Thought Adjuster or Divine Love?

On Thursday November 7, 2019, my wife and I were entertaining five overseas visitors – three from Canada, one from the US and one from South Africa. I was just about ready to channel one of our Teachers when one of the guests remarked it was now 3:33 PM precisely.

LOL. Well, yes, that’s Midwayer Mathew’s call sign! The Midwayer called them all by name and spoke to them some. On Saturday evening he came back to us. This is part of his talk.

Illawarra District, Australia, November 9, 2019.
Teacher: Midwayer Mathew 33-3-33.
Subject: “Thought Adjuster or Divine Love?”

Message received by George Barnard.

Mathew: “They call themselves The Divine Love Organization or some such name. In effect, there is not all that much difference between the recognition of the effects of their Thought Adjuster – the Divine Love they experience – and the presence of the Adjuster as you see it. In reality, and as I see it, the essential conflict in thought is in the fact that they might potentially believe that they can attain life eternal with the development of their souls alone. That is not possible, no, the Thought Adjuster is an essential to eternal life.

“A human life is an experience and a learning curve, the soul-growth is the permanent record of that progress and in part likely determines future status, whilst upon fusion the Thought Adjuster imparts eternal life upon the entirely new person. Without fusion there can be no eternal life; you would remain ever mortal.

“Only because you do not relate to numbers, those of us who are in regular contact with flesh and blood citizens like yourselves were allowed to choose names. I chose the name, Mathew, and I somewhat got used to it. Among Midwayers and our Superiors our numbers are a much more efficient way of identifying the personalities, recognizing their place in the hierarchy and assessing their talents. 33-3-33 is my set of numbers. 33-3-33 is who I am. 33 is my family, 3 is their third child, me, and 33 is the array of duties and talents I have to offer.

“When we arrived, my consort also took on a human name as you well know, but shortly after she reverted back to her regular call-sign. She simply was unable to concentrate on whatever task at hand. This fine world has a history – a very sad rebel history indeed – and with few exceptions your minds run riot even when you sleep. On our native world and almost all other worlds, minds are calm, restful, and it is normal for the people to just hear Midwayers, no big deal. Your minds were simply too messed-up for her.

“Keep up the good work, my brother. This is Mathew.”

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You will wear My insignia into Paradise — Christ Michael. 11:11 Store

Decisions Come from a Deeper Place

Asheville, NC, US of A, November 10, 2019.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “Decisions Come from a Deeper Place.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Uteah: “In life, the choices you make reveal the level of your spiritual maturity and they indicate the nature of your true intentions — they are the expression of the soul. Decisions come from a deeper place within you than you may know, for decisions define future actions in time, and the experiences that result from these choices solidify those time lines and remove all alternate realities from manifesting — the record of your life ‘is’ and only can your future decisions change the vibration of your intentions toward a progressive destiny — to become more aligned with the Spirit of the Father’s Presence within you.

“It is the divine intention of the Father’s Presence (the Indwelling Spirit) to become your intimate partner in the Grand Adventure of time — your ascension to become godlike — perfect — to answer the edict of the Universal Father, ‘Be you perfect, as I AM perfect.’ It was the Choice of the Universal Father to ‘personally’ offer you eternal life and to set you on a path where you make all the decisions that may bring you full circle, in the perfection of the soul, to stand in Finality before the Universal Father on Paradise where you may ‘personally’ offer your unique journey of experiences. The choice is yours — it always has been and will continue to be your choice — how you choose to participate (or not) and how your decisions affect the souls around you in life, here and hereafter, determine the path and the karmic detours needed to bring an equilibrium to the soul — to be more in alignment with the Father’s Presence within.

“All the lessons you learn in life from the decisions you make are really there to remind you to listen to the guidance of the Father’s Presence that is always pointing the way toward greater alignment — to move you to the next level of ‘spiritual essence’ needed to experience the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness that the Father wants you to behold and carry with you on your journey home. The Universal Father wants you to experience joy, unconditional love; happiness and accomplishment; and experience these virtues at increasingly purer levels of understanding — as is His desire and love for you — His Child. Your spiritual maturity is the measure of your understanding of these virtues and how they are applied in life.

“They are your decisions that ultimately define your soul’s maturity and it is important that you know this. I admonish you to slow down and consider the impact of your decisions more carefully and hold them up to the light and see if they are in alignment with the quiet Voice within you. You cannot go backward in time and choose again, only forward may you learn from the past and change your future path and intentions (vibration). It is in this present moment that you may realize and understand these things. In an instant, you may change the way you see the world and how you hold yourself in life, and it all comes down to a decision or a series of decisions — to live life more abundantly — in pursuit of all things True, Beautiful, and Good. Ask for help, for it is always available to you, but again, asking is a choice — to allow yourself to be helped.

“Suffering is not a predestined karmic debt being paid — it is most often a series of thoughtless decisions that result in a path of painful lessons ignored. Think about the things that are unpleasant in your life and see if you can understand the lesson? If you do this, there is certainly something you may find that you can use to make future choices that will serve you and others with the highest good possible. Each incremental choice toward peace, love, and understanding, will change, for the better, the level of suffering and or happiness you have in your life — and, it redefines the maturity (vibration) of the soul.

“Always choose from deep within,
“I AM Uteah.”

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store

About the Second Mile

Oregon, US of A, December 16, 2015.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About the Second Mile.”

Message received by Anyas.

“In winning souls for the Master, it is not the first mile of compulsion, duty, or convention that will transform man and his world, but rather the second mile of free service and liberty-loving devotion… [Urantia Papers 2084:05]

Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, the above quote resonates with you as you can identify with having been a first-miler for quite a long time in your life experience. You also have come to taste what it feels like to be a second miler — to be motivated by love rather than by a sense of duty.

“Each individual journey starts at its own time but everyone has to start somewhere. It is part of the process to be a first miler and to initiate the spiritual journey out of a sense of duty or obligation. Sometimes its onset is motivated by feelings of fear, guilt or shame. Obviously, these are not the motivators that the Father is wishing for His children to experience. Yet, such motivators help many move out of their spiritual slumber. Eventually, after emerging from the challenging obstacle course of the first mile, they will have developed expanded spiritual lung capacity and endurance. This will have positive effects on the expansion of their spiritual cardio system — the opening of their heart to Love.

“As in any race, the first mile can be very challenging and many may feel like giving up. Yet, by persevering beyond the initial discomfort, a runner will get his second wind and start cruising more comfortably after the mark of the first mile has been passed.

“The first mile is there as an initiation toward the second mile. It is the necessary first step which propels the soul toward more freedom and a genuine loving service.

“You have experienced in your own life the contrast between serving God out of a sense of duty commingled with the fear of not being good enough and serving God and your siblings out of love and appreciation. Once you reached the second mile, joy starts to fill your heart and it transforms the whole experience. Service becomes enjoyable and it is a validation that you were progressing on the right track.

“The second milers are those who are transforming the world as they are activating the transformative force of Love in Action. The first milers are putting one foot before the other out of a sense of duty still infused with inner resistance as they are moving through an uncomfortable zone. Thesecond milers are breaking through many inner barriers and are emerging onto a more pleasant zone. They are “in the zone,” in the Love Zone.

“Isn’t it worth it to endure the pain and suffering of the first mile in order to taste the sweetness of the shift that takes place through that process? The first mile is when you declare your intentions to get to the finish line. The Father may test the authenticity of your intentions before He rewards you with the precious fruits of Spirit. These fruits can only ripen when they are nurtured with Love, not a mere sense of duty.

“Joyous service will no longer feel like an obligation. It will feel like a reward and it will entice you to more and more service as you witness for yourself the outworking of love when it is freely shared.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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Warfare — Never an Excuse

Illawarra District, Australia, December 19, 2014.
Aaron of Urantia.
Subject: “Warfare — Never an Excuse.”

Received by George Barnard.

Aaron: “The mere thought, frequent deliberation and sometime worldwide teaching that some personality approaching the status of a god would wish for one tribe, race or nation to eliminate another is older than Caligastia’s arrival in ancient Mesopotamia. Much before the days of the Lanonandek Son, battles raged with little in the way of weapons other than stones and sharp sticks. In my days, the absolute myth that we were a superior people was the reason for our belligerence and wholesale slaughter. Little is recorded about those we enslaved.

“See it now clearly, my friend: the urge to attack and vanquish others is greed for their lands, their goods and their service as slaves — prestige, riches and control for the conquerors. Our excuse after our years of traveling in the wilds was that Jahweh’s Will demanded all to be punished. In reality we saw them as inferior, disorganized and small, whereas we had grown in numbers and would today be seen by you as marauders. We actually were the raiders of your bible, for the Creator has no favorites and truly does abhor all wars.

“In these inglorious, dangerous days of the 21st century nothing has changed. In these times of atomic weapons, endless spying and the sanctioning of weaker nations, you are ever at war. Simultaneously, you are fighting many, many wars. Currency wars are real; they are painful wars. Sanctioning of particular groups or nations affects all others in the end and everyone loses. Are you then the mythical lemmings that after a term of years so provide for your own demise?

(Here we have an unfortunate interruption of many hours).

Chief Bzutu: “This is Bzutu again with the remainder of Teacher Aaron’s message. It is short enough. The eminent Teacher states: “We in our celestial realm see a definite moral decline of your civilization. Many of you are sliding down a so-very-slippery slope of disorder, psychological disorder, histrionics, deviancy. It is hardly to be compared with sanity to invent new enemies by ‘throwing darts at a map of the world.’ Indeed it is insanity, but the appalling difficulties that may well result from your ever beckoning nuclear armaments might hopefully become the bitter truth drugs of your possible future recovery.”

Aaron states: “It is war and it is sin to tell lies about those you select to be your adversaries. It is war and it is a crime to broadcast your never-ending propaganda. It is war and it is an offense to turn the markets against your opponent. It is murder when you empty your guns at your adversaries, infanticide when a single child strays into the line of fire. There is no excuse! There is no such thing as collateral damage — a term invented by the disordered, the anarchists of this world.”

Lastly Aaron adds: “Perhaps it is not too late to not only turn just one brother from his insane justifications, but also to have him decide against a future crime. Perhaps my plea arrives in time for many of you to truly consider all others to be your direct kin and for you to heal your world. Our prayers are with you all.”

Chief Bzutu: “These are the words Teacher Aaron left in my care. I say good night. You are greatly loved by many.”

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An Improved Reflectivity Circuit – Part 3

Quebec, Canada, November 1, 2019.
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek.
Subject: “An Improved Reflectivity Circuit” – Part 3.

Message received by Michel Levasseur.

Machiventa: “Hello to all of you with access to this message. For some time now I’ve been mentioning the importance of having new individuals receiving our communications, so you need to know that not many have applied to become receivers to date.

“As many of you know, changes are on the horizon and we would be happy to have many people who would be able to pass on information of great importance to the people in those difficult times ahead.

“To become a receiver you must make that request because it is not done automatically or by chance. You must make it known and present yourself for it, either by a prayer or by simply requesting it to your Thought Adjuster (TA). The process is simple. Know that each of your requests or prayers is heard and following your desire, we will make sure that you can become receivers as many others have become over the years.

“The new Reflectivity Circuit allows us to facilitate communication between Spirit and you, so it is now easier for us to communicate with each other. My friends, we would like to be able to count on people who can communicate in different languages and not only in English, because it will be important for us to be able to reach the general population wherever they are located on the planet.

“This message is a call to all. Realise that we know you; each one of you. You are not alone, my friends, and you will be helped by the strength of Love, Brotherhood and Friendship.

“This is Machiventa.”

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Take the People to the Spiritual Starting Gates,
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