The Time is Approaching

São Carlos-SP, Brazil, December 17, 2018.
Teacher: Magisterial Son, Monjoronson.
Subject: “The Time is Approaching.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Monjoronson: “My child, it is a pleasure for me to formally enter into contact with you for the very first time on this tropical afternoon. Do not worry about what you may call me. I do have several names, and even more to be given to me in the future. On each planet and according to the geographic regions where an Avonal Son appears on His mission, he may receive different names and titles. Call me what you like best, your respect and love I can feel through your spiritual vibration.

“You are already instructed about the function of a magisterial mission on the evolutionary worlds, so I don’t need to tell you about this. However, it needs to be understood that no two magisterial missions are identical, as you can imagine. And, given the particular spiritual conditions of this sphere, being so marred by rebellion, and being further exceptionally blessed with the distinct honor of your Sovereign Christ Michael coming to it in His last bestowal for the acquisition of total sovereignty of His Universe of Nebadon, make my presence and mission on Urantia even more distinct and special.

“That is the reason why I came to this planet, even still in my usual form, not yet as a male of the realm — to help you with Michael’s restoration program, the Correcting Time, and for me to get more closely acquainted with the spiritual condition of your world.

“Several years have passed in your regular calendar since my presence first became known on Urantia when the spiritual circuits started to function again. The most useful event to the Correction Time, besides the re-opening of the spiritual circuits and the arrival of Machiventa Melchizedek, was the crescent online divulgation of the Urantia Papers, which allowed this revelation and the new spirituality that it brings, to expand all over the world, as it is happening even more intensively now. During these years, I have contacted many groups and individuals all over the planet with diverse degrees of success.

“I also have, as part of my acquaintance with your ways, followed your current events, both social and political to weigh their spiritual importance and more precisely, to define my strategies. My staff is not yet complete as this was only an exploratory descent, but rest assured that my full magisterial manifestation is now in its final preparatory stage.

“My child, you have lately received from several sources the information of what was still to be restored about the final improvement of the circuits on Urantia, now finally completed. That is an important mark for my full manifestation, together with the recent cleansing done of the Urantia Borderland, mostly executed by your Progress Group. There still remain some social and political obstacles that are preventing the immediate launch of my full mission, but, do not worry, the Constellation Fathers are already taking care of these details, and be they small or major ones, the time will come when they too will unfailingly align with the celestial plans and my action will then be fully liberated.

“Continue with your work, my child, keep it up, and especially now when the time is approaching and the spiritual conditions are more open. I have been with you for years already, and when the time comes, you, my child, certainly will know about it. Peace from the Magisterial Mission soon to be in full motion on your world.”

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Humility is the Gateway to Divinity

Oregon, US of A, December 9, 2018.
Trinity Teacher, Uteah.
Subject: “Humility is the Gateway to Divinity”

Message received by Anyas.

Teacher Uteah: “In the Father’s Eyes, the only pleasing sacrifice is the immolation of your pride. It seems simple. Yet, you know what a colossal stumbling block pride can be, blocking the access to your Higher Self like the big rock rolled in front of Christ’s tomb.

“Pride is like an impenetrable fortress that deflects the rescue missions engineered by benevolent spiritual forces, preventing them from getting their valuable messages across your thick head and hardened heart. What would happen if you let go of your pride?

“Jesus was crucified and subjected to utter and abject humiliation. Surely, He could have prevented this from happening, should there have been any hint of pride in His being. The King of your Universe was the humblest among His creatures. Pride never stood in His way, and He became the poster boy for humility, which is the gateway to Divinity.

“Don’t you see? Pride is blinding by its self-centered glamor; pride is deafening by its offended clamors; pride is desensitizing by its ‘I-know-better’ demeanor. It is a fruit of the poisonous tree of the Lucifer Rebellion. It is indeed a soul poison that works its way into the fruit basket to totally waste its entire content should no preventative measure be swiftly taken. Anger is the offspring of pride when met with resistance. Indeed, pride is self-righteous and impatient, and so much more.

“Dear ones, in His infinite humility, your Heavenly Father works His wonders anonymously. Foster the seed of humility He planted in your being by remembering to eat daily servings of ‘humble pie’ — a whole new take on the expression.”

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Higher Realities

Alabama, US of A, March 18, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Higher Realities.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “There were moments in your life when you decided that the limitations you had imposed upon yourself were neither real nor of any need. Nothing changed at the moment when you faced a mathematical equation and you thought it made no sense, to the moment in which you completely understood it and it became easy. The only difference was that at first you thought you could not do it and, at some point during your learning process, you started to have the hope that you might be able to understand it. It was simply the decision you made when the evidence started to show that your initial appraisal of the situation — the belief that you could not understand equations — was wrong.

“Today I declare that there are no limitations for any human being who desires to be better. Why don’t you decide today that you already possess everything you need to be a human being illuminated by divine love and motivated by the grace of perfection? Why don’t you decide that there is nothing to prevent you from dedicating your life to the will of the Father? There are no fixed limitations in your mortal state preventing you from discovering the Father’s design for your life. You may not be able to grasp all the details of a career that extends into eternity but all the achievements that can be made during mortal life are open to your exploration and spiritual progress.

“This is what the Master referred to when he advised to ‘take the kingdom by spiritual assault’. Many start the spiritual exploration with reservations, not knowing what to expect. This is a wise attitude, but once they have tasted the elixir of true freedom and the highest expression of the will, wouldn’t it make more sense to try to get the most of these things? You are still holding on to many of the things of this world, things that you don’t need anymore in order to move forward. You already know what is truly important and where your steps should be directed. Why not focus on those tasks that will bring real value to your life, a value that will extend into eternity?

“Decide today that you are a mortal creature who has awakened to the realities of spirit. Decide today to dedicate your life to the exploration, the understanding and the consecration of your will to the will of the Father. Decide today that there is nothing else deserving of your attention and that many of the things that you currently believe are necessary for your happiness and for living a full life are simply illusions — ideas you have been led to believe by your society and your culture. Let go of the load that keeps you tied to the ground and let yourself be lifted to the higher realities of a life filled with real satisfaction in the journey of exploration towards perfection, God-likeness and participation in the development of a reality according to the divine plans.”

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Why Revenge is Wrong

São Carlos - SP, Brazil, November 30, 2018.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Subject: “Why Revenge is Wrong.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Some things are easy to classify as either right or wrong and others are not. When a recognized good, generous public figure, is accused, condemned and sentenced to death for a fictitious crime like sedition, as the Judaic authorities did to Jesus of Nazareth, it is not difficult to see the injustice of such a judgment. When, the case for example is to classify as wrong an act of revenge which even agrees with the old commandment — ‘an eye for an eye’ — it is not so easy. However, Jesus, left no doubt that, revenge, although acceptable in the olden days, is unacceptable in the Kingdom of God. He taught: ‘do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.’ Therefore, revenge is wrong; but why is it? Revenge has at least three mistaken assumptions:

Mistaken Assumption #1: Anyone is Entitled to Revenge.
“If everybody were entitled to hand out justice of their own accord, you would have returned to barbaric times, and your civilization wouldn't have progressed thus far by means of Law and Order. There is much diversity, perversion of divine values, and ignorance of origins in humanity to trust the sense of justice of each individual. A time will come (in a distant age yet) when individuals will be trusted to be the law unto themselves, but that time has not yet come. Humans are imperfect beings and so are their institutions. Still, even as imperfect as these institutions are, they are the best you have; the alternative is chaos. Besides, revenge presumes you own other people’s lives to dispose of them as suits you. Truthfully, you don't even own yourself. No, no one is entitled to revenge.

Mistaken Assumption #2: One Evil Cancels Another Evil.
“Revenge is no less evil than the offense originally committed. Malice, the evil’s motivation, is present at the root of both of them. Therefore, as in math, two negatives just add to each other and what really cancels a negative value is to add a positive one to it. Evil only produces more evil. Only when you add love to the mix can evil really be canceled. As violence generates more violence, revenge will only bring more revenge to an evil cycle. Revenge is dull, love is smart; revenge is a virus (uncontrollably destructive), love is a life seed that grows with order and purpose. No, evil does not cancel evil; love does.

Mistaken Assumption #3: Justice is About Punishment.
“Human beings by misusing the gift of Personality and Free Will, can put themselves beyond redemption. Human justice believes punishment will make things right. In fact, it doesn’t. Punishment, even if eternal (Hell, if it would exist) can never pay for the offense or redeem the offender; not even the punishment of an innocent instead of the guilty one can. In God’s perfect Justice, beings who by their own choosing put themselves beyond God’s Mercy, will unfailingly agree with their own annihilation, and will be as if they never existed. That makes things right for comparatively few beings who do not want to follow the will of God, and for all others who do. No, punishment doesn't make things right, but God’s Justice does.

“Therefore, my pupil, revenge is wrong because it is the product of malice and evil as much as is the original offense it tries to make right. Entitlement to revenge presupposes you have a right over others when you are injured — which no one has. Finally, revenge, by punishing in return does not make justice, because an offense can’t be undone, but certainly by love can be pardoned, and in God’s Justice the offender may be rehabilitated or if rehabilitation is rejected (by comparatively few), annihilation intervenes. I am Prolotheos, your teacher-tutor on High. Peace be with you and with all.”

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Empathy, Maturity, Spirituality

Illawarra District, Australia, December 12, 2018.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “Empathy, Maturity, Spirituality.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “Recently we spoke about your learning from your very human mistakes and that in your being human you are incomplete, but that you have potential. We also spoke of your being likely to learn from seeing others ‘pay’ for their mistakes. Indeed, let’s face it, you would not be in any great hurry to copy another who might well be paying a great price for something done wrong. That would be dumber than dumb and that action would not appeal.

“So far we have discussed what you have learned by experience; personal mindedness that investigated whatever happened to you or to others and you have concluded in what sense you are now wiser than you were before.

“There is another way in which one can grow up, mature, but it is hardly ever recognized as to what the cleverly hidden origin of this process could be. It happens in stages and frequently the process goes like this: a young person, male or female struggles to establish him- or herself in a trade or a profession without wasting too much time on the requirements of others. Obviously, there are more urgent needs for the individual to establish the self at whatever career.

“Once established in the niche they chose to occupy they will likely find that they have more time for others. And yes, they come to understand they discovered Empathy. They can now take time out to look after the needs, the requirements of another. Chances are they will now congratulate themselves on having become a more mature individual. In effect, much of such progress I am here presenting to you is due to the thoughtful and never-tiring work of the Thought Adjuster (TA).

“So who is to be congratulated for him or her having become more spiritual? Is it the human? Is it the TA? Yes, don’t underestimate the TA. It hardly matters though for in summary — long-term or short — they will fuse and be one and the same.

“I am the Damascus Scribe, your Teacher for now until your Midwayer friends are released from their pressing duties and return to you. Adieu.”

George: “Adieu good Friend.”

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