An Exercise Anyone can use for Guidance

Asheville, NC, US of A, June 2, 2019.
Trinity Teacher Uteah.
Subject: “An Exercise Anyone can use for Guidance.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Uteah: “See yourself from the perspective of your Indwelling Spirit? If today you were to switch roles and you were the Father Fragment working with your Destiny Guardians, what would you do to guide your mortal self through this life? This is an exercise that can be very helpful to you in working with your guidance team to see that you are a participant in your own progress to achieve greater development as a mature spiritual and human personality. If you are open and honest with yourself, you will find that by standing in the shoes of your guides, you will understand a better way to work with them, and by consciously working with them, you will find that your life will begin to flow in a way that is akin to those citizens who live in worlds of light.

This is how we begin orienting the citizens of a world moving into Light and Life. You are the pioneers that will lead the way by understanding how to work with your guidance teams to bring more light to this world. Consciously working with your guides is the next step in your spiritual evolution and soon you will see that this way of working with Spirit was always available to you. Working with your guides does not necessarily mean you will become psychic and develop great healing powers or become a great teacher to the multitudes, but certainly some of you will, but rather you will understand how to live with purpose and understand your purpose. This is what guidance is for — to “guide you” into a true, beautiful, and good soul that is working and participating in the Great Plan.

See yourself from this higher perspective as a guide looking down onto a soul you are guiding in light. Take time to review this soul’s life and look back at the path from birth until the present. See how guidance has brought you to this place you are today? Observe in this soul how you could better guide her to understand what you want her to achieve? What advice would you give this soul to help her understand her purpose? It would be easier if you could speak directly to this soul, would it not? Seems frustrating that this soul can’t hear you, but you know that she really does have this ability to hear you — this soul has only convinced herself that it cannot hear you.

Imagine that you, as a guide for this soul, believe she cannot hear you, and that you have a chance now to speak openly to her. You will write a letter to this soul and you will write it in the most loving way you can speak to show her that you have nothing but unconditional love to give. Address the letter this way:

Dear (Your Name), I’ve watched you grow from a little child into this soul I see before me, and I want you to know that I love you dearly, and all I want for you is for you to become more beautiful in every way. I want for you to take more time to listen to your heart and see how you can take better care of yourself by loving yourself enough to be filled with the light I have available for you. Whenever you want to hear from me, sit in the quiet and write to me about your life and anything you want to know. I will write the answers and my guiding thoughts without being critical or condemning. You will hear my sweet loving voice that is always speaking to your highest good. You will write my thoughts to you on the same note you are sharing with me. You will know my thoughts because they will always be speaking to guide you into a more beautiful soul that has purpose.

If you write something that speaks otherwise, you will know it is not me speaking, but your own critical mind wanting to doubt and defeat the changes that I want you to explore to see that you are becoming this more beautiful soul that I know you are.

Write to yourself, my dear students, and guide yourself with the words you would say if you were a guide. Step into the role of Father Fragment, and you will see that the words here are different than the words of your Destiny Guardians. Then speak from the voice of the Destiny Guardian. Soon you will find that the words you say are not your own, but they really are those of the ones who guide you. You see, you really do have the ability to hear them — you just needed a way to discover this. Let this exercise be the mechanism that opens up your ears to Spirit!

In loving service to your soul, always,
I AM Uteah.”

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store

From Low to High

Alabama, US of A, April 23, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “From Low to High.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Among those who are awakening to the realities of Spirit, many are concerned about their spiritual status. In your society, you have become accustomed to being separated by levels of achievement, and differentiated between yourselves by your abilities, talents, and your successes. However, it is not so in the Father’s Kingdom. Our Heavenly Father loves both the enlightened master of worlds and the humble mortal who hardly perceives that there is an invisible hand that guides him. The Father does not differentiate by the level of achievement. It would be like expecting a human father to love his child who is in college more than his other child who is in kindergarten.

“If the Father never practices any form of discrimination, why do you? It is evident that, depending on the social environment and experiences, the development of each individual will be different. However, you are all in the same school, even though some of you are ahead of others. You all will see differences in skills and talents for a wide variety of ventures. This does not mean that one is better than another. Simply the present conditions of material life have tilted the scales so that each one shows a certain predilection and certain abilities for something. Or it may be the case that deficiencies in life’s experiences cause the potentials of some mortals to remain hidden for a long time.

“The Divine Presence that has the design for your development in the pursuit of perfection has not defined a schedule for you to reach your goals at some precise time. Impatience is not an attribute of deity and the truth will be presented to you from many angles, and through a multitude of experiences to ensure that your understanding is complete. It is with time that the lessons of human beings are permanently engraved on the soul. You would not expect to pick the fruits of a tree the day after you planted the seed. Likewise, it will take some time, and many conditions being satisfied, before the higher fruits of the spirit which you yearn to observe in your life become evident.

“However, through faith, you can immediately have direct access to the Father and the various spiritual influences that have been placed there to help you walk towards your eternal destiny. The Divine Spirit is unconditionally submitted to your will and if you give the ‘authorization’ to the Father to work for you from within, a confluence of energies and inspiration will take place and this will eventually bring you to the very presence of God, as long as you desire it.

“Although you cannot know precisely your level of spiritual progress, you will observe how the lasting peace and the influence of Divine love becomes more and more intense and frequent in your life. When you really begin to trust in the care of the Heavenly Father your fears and worries begin to disappear. Later, the false needs of the material world become irrelevant and unimportant to you. Then you will begin to live with your feet on the ground, but with your eyes fixed on eternity, being a true child of God whose origin is certainly low, but whose destiny is one of high glory and eternal service as an active participant in the establishment of the Divine Will for the entire Creation.”

Translated from Spanish by Silvia Adriana Cohane.

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store


Urantia, June 2, 2019.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Unconditionally.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Let us commune in the secret chamber of your heart, in the sacred violet flame, that burns ever so brightly whenever you enter here to be on hallowed ground.

“It is here where I, your Pilot and Guide, unfold the mysteries of life – those insights which can only be told to the humble, who are truly the wise ones on the planet.

“It is a life consecrated to doing the will of God, and as well, it is a life dedicated to find the true meaning and values of life.

“You have been told before that your earth-life is only transient. What you gather in material possessions is of no consequence and has no lasting value except for the good you may do with these.

“It is in the learning of heaven’s values where true riches are to be found and in the forming of a strong, noble and steadfast character that sincerely strives to be the best it can be, without any hidden motives, as well as by living to do good to others without expecting anything in return.

“Your Master Jesus was and ever remains the prime example of this as he walked the face of this earth. He offered himself to be born as the Babe of Bethlehem, to show all mortals a better way of life. He showed them and lived the boundless love of God, whom He called ‘Our Father’.

“The eternal God’s unconditional love for all his children does not depend on whether you are good or bad.

“The concept of punishment for being bad is a ‘fabrication’ that needs to be exposed. All who sincerely repent of their wrongdoings and learn to forgive their selves shall learn that they, too, are welcome and equally loved.

“God does not require the shedding of innocent blood as many will quite erroneously believe. All God requires is a sincere and loving heart that is willing to love as Jesus taught you all to love – unconditionally.

“Cultivate this love within you and be at peace with each other.”

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I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One. 11:11 Store

In What Sense Can Christ Michael Be a Savior? (2 of 2)

São Carlos – SP, Brazil, March 5, 2019.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Subject: “In What Sense Can Christ Michael Be a Savior?”
Part Two of Two.

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Secondly, Christ Michael is a Savior by His Intervention on the Lucifer Rebellion

Prolotheos: “When the Lucifer Rebellion broke out in Nebadon, more specifically in the Satania System, through its then System Governor, Lucifer, Michael elected to remain aloof to it and let Gabriel deal with it. While Michael, through Gabriel and with the help of the Constellation Fathers and even from Uversa, took measures to avoid the freely spreading of the Rebellion beyond the System of Satania, Christ Michael planned more broadly healing measures to happen later in connection with His last bestowal, the one necessarily through incarnation by human birth, on Urantia, so it could be effective not only in that system but beneficial even for all His on-looking Universe of Nebadon. When incarnated on Urantia as Jesus of Nazareth, Christ Michael discussed the Rebellion with Lucifer and Caligastia and offered them each a pardon and rehabilitation if they would only repent and accept His pardon; but they didn’t. However, on acquiring total sovereignty from the Father over His own created Universe, Christ Michael forever settled the destiny of that perverse rebellion against His governing. And in doing that He deposed both Lucifer and Caligastia from the positions they had and He became the new Prince of Urantia. In this way, Christ Michael saved you from the misguided, usurped and perverse governing of Caligastia, Lucifer, and his associates in Urantia. Therefore, Christ Michael is a savior, especially for you Urantians, because he freed you from the deleterious government of the usurper Caligastia, on Urantia known as the Devil.

Thirdly, Christ Michael is a Savior by His Perfect and Paradigmatic Life of Jesus of Nazareth on Urantia.

“All life in this Universe of Nebadon, came to reality by the conjoint ministry of the Creator Son Christ Michael and His Consort Nebadonia, the Mother Spirit of Nebadon. However, the spiritual seed that inhabits the mind of all normal human being in Urantia comes at the age of reason, through the Spirit Adjuster causing the birth of the human morontial soul in the individual. Notwithstand, there is a sense in which the Life of Jesus of Nazareth has a saving role in your life, and that is as it became the perfect paradigm for your own life in the doing the will of the Father. He is yours and my highest role model in life. By having Jesus’ life as your spiritual life paradigm you are saved from personality fixation and also, for you too say as he says: “make it Your will, not mine”.

This is Prolotheos, your teacher- tutor on high. Peace!”

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Keep Before You the Goal of the Ages — Teacher Prolotheos. 11:11 Store

In What Sense Can Christ Michael Be a Savior? (1 of 2)

São Carlos – SP, Brazil, March 5, 2019.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Subject: “In What Sense Can Christ Michael Be a Savior?”
Part One of Two.

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “The creation of ‘saviors’ is common to most religions and comes from the inability of human beings to deal with guilt about sin and the growth of a consciousness increasingly refined. In Christianity, by means of Paul’s theology and a misconception of Jesus’ ministry by the Twelve, the idea of Jesus Christ as a Savior came out mixed with a horribly mistaken envisioning of the Father spiritually enraged against humanity because of sin and requiring atonement by His Son in order to give salvation. In fact, the Father is not an enraged perfect being against sin and who demands the perfect life of His Son instead of the lives of sinners to grant salvation. Rather, the Father is a loving Creator who lovingly and mercifully offers pardons to His children conditioned upon just faith and the teaching of repentance and obedience. No sacrifice whatsoever is needed. Jesus is not your savior because he died for your sins, neither to satisfy the perfect justice of God. However, there is a way to see Christ Michael, the same that incarnated on Urantia as Jesus of Nazareth, as a Savior — in fact the greatest of all.

Firstly, Christ Michael is a Savior through His Bestowal Program

“Christ Michael has executed seven bestowals; the last one on Urantia when He was born of a woman as Joshua ben Joseph. In each bestowal he assumed the life of one type of His universe sons. These several bestowals had the objective of giving the experience of the creature to the Creator in order to make Him experientially sympathetic, compassionate and identified with them, really knowing the life of His creatures, in order to reign as their absolute Sovereign. The kind of Salvation a Master Son like Christ Michael offers to His creatures is the salvation from existential isolation. Through these bestowals creatures are never again isolated in their inferior condition from the Creator because the Creator became as one of them and lived with them, showing them how to live a perfect life to the Father.

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Keep Before You the Goal of the Ages — Teacher Prolotheos. 11:11 Store