The Sins of the Fathers

Shellharbour, Australia, Approximately 10, 10, 2018.
Teachers: Ezekiel, the Scribe of Damascus and Christ Michael.
Subject: “The Sins of the Fathers.”

Message received by George Barnard.

George: “Both Michael and the Damascus Scribe were standing to the right and they were only interested in hearing what was said. To the fore stood Ezekiel in his distinctive mantel with such a colorful bright green and thin red band all around the front. He seemed no taller than five foot and six inches, but he was a big man, yes, that I knew.

“In the foreground was a picture of two strong nurses trying to deprive their patient of a plastic spoon he had almost managed to completely swallow. I screamed at Ezekiel, but no sound came from me. Then there was the sound of broken glass falling to the floor and a mention of much blood. Once again I screamed that silent scream at the prophet that I did not want to witness this patient killing himself.

Ezekiel: “They all are the sins of the fathers, my dear brother, shown you today for you to remember what you are now going to be shown. Except for a man in the processs of killing himself, you would forget all that is to happen to your world --- self murder, no less.

“A nuclear device is planned to be exploded above Damascus and this conflagration will instantly take the lives of more than a million and a half souls. Millions more will slowly die, some beyond the Euphrates and find their last painful rest stradeled atop a shiny pipeline running from the north-east to south-west and into the land of a new oil merchant on the mediterranean coast.

God forbid . . . You may not bomb Damascus.
God forbid . . . You may not bomb Damascus.
God forbid . . . You may not bomb Damascus,
for if you do, a collective insanity will come over you and your 300 million plus numbers will be vastly depleted.

“I Am Ezekiel making this claim in the year 2018 as I did in my earthly life long ago. I now re-make my claim from God and no other in the presence of Christ Michael and the Scribe of Damascus.”

Receiver’s notes: Long ago it was suggested to have some needed goods on hand during the tough times to come — food for weeks or even months and silver coins as a means of trade. Ezekiel was the only part of this vision to come through in brilliant color.

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Recognize Me In All You Meet

Urantia, October 21, 2018.
Teacher: The Beloved Within.
Subject: “Recognize Me In All You Meet.”

Message Received by Lytske.

The Beloved Within: “Remember to see God within all those you come into contact with, and each one you pray for. This is a practice I would have you accept as a matter of habit, so it becomes entirely natural for you to see all as a part of you, and therefore part of the living God.

“A new and greater understanding will dawn upon you as you practice this, for knowledge is ever enlarging when the heart is involved.

“Trust Me when I tell you these things, for you have hardly embarked upon the eternal journey and I endeavor to lay a solid foundation on which to expand and grow our soul-self for our eventual fusion; when we from that moment on will travel together as one being on the way to perfection.

“This is a requirement to be firmly rooted in your faith and trust in Me; so you can have faith and trust in your siblings, who in time will recognize these qualities as their own.

“You all grow and expand together as you work for the betterment and upliftment of the planet. This is also a requirement and a blessing for those who are actively engaged in this way, each in their own area of expertise, to work and labor for the greater glory of God.

“This has always been the purpose and goal for each evolving creature; to glorify God, as in doing so they glorify themselves on the ascension road to perfection. It is in the practice of unconditional love and forgiveness that the fruits of the spirit are made manifest.

“These are like little light beams on this dark planet, and all light is joyfully welcomed by Heaven as a sign of life. The time has arrived when the Universal Creator desires a greater expression of His Light and in turn releases more spiritual energy for this to occur.

It is a time of grand awakening to see the Creator in everyone, with seed-souls made in His image for the purpose of the grand ascension scheme towards perfection. This allows all free will mortals to choose eternal life and to journey to paradise upon completion of their perfection conquest.

“Therefore, see and recognize Me in all you meet.”

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About the Wisdom of the Ages

California, US of A, September 18, 2018.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About the Wisdom of the Ages.”

Message Received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “The nectar of wisdom is harvested over time — experientially. However, the First Source and Center is existentially ‘All-wise’. What does that tell you?

“It tells you that the entire creation has been ‘wisely’ conceived and set into motion. It tells you that safeguards have been ‘wisely’ set in place to mitigate the frequently unwise and spur-of-the-moment decisional impulses of the creatures.

“Mortals who acknowledge their glorious eternal destiny are striving to acquire God-likeness, that is to come to embody all of the divine attributes revolving around Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. It happens through the process of trial and error, as you are ‘agodonters’ — those who believe without seeing.

“This is the reason why the Wisdom of the Ages is the most precious treasure — frequently accumulated through the shedding of sweat, blood, and tears. However, such a legacy has to be freely shared so that each soul benefits from the shortcuts established by the ancestral achievements. Nobody should have to reinvent the wheel, but you can upgrade its utility by putting it to ever-better use, thus making your worthy contribution to such a cosmic trust fund.

“Dear ones, Wisdom, and Worship differentiate you from the animal kingdom. They are your passports to higher spiritual realms — your next destination. They are your launching pads toward earning your Degree in Divinity.”

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Questions to Consider

Alabama, US of A, March 5, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Questions to Consider.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Imagine the life of your fellow human beings in the distant past, or in the distant future. Imagine life in eternity. Imagine the incredible variety in the way all beings live their lives. Consider now the relevance of your work, the way in which you make your living. How important it is to accumulate a lot of wealth or only a little? What is the difference between a job filled with prestige in human eyes or a job that just allows you to survive? If you could observe your life, even for just one moment, from the point of view of eternity you would not have doubts about investing your time in those things that are truly important.

“However, even as a mortal creature you carry within yourself a fragment of eternity. This non-material part of your being in conjuntion with the mind provided by spirit gives you the ability to determine the value of many things in your life. Consider now, what things will you take with you when you leave this world? Certainly, no amount of wealth, social prestige or material goods will you be able to carry with you to the mansion worlds. However, the lessons you learned in this life, the loving relationships you established with your peers and the understandings regarding the divine plan, will be the currency that will support you in the enterprises of the hereafter.

“With this simple criterion intelligent human beings can better orient their decisions in this life. Is it better to work more hours to make more money or should I go home and spent time with those I love? Should I be overly concerned about what I will eat tomorrow, or will I face each new day with hope and courage? Should I complain about those things I don’t possess, or will I take advantage of what I already have to rise above my self-imposed limitations? Will I face change with resistance and a rebellious attitude, or will I cultivate an attitude of exploration and adventure? Will I subject myself to the rules of the world, or will I let my spirit lead my actions to new levels of progressive perfection? The appropriate response — the highest decision — for each one of these questions can be found by simply asking, which one of these things will I take when I leave this world?

“Your life doesn’t have to be hard. Difficulties are not a requisite to achieve spiritual growth. The way in which you resolve the normal challenges of your daily living is what can become a means to promote spiritual advancement by forcing you to learn how to make decisions from a long-term point of view, not just focusing on your immediate needs. Your true needs are very few — they can be counted on the fingers of one hand — but once these natural and basic needs for a mortal existence have been satisfied, use your time to also satisfy your eternal spiritual needs, because it is there where the real satisfaction of your soul and the deeper joy of existence can be experienced.”

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Eye of the Needle Opportunity

Asheville, NC, US of A, October 21, 2018.
Teacher: Qussi (Qu-see) Universal Censor.
Subject: “Eye of the Needle Opportunity.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Qussi: “Greetings to you, dear friends, for I have been with you for some time during this campaign of correction on Urantia. I AM a Universal Sensor and I AM here as an adjudicator in the affairs of the deceased working with those detained energies in what you call, ‘The Borderland.’ I AM a Trinity Origin being and I represent (in this case) the Ancients of Days and the Deity Absolute. Similarly as the Absonites are here to see that Ultimate realities are served, I AM here to expedite the adjudication of matters concerning the IAM and Absolute destinies. Urantia is a most unique sphere in the universe and could be considered the most unusual sphere in the super universe of Orvonton. Because of its uniqueness and checkered history, the ripples and injustices from the Lucifer Rebellion have echoed far into the future affecting not only events in this local universe, but into the far outer space regions that have yet to be inspired — a delicate balance between opportunity and disaster. I AM here to see that the unfolding events and the repercussions of the past on Urantia stay on the side of future opportunity.

“The unfortunate experiences of many souls from this world must be adjudicated with a high degree of mercy, for even in the choosing of error, do the thoughts and actions of many dysfunctional personalities, having maliciously imposed their will over the free will of others, have some degree of consideration in mercy because of the Luciferian tampering of so many systems, circuits, and influences that have continued unabated for over 200,000 years. These are vastly complex matters that require the judicial wisdom of a Universal Censor to sort out and guide, with precision, the unfolding destinies of both the living and the dead to see that the Will of the Universal Father is served concerning future events and ascents.

“Your administrative capital, Jerusem, and its supporting spheres have a somewhat unique structure for dealing with the ascension (or dissolution) of personalities coming out of rebellion and I coordinate my findings with those administrators and systems that are to receive the souls coming from the apostate planets. My rulings are final and may only be appealed by the Ancients of Days and have yet been unchallenged. Should these matters have been taken up by lower courts at the system level, the time needed to adjudicate these complex matters would jeopardize the ‘eye of the needle’ opportunity to steer destinies in a direction that is beneficent and what may be considered by some as sublimely creative and beautiful in terms of Absolute destiny.

“You really have no idea how fortunate you (the peoples of Urantia) are in living in this most auspicious of times on this unparalleled sphere of confusion and transition. The choosing of love, mercy, and compassion in the face of such adversity is a blessing that may grace your ascension career all the way to paradise. Use your time here wisely and try to appreciate the opportunities that are before you. I trust that most of you (reading this transcript) shall be escorted by your destiny guardians to your mansion world abodes when your time here is complete and shall not pass through my court — for that, I am delighted to introduce myself to you now.

“Take solace in the fact that your world is divinely loved and receiving the attention of the Universal Father Himself to see that justice is served with mercy and the rewards for the perseverance of faith in the face of adversity is beyond your comprehension — the experience and forthcoming wisdom gleaned here is unparalleled in all the super universe of Ovonton — to the benefit of the Supreme, the Ultimate, and unto the Absolute.

“I AM Qussi — Universal Censor assigned to 606.”

Reciever’s note: I asked, for the benefit of human minds, what gender we might associate with Qussi and was told that ‘an assertive female’ would be most representative of her personality. I asked if gender was a consideration in her assignment here on Urantia, and in answer she said, yes, because of the disproportionate influence of a male dominated world, a more female adjudicator would compliment the proceedings of her office. This is also why Trinity Teacher, Uteah, is of a feminine personality.

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