive phenomenon better than you do now, there will arise still more ‘gurus’ and false leaders who will take you by the hand and lead you nowhere fast.

“Awareness of this now more common but exceptional experience is what is needed and the initiated need your standing by them to channel their new gifts into worthwhile projects, not pick up the pieces when it has become too late.”

George: “We are Urantians, we’re unique. I say we’re just awkward and then some.”

The Scribe: “Perhaps. In time a clearer understanding of Enlightenment will prepare you for the hidden dangers so associated with that sudden event and allow you to understand that the most divisive problems to be overcome deal with an awakened fanaticism. Even the well-adjusted can later in life become as zealous as to lead themselves and their followers into despair.

“Also, as you well know, contact with Celestial Teachers can occasionally be tenuous and human ‘group-thought’ can bring visions of exploding nuclear bombs or interplanetary invasions. So, stay happy, healthy and humble in your humanness . . . and always count on Me for the answers you need.

“I Am the Damascus Scribe.”

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The Degree of Attunement you have with Me

Asheville, NC, US of A, May 1, 2017.
Teacher: I AM.
Subject: “The Degree of Attunement you have with Me.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

I AM: “My Beloved, I delight when you come to me and ask Me to share in your joy — in your experiences with your friends and family and in those quiet moments alone. When you see a thing of beauty and you stop and appreciate the moment, give thanks, and ask ME to share in that moment, I come in close and give you that ‘warm nudge’ that I am here with you. You are developing a ‘divine’ relationship when you consciously choose to share your inner personal thought-life with Me — your Beloved Indwelling. Nothing do you hide from me because we have a trust-bond — you remain open to me and maintain a continuous ‘knowing’ that I AM ever guiding you. This is only the beginning of your faith journey with ME, yet this simple trust is the key to the eternal adventure.

“How I guide is a mystery, for I AM a Divine Fragment of the All-Powerful, All-Knowing, All-Wise, and Everywhere-Present Creator Father focused in your mind. You are my beloved child that I have chosen to Indwell and intend to fuse with when our ‘attunement’ is complete. This conscious relationship you are developing is key to this ‘attunement.’ You ask, ‘What is attunement?’ It may be thought of like a stringed instrument that needs a certain tension and pitch so that it may play in harmony with the symphony — the greater body of musicians all working together to play a movement of intricately designed musical melodies that form a complete work of beautiful vibrations. The Great Plan is this way and requires that all members of creation work toward the ‘perfect pitch’ to eventually align with the Father’s perfect Will.

“Until this attunement is complete, I may send other Teachers to you that shall assist in your attunement training — to fill in those areas where you may not have understood my leading. As you look back on your life you can now see all those stepping stones — the teaching moments through others that have led you to this attuning moment here and now with me. I may speak to you through a child — to remind you of a time of innocence and trust. I may speak to you through a lover, a friend, a teacher — a spirit guide or any other child of creation that can impart the meanings and values I want for you to know that may be ‘instrumental’ in your choosing to understand Father’s Will through My leading.

“Not only do I send Teachers to you for your benefit, but I send you to teach others that need to hear the words and ideas I want them to understand — to fill a gap that brings them into closer alignment with their own divine relationship — and this is how we all play together (an orchestra) to move creation toward completion and to a ‘perfect pitch’ where Father’s Will may be fulfilled.

I impose no rules; allegiance to creeds, or vows of purity. When you come to the self-realization that the Father’s Presence lives within you and you choose willingly to step onto the hallowed ground of the inner-personal trust-bond of love can I expand your mind and reveal more of the mystery of life. This is a sign of spiritual maturity that signals you are ready for the next attunement level. Each degree of attunement brings greater faith, courage, and trust in Me — and with that, do you exude the fruits of the Spirit in your daily life. Your compassion and love for your brothers and sisters swells to meet the degree of attunement you have with Me.

“I AM that you are,

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are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store

Swords or Salve?

Oregon, US of A, April 24, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Swords or Salve?”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “The image of a water faucet came to your mind and caught your attention, as it can serve as a good metaphor concerning the process of ‘verbalizing’ your thoughts through your vocal chords. This seems far-fetched at first but allow Me to explain.

“In your modern world, a water faucet has two taps — one for dispensing hot water and the other one for cold water. Yet, both conduits have one single outlet that allows for blending both temperature extremes into a temperature more comfortable to the touch.

“Your vocal chords help you to voice mere intellectual thoughts or express deeply-felt emotional states. Ideally, they act like a faucet that harmoniously blends both channels of expression. At times, your feelings have to be tempered by your rational thinking; at other times, your rational thinking has to be softened by integrating emotions of higher vibrations.

“Once done to perfection, Beauty and Goodness result from that careful blending. Beautiful songs please the ears of the listeners as well as elevate their moods. On the other hand, discordant and poisonous words inflict pain and suffering on others and harm their speaker as well.

“Dear ones, as you go through your day, use your mouth as a filtering system. Carefully select the quality of the materials you express through it. Each word released has a real impact on your reality. Indeed, words are powerful co-creators. The Father created through the Word and gifted you with similar powers of which most of you are totally unaware. Are you using your words as sharp swords that sadly pierce many hearts or are you applying them as a healing salve on broken hearts, thus uplifting others? Words can defile your mouth or sanctify it. As in everything else, all depends on your intention, since everything is subjected to the Law of Cause and Effect.”

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