They Will Be the Truth

Alabama, US of A, July 26, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “They Will Be the Truth”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “What this confused world needs the most is people who live authentic and purposeful lives. While most are struggling to satisfy the needs that the media promotes, trying to imitate the latest celebrity, or being enslaved by a false sense of patriotism, supporting the fallacy that the value of human beings depends on the place they were born, the ones who live honest lives attempting to know the Father and making an effort to be the best they can be, will enlighten the path for their peers.

“This is the main task of the missionaries of light and life. Their new missionaries will not talk about the truth nor preach the words from heaven. They will be the truth. Their lives will be so eloquent that there will be no doubt left in the hearts of those they meet on their paths that these living prophets are doing something right.

“Through these examples of consecration, honesty, and faith, the truth will become alive and dynamic. Truth expressed in letters and words can yield different interpretations. Truth expressed through life experience becomes a permanent value and it is useful not only to the inhabitants of this world at this time, but to the entire creation. If you live such a life your contribution will count for eternity. It is the best gift you can offer for the good of all there is.

“If you really desire that light and life be a reality in this world, start by establishing light and life in your own experience. Jesus lived how the mortals in the most advanced worlds of creation live, and He did it two thousand years ago. It is true that this world may need to wait an age to see the results of the establishment of heaven on earth, but you don’t have to wait that long. You can live a higher and spiritually stimulating life right here where you are, in this place and at this time. It all depends on your decisions and your intent to find the Father and become increasingly more like Him.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store

Meet Me at the Well

Asheville, NC, US of A, August 16, 2020.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “Meet Me at the Well.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Uteah: My Dear Students,
It should be no surprise to you that an enlightened age requires more and more of its citizens to understand the higher knowledge that is available to them through the Thought Adjuster (TA) circuit via the soul-mind/super-conscious mind. The enhanced circuits that carry Christ Michael’s Light Knowledge are now accessible to your Thought Adjuster and with your conscious intention, you may work with your TA and Destiny Guardians to attune your consciousness to receive this higher knowledge through insights, feelings, co-creative ideas, and visualizations. The potentials for spiritual growth are pregnant with possibilities, and you students have the support of your guidance teams to bring you to new levels of service and growth if you are so willing to reach for it.

Now is the time to take an inventory of your conscious waking moments and think about how you pass time each day? If you had access to a magic well and you could simply go there and draw up the water and drink giving you prosperity; higher knowledge; healing and vitality; creativity; and a magnetism for attracting loving relationships — would you take the time to go there each day? Most of you would answer, “Yes!” This is where humanity is in their thinking — they would go and do those things in the outer world to obtain the virtues of life without having to apply mental effort to experience growth of the inner life where these things truly exist and are available to all.

I say this not as a condemnation, but as a matter of fact — that your world has been conditioned to think this way. Furthermore, if there was a magic well, many on your world would keep it secret and not share — not because of selfishness, but because of fear that others would take it from them. The rebellion mindset wants “something for nothing” — to receive without giving or to gain advantage over others out of cunning or rivalry.

To bring a world to an enlightened age first requires a healing of human consciousness — to understand the rebellion mindset and its conditioning, then to apply therapies — to do the inner-work necessary to receive the healing. This is where your world is now — it is seeing the destructive nature of the rebellion mindset and finding it no longer satisfies the longings of the soul. There is a well of healing and prosperity and it lives within each of you — and it does not require that you go into a cave for years of meditation to find it — you only need the faith and trust to know that if you reach up, there is a hand there to support and guide you. Once you discover this supporting hand, you will find that you have another hand that is idle and can be used to reach down to pull others up. This is the way of progress.

Your TA and guidance team are waiting at the well, but it does require that you spend more of your waking moments in deep thought; in reflection; in asking questions; in listening for options; and then making decisions — not out of fear, but out of faith, hope, and trust, that your Heavenly Father knows what you need and wants you to experience life and have it more abundantly. Co-creation is the product of human desires with the expression of spiritual understanding.

If you examine your desires from a spiritual perspective, you will see those things in your thinking that need more light. This is where your TA and guidance team can help you most. Christ Michael’s Light Knowledge is available to shine a light on those areas of your mind that need more light. Ask for it willingly — to shine a light on the remnants of the rebellion mindset that you may understand it and transcend it.

Meet me at the well,
I AM Uteah.

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store

About Hard Times

Alabama, US of A, July 25, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Hard Times.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “It is during difficult times that the best and the worst of human beings is displayed. The difference between offering the higher expressions of compassion and unconditional love or allowing your basest animal nature to come to the fore lies simply in your individual decisions. Only those who have achieved a certain level of self-mastery and have dedicated their lives to the will of their Father will be able to overcome the hard times to come.

“It is not our place to become prophets of disaster but, in your future, we can foresee a time of scarcity, troubles, and hardship. Many men and women among you have seen this with sufficient clarity. It does not require a lot of imagination to observe how the unbound ambition of the present generation, the indiscriminate exploitation of your natural resources as if there were no future, and the selfish distribution of these resources, will not result in anything good. Many of you live your lives as if you didn’t know that another generation will succeed you and they will have to pay the price for your excess and your present lack of vision. Even some of this generation will face the consequences of their actions. This is not divine punishment, but the logic consequences of your collective decisions and actions.

“Is there a way to prevent this? Of course, there is! If most of you decided today that living in harmony with your world and promoting the development of civilization instead of individual pleasure is better and makes more sense, this outcome would be avoided. You have plenty of examples of civilizations that disappeared relatively overnight when their members forgot the efforts and the discipline that initially made that civilization great, choosing instead pleasures and indolence. Greece, Rome, the Maya, and many others let themselves be destroyed by their own intellectual inertia and their lack of spiritual progress.

“However, the ‘gates of the kingdom of heaven’ will never be closed to the honest seekers of truth. The degree of spiritual progress that human beings can achieve in this world is never dependent on external circumstances, but on the inner world of the individual. The Father is always available to each one of His children who decides to find Him and attempt the adventure of perfection. Do not be afraid or saddened about the hard times that may come, because everything you need for that real success in life will always be with you. When you face difficulties remember that it is there and then, where and when, the most beautiful pearls of human devotion to the divine will be offered with unconditional love and each problem to overcome is another opportunity to bravely move forward towards perfection, through service to our peers, implicitly trusting the care of our Father.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store

The Many Facets of Karma

Illawarra District, Australia, December 07, 2013.
Teacher Samuel.
Teacher Aaron.

Subject: “The Many Facets of Karma.”

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “Aaron and I wish to discuss with you the many facets of karma. What is that, you say? ‘Karma is karma is karma, either soul enhancing or soul destroying.’

“But not so fast, my dear human friend, I must tell you. It is much more complicated than that. In fact, karma does have many facets, and in most circumstances it can be relative, evolving, personal and or collective. In time you will find that karma can change, day after day, year after year, to one’s happiness or potential misery.

“Consider now a good deed done by a young child, a poor little waif, leading a hungry man to a free meal at an emergency food kitchen. The same good turn is now performed by a rich man. Are these two benefactors on equal karmic terms? Don’t answer me, but the rich man only wanted the ‘beggar’ away from his door. The youngster outshines the rich man myriad times over. Karma here is relative, to do with age and motivation.

“Think of the person with an interest in conservation. He or she is allocating more and more of available free time to, say, planting trees, or rescuing wildlife in distress. Karma here is greatly positive, strengthening, growing. One might correctly say it is of a cumulative nature.

“As well, for that caring individual, karma is entirely personal. He or she, as long as the undertaking is of a solitary kind, all goodwill is accrued by that one person. The picture changes entirely when such an individual contributor manages to motivate others to become part of his or her project. Some additional minor aspect of the total accrued karma is shared by the originator of such environmental thoughtfulness. Here the sum is greater than the whole of the parts. Here karma has evolved and has become a group effort.”

Teacher Aaron: “This is Aaron, invited to add my part to this teaching. With karma there is another side of the ‘coin’. One might say there is a reverse to the obverse of your ‘universe credits’ so frequently joked about. Our interest is with your having a clear understanding of the negative collective aspect of karma.

“Beware of those in charge of your nation on your behalf, indeed, those you collectively voted into power. Take heed of these changing times of mere lip service regarding citizens’ rights and democracy. Consider your responsibility for the behaviour of those you place in charge of yourselves. Your liability does not end at the moment you place your X on the ballot paper. You are meant to oversee their performances.

“Those living in a democracy freely share in the negative karma, although to varying degrees, in their nation’s wars and in the repression of minorities. Likewise do they share in the positive karma of their nation’s good deeds. Neither of these ‘karmic sharings’ apply to those ruled by a dictator … lucky for some.

“Samuel and I wish you good day. May the coming holy days bring you peace and tranquillity.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972 11:11 Store

Play Fair!

Oregon, US of A, August 12, 2020.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Play Fair!”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “As the planetary situation is severely impacted by the relentless tugs of war between Divine Right Order and unbridled anarchy, integrity and corruption, hope and despair, everyone is called to take a stand — the symbolic parting of the sea of consciousness.

“Do you rally to the Love in Action for which Jesus ‘was all in’ or stagger in your loyalties, caught in the predatory web of low-grade emotions that pour more bile into an already overly acidic predicament?

“The question to ask yourself is: “Am I a self-professed Christian by name or by deeds?

“Which positive initiative is mine to take to help restore a state of peace and goodwill among men?

“Many irrational elements are entangled in hateful behaviors in a doomed attempt to justify the unjustifiable — thus perpetrating injustice on a much larger scale due to hate’s destructive rampage.

“Don’t you feel the urgency to humbly go down to your knees, bowing your head in a receptive mode to take your spiritual marching orders? Spirit is putting together an infantry of Light Workers. They are benevolent volunteers — not ruthless mercenaries. They are God-loving individuals who are determined to make their Father proud by promoting the ideals of His inspiring vision — not by systematically refuting them.

“Are you troubled and confused by the current events? I beg you to turn within to bask in the soothing peace emanating from Spirit — thus clearing your head and heart to make the right decisions — uncoerced by guilt, shame, or fear — but prompted by your love for the Father and compassion toward your siblings.

“Beware of any unsettling negative emotions. Disarm them on the spot instead of becoming agents for a nasty proliferation that runs havoc in dysfunctional societies. Always stick to the fair play dictated by the Golden Rule — a sure referee, as it is the keeper of all moral values.

“No matter how the collective consciousness shapes out to be, you can act as a free-lancer by asserting your free will prerogative — thus making the personal decision to shift your life into Light and Life. Trust Me; the outside chaos will provide you with ample opportunities to shine your light and self-realize — following the cautious footsteps of Jesus.”

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