The Most Misunderstood in His Young Universes

Illawarra District, Australia, February 12, 2017.
Teacher: The Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: “The Most Misunderstood in His Young Universes.”
(shortened transmit).

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “One of the main projects in our superuniverses is the education of the sheer ‘waves of humans’ occupying the ever-changing worlds of space, designed for no other outcome, no other purpose, but to bring man to God — the child to its Father. It is to this very day and on this globe hardly a successful mission, far from it, my human friends.

“Especially on this world — and, yes, there are a few other young worlds as well — where the Creator of All is seen as distant. He dwells on Paradise, too far away to be communicating with you so far out in space but, wonder of wonders, when you pray He will actually hear you! The fact that each and every one of you has a Fragment of the Creator dwelling in your heart and mind is not clearly recognized.

“Long ago the Father came to his children, all, in the form of Thought Adjusters (TAs), one for each, and when you pray, the words, the thoughts and the feelings are instantly accepted and passed on. Still, the connection of the Father to His child is only partially ‘installed,’ waiting for a spark of recognition, and a few moments in time.

“It amazes Me to witness the many who address the far-away Father and babble on about the ‘mundanes’ of their lives, not even aware of the fact that the Father’s Representative is right there within their person, quite capable of answering them and at a considerably higher level.

“It is for the 11:11 Progress Group at this stage of its diverse being, its well-earned growth and its wide-ranging experience to announce that the Father has things to say to you . . . that the Father is available to you all, both day and night . . . that you, too, can hear from your TA and that you will feel His great Love, rather than being overwhelmed.

“I ask to be your Wayshower during this extended period, my friends, when we encourage the many to make friends with their very own TAs to learn of their individual journeys to perfection and to Paradise.

“It is a most urgent thing — some say, the most urgent thing — that more of the children of God learn to hear from, answer to and know of the love of their Father on Paradise, for ages and ages the most misunderstood in His very own and widespread universes, yes, and especially on this world.

“In the fulness of time however, all will be good . . . all will be fine.

“I Am the Damascus Scribe. I Am Sananda, who loves you.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
My Gift to you is for you to be of service to Me — Christ Michael. 11:11 Store

Higher Expressions of Devotion

Alabama, US of A, July 29, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Higher Expressions of Devotion.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Your personality – a gift from God and an original expression of His creative thought – will be your contribution to the new being you will become after fusing with your Thought Adjuster (TA). With your personality you will bring your experience of finding God and understanding him, choosing to follow His will and participating in His plans. This way, the TA will be able to express Its divinity in a personal way – through your personality – to all other persons in creation. A new aspect of God will have found an original medium of expression and manifestation when you and your TA become one.

“Your TA is a fragment of God and therefore it is sacred. The fact that God has given it to you is the greatest demonstration of His love. He has provided you with everything you need to become like Him, to grow and understand how everything works and how to participate in the workings of creation. He has given you the opportunity to participate and be proud for the future achievements of the ages to come. He has considered that it is good that His creatures feel the same satisfactions, the same joys, and the same achievements He has experienced. Such a generous Father that does not withhold anything and freely shares all He possesses!

“An enormous accumulation of experiential wisdom is being built by the efforts of every evolving creature – the sum of all of our individual experiences. This wisdom that is being concentrated in the Supreme Being is from all and for all. The human insistence on standardizing and making all experiences – all ways – similar is such a fallacy! You live to find original ways and to discover that the will of God – His way of doing things – is the way with the most love and the most wisdom.

“The Father does not ask us to accept His will blindly. He has given us ages to experiment and discover on our own and without a doubt that His will is the best way, and it is also what we would choose once we attain the necessary level of discernment. This is an eloquent demonstration of His wisdom. This way He is not only gaining our trust and our affection, but He is also promoting higher expressions of devotion from His creatures, because we know that His will is always the best for all, even when we are not able to foresee all the outcomes and possibilities.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store

At the Starting Gate

Urantia, September 7, 2015.
The Beloved One.
Subject: “At the Starting Gate.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Never underestimate your potential in matters spiritual. You are much more capable then you realize. Really now, you have not even left the starting gate on your long trek to Paradise. In this earth life you are merely laying the foundations of sincerity, faith and trust.

“Consider yourself to be in a training camp, where all intensive training hurts. It is not always easy and you know very well how often you came close to quitting, to then get your second wind spurring you on for yet another mile.

“So you learned that there are layers upon layers of endurance, waiting to be discovered and tapped into. Each time your faith and confidence in Me as your trainer grows a little stronger, until one day you realize that all the exercise, all the struggle, has given you the strength to carry on. Then you will be there to encourage others who are running the good race of faith beside you, also with faltering steps.

“No one is an Island unto him- or herself and in togetherness you give each other the inspiration and strength to carry on, to run the good race. It is a race of hope, of faith, of trust and you learn to love one another the way your Master Jesus taught you — to see this life through the long-range vision of eternity.

“There are invisible runners beside you to encourage you, but never forget that I, the greatest Trainer of all, lives right inside of you, to place hurdles in your path, but only because I have designed your training ground to get the best performance out of you.

“I expect nothing less then the ultimate in perfection after the long race of the ages is run and you and I, as one, receive the greatest blessing from the Creator on Paradise. How is that for encouragement? Is it enough to carry on yet another while?

“Meanwhile, travel light and leave your burdens with me, so your race will be run quite effortlessly.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One. 11:11 Store

Peace of Mind Generates Mental Clarity

Oregon, US of A, June 23, 2020.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Peace of Mind Generates Mental Clarity.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “Whenever your mind is clear, things fall into place quickly and organically. The fogginess of confusion and the nervousness it triggers within you are lifted, presenting you with a mental panorama more likely to nudge you toward making appropriate decisions. Mental clarity is crucial to a meaningful life, as it allows you to make up your mind based on reliable data. How else could you figure out what is worth pursuing?

If you are dealing with indecisiveness, take a time-out to clear your mind. Breathe in and out deeply to thoroughly circulate your life force and oxygenate all the cells, fibers, molecules, and layers of your complex being. It will provide you with an instant mental reboot.

By purging your thinking from its obsessive-compulsive preoccupations, you are freeing precious mental space, making room for the reception and assimilation of new insights. Once downloaded, they will ring your truth bells and provide you with information instrumental for your forward evolution.

Decisions are weighty, as they are always consequential. If made hastily and under coercive pressure, the chances are that you will come to regret them for their lack of foresight. Peace of mind generates mental clarity just like a windless day stills the lake's surface making it transparent.

By protecting your clear-thinking, you will witness how quickly your living conditions will improve. The manifestation of your reality starts from deep within you. Your imaginative mind writes the script that is enacted by your material form. You manifest a reality that has a boomerang effect on your inner world since each existential plane is part of a vast circulatory system — the Father’s World. Make sure that your initiatives are both pleasing to the eye and to the soul.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
No matter what the question is, the answer is always Love. 11:11 Store

Actuate Your Budding Potentials

Asheville, NC, US of A, August 23, 2020.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “Actuate Your Budding Potentials.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Uteah: My Dear Students,
Many of you are enthusiastic about working directly with your Thought Adjuster (TA) — to attune and to consecrate your will that you may advance and progress in your spiritual understanding of the Divine Gift. This is a needful attitude — to hold the constancy of the Indwelling Spirit of the Universal Father living and working in your mind — leading you to discover the untapped potentials as a future Finalitor destined to stand before the Universal Father on Paradise. Holding this long-range view is essential, but to actuate your budding potentials, here and now, requires you to experience the co-ordinate and co-creative aspects of a spirit-led life.

What exactly does this mean? Many of you are unsure how to approach a relationship with the Thought Adjuster because you don’t have a clear understanding of the application. This is understandable because your world is largely ignorant of the knowledge and framework of universe cosmology and deity expression; universe destiny; and soul evolution. You students are fortunate that you have discovered the Urantia Papers and have detailed knowledge of the purpose and ministry of the Thought Adjusters. Yet knowledge alone cannot mature the personality and bring you into attunement, or ascertain your Psychic Circles assuring your survival and passage to the shores of mansion world life. Only living experience can transcend the virtual destinies you see in the constructs of your mind and build the Morontia reality of a surviving soul.

Example: A medical student can only spend a limited amount of time in study, and must, at some point, demonstrate what he has learned and apply that knowledge on the healing of patients. It is through the transcending experience of application and interaction with real people and their needs that experience turns into wisdom. The decisions along the way that lead to progress in good medical practice become the basis for future decision making in diverse problem solving. A “good doctor” is someone who “practices” and becomes wise in the diagnosis of disease because of diverse experience and the decisions made that led to successful outcomes in past applications.

In the spiritual sense, the application of soul building and personality maturity requires you to “practice” the application of peace, love, and understanding as you live, work, and play with your fellows. The thought processes and the decisions made along the way is where the relationship with the Thought Adjuster can be more clearly understood. This is where the TA inserts divine application. It requires you to “think” not react. Thoughts come before decisions and actions. The TA “adjusts” your thoughts, so it must be that before you decide or act, you must think. To have a relationship with your TA requires you to be conscious of the presence of the Divine Indwelling, then to bring the TA into the process of thinking before decisions and actions.

You may not audibly hear your TA speak, but as you think and weigh all the options, your TA may insert subtle guidance using feelings, ideas, and imagery that leads to an outcome of higher good. The practice of inner dialog with the TA while in deep thought shall produce greater and greater results as you learn to trust in these co-creative thoughts; subtle feelings; and imaginings — this is divine leading!

Go now into that place where the TA speaks — into deep thought — asking questions — seeking answers — contemplating your future growth — your hopes and dreams — your next creation!

Revealing the not-so-obvious,
I AM Uteah.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store