A Lesson on Awakening

Urantia, June 7, 2020.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Awakening.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Awakening will be the subject for today, and you will wonder where this will lead to. I am speaking about the awakening of the real self, the reality of the soul, that spiritual counterpart of the mortal, which makes it immortal. It is this beginning realization in a child, that it is so much more than what it sees around itself. Children are still closer connected to the real self until the urge to have ‘things’ takes over and the longing for more takes a hold. If this urge is not curbed and guided into the reality of life that this is not always possible, then this urge has an unfulfillment connected with it and the real purpose of living is totally overlooked which is to seek for soul-growth and satisfaction.

“Many people search outside themselves in temples, churches and synagogues in order to learn where to find this indefinable quality within themselves. And over eons of time so-called knowledgeable priest and rulers have made up a set of rules of do’s and don’ts which supposedly help people find that much desired peace and rest for their souls. For this privilege they are required to pay sums of money called tithing, which goes into the coffers of the church supposedly to do the work of God. If it is not given out of freewill, but out of slavish duty and fear only, it does not serve the souls of the congregation, as the flock goes home and picks up their life-style and goes on hungering for they know not what. Places of worship ought to be places where people get their souls fed by inspiring messages and not filled with the ‘fast food’ of acquired book knowledge.

“Religion only becomes real, when it is feelingly experienced and on which the mortal soul can build. The only way for a soul to truly feel at home is to be found right within themselves in the Silence of their hearts, where they can meet up with a Spark of the Divine. It is the responsibility of the mortal self, to give the soul a chance to develop and to be nurtured. Once the mortal is beginning to realize this, the higher consciousness is awakened and a faith in an unseen deity takes a hold and a trust begins to develop, albeit most times uncertain at first. It is life itself and the experiences, which teach a mortal the required wisdom to make informed decisions. It is the free-will and the conscious decision-making process which help the person grow or not grow into a greater awakening, depending on the measure of time and dedication in the fostering of the soul.

“To such a one, things of the world are becoming less important as he or she consciously strives to do the will of the unseen Deity and in so doing and in loving to do this, garners a soul satisfaction which can only be experienced by each individual as a knowing realization dawns in that mind of being a most beloved child of the Creator of all. And so, when earthly things crash around that one, it does not matter as it has found the greatest price of all, which is the security and peace it has in the bastion of its own soul. Such is the true awakening, and the speed with which this development occurs depends on the consecration and dedication and the quality of time it spends with it’s Maker. Life at the core becomes truly very simple, as faith and trust in God have become unshakable.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One.

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Metepec, Mexico, 9 April 2020.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Fearfulness.”

Message received by Bettina.

Thought Adjuster: “Do not worry about being so fearful. The important matter isn’t whether or not you are afraid. The important thing is what you do with your fear. Some allow fear to generate sadness, which paralyses them. It is different to live with fear knowing that I AM with you, rather than living through fear believing you are alone. This is just a belief, because actually you are never alone. You never are. You just forget; and then your mind builds images of everything that could happen to you in the face of ‘threats’ that life places before your ‘helpless’ humanity.

“When you are afraid, and you reawaken your mind to remember who you really are, you realize that what is generating that fear is only an earthly situation that you can master, since you are a SPIRITUAL BEING.

“It is as if you stepped out of the scene and contemplated it from the outside, like a spectator. When you are watching a movie that scares you, you know that no matter how afraid you are, nothing can happen to you, because what you are observing is not real, it is happening on another plane, on another world. It doesn’t affect you.

“It is the same when you reconnect with your SPIRITUAL BEING, and you realize that all the things that are generating fear are from the earthly world, and that can never affect your spiritual being.

“Close your eyes for a few moments, take a deep breath, connect with your spiritual being, and it is there where you connect with Me, too. Repeat this activity several times a day, so you can experience fear from a completely different viewpoint, where peace and the conviction that you are well are greater than your fear. Slowly your being will rest in the confidence that you are not alone.

“Walk confidently, taking My hand. Do not walk alone. Let Me join and guide you on this path that looks so uncertain, dark and puzzling, but which I want to walk with you and light up for you to cross it, without stumbling or sadness.

“Smile often, realize how your days change when you decide to look out for the beauty in the life you are living. Can you see it? Can you find it?

“Hold My hand tight, arise, and walk with confidence for this is truly a bridge you need to cross, and it will take you to a different world, a world of faith, hope, love, forgiveness, joy, peace, smiles, and wellness.

“Let nothing disturb you, because I AM here with and within you. You are here and within Me. To eternity.”

Translated from Spanish by Oscar Escobar.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
If you stop judging, you will find peace — Thought Adjuster.

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Understand the Primary Relationship

Asheville, NC, US of A, June 7, 2020.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “Understand the Primary Relationship.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Uteah: My Dear Students,
There is but one way to secure your continuity in eternity, and that is to recognize that you are host to the Indwelling Spirit of the Creator Father (Thought Adjuster). You are the vessel that carries the Divine Fragment and by understanding that there is a relationship between you and the Father — through His Indwelling Spirit, you have a way to progress beyond the intermediary planes of Urantia and move directly to the morontia spheres of ascension. It is essential for your progress and for those soul fragments that you carry — to understand the Primary Relationship.

Many of you often ask yourself, “What is my purpose in life?” First and foremost, you are to achieve an understanding that you are a child of the Creator Father, whether it is here or hereafter. Many Urantians live out their lives oblivious to this “inherent fact” and this can delay their birth into the morontia life. This “delay” is not to be understood as a failure of soul progress, but a recognition by the Thought Adjuster that more light is needed. You may, in fact, make progress by “seeing the face of God in others,” but until you discover it in your own heart, you may need remedial experience beyond this lifetime to mature your soul to a point where the Indwelling Spirit of the Father can guide you in “higher realms.”

I speak plainly to you — the rebellion on your world has caused great confusion in the minds of Urantians. Your transient lives and the variety of conditions there (environmental, genetic, and lack of opportunity) make it difficult to achieve the needed experience to see through the confusion of your world. Much of it has to do with your willingness or unwillingness to act on spirit leading (attunement) — it is the Adjuster’s problem. Often it is the confusion and distraction from the outer world that blocks dialog in the inner world — it slows progress. The Thought Adjuster is patient and provides a way for you to “see the light.”

It is the Divine Love of the Father for His children that every opportunity is provided for you to fuse with His Indwelling Spirit. Your survival into eternity is the desire of the Father — that you may take on the Grand Adventure of time and participate in the Great Plan. It is the Adjuster and the “dream of the sleeping survivor” that facilitates the remedial help needed for these souls to continue in probation. Blessed are you that understand the Father/child relationship now, for you (and the soul fragments you carry) are surely bound for the shores of the mansion worlds.

Light and Life is a state of consciousness that permeates from the inner world to the outer world. It is the outer world that becomes the reflection of the minds of those that “see the light” and act on the leading of the Adjuster — to bring an equilibrium to the outer world with what is being experienced in the inner world — Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

The Great Plan requires all things and beings come to perfection in time and in eternity. If you, my dear students, are now consciously participating in that plan, then by assisting your fellows in the understanding of the Primary Relationship, you help move your world closer to that enlightened age. There is no greater method whereby to “assist” others than to lead by example. Your world, more than ever, needs leadership that looks within first — to the heart, then to see the face of God in others.

I see the Light in you,
I AM Uteah.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

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A Different Innate Mindedness

Illawarra District, Australia, June 7, 2020.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “A Different Innate Mindedness.”

Message received by George Barnard.

George: “If, in fact it is the idea that mortals arrive on the Mansion Worlds with a new mind, as we are taught in our text, I submit that this new mind, this Morontia mind, comes complete with its own innate abilities. Am I right?”

The Scribe: “It could be said that you are right, whilst you are perhaps equally wrong on the score. Firstly, as many of your mortal youngsters appear to be able to fashion articles their elders or ancesters produced, there is a proven mental register of what came before, sometimes many generations in your past. Somehow the ability is passed on. Secondly, it is possible for one to see and copy a procedure and thirdly, one can simply invent ‘the new thing’, never before seen on this world.

“There is, however, no comparison between what happens on this world and what happens beyond this evolutionary realm. Always remember that here your thinking darts between chemical and electrical processes, whilst the morontial process is entirely of an electrical kind and therefore decidedly faster. Still, that “decidely faster” is no proof whatever that you have found the reason for what you witnessed on that Morontia World. There are innate abilities belonging to the collective morontia mind.

“Yes, hear what I say, ‘There are innate abilities belonging to the collective morontia mind.’ As there are personal innate abilities, there are also group innate abilities and so it was you saw some 60 students of all sizes spread out into a group where 8’ giants at the back could see their teachers at the front of the stone-build classroom over the heads of those no taller than 2’6”. And all this came about in less than 2 seconds. As well, no one wrong-footed another and no one bumped into another. They were like a mega flock of starlings, like a huge school of fish in perfect manoeuvring.

“The mansion worlds, each of them in turn, will hand to you something new, something precious, and soon you will learn that, indeed, you have arrived to become truly God-like in your ways.

“I AM the Damascus Scribe, also known as, Sananda.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire — ABC-22.

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Truth Comes in All Colors

Mattawan, Michigan US of A, June 3, 2020.
Teacher: Magisterial Son, Monjoronson.
Subject: “Truth Comes in All Colors.”

Message received by Vicki Vanderheyden.

Monjoronson: “During these times of uncertainty and unrest, let us talk about truth.

“Truth comes in all colors. It does not matter whether you are black, brown, yellow, red, or white. It does not matter whether you are affiliated with blue or red. It does not matter whether your flags, your groups, your race, your hair, your skin, or any other affiliation has color designated to it. Truth is not restricted by such designations or color boundaries. Yes, it is a fact that some have skin that is brown or white. Yes, it is a fact that some have hair that is yellow. Yes, it may be a fact that one affiliates with a particular group. But this does not designate that you then have a monopoly on truth.

“In your imperfect world, where from our perspective you are young and just beginning to grow toward perfection, truth is not static, it is often relative. Relative truth changes its view, its color, its status, from the conditions around it and by the way it is understood and perceived at the time. It is why it is often so difficult for the people of your world to seek justice through truth because what is one person’s sense of truth is another’s falsehood. What one person experiences as truth, may be absent in the experience of another. Truth then shifts as individuals and whole collectives acquire experience.

“To find true justice, you must acknowledge the existence of certain universal, agreed upon laws and then use them to accurately judge the color of the truth at that time. And that my friends, in a world where some would rather stretch and distort the truth to gain or maintain power and privilege, requires continual discernment. The conditions you live under today are not black and white. There exist many shades of grey, many shades of all colors. Your very survival requires that you transcend the negative influences around you, that you weed out the distortions of others and that you find the purest indicators of where truth stands at the time so that you may understand and then secure justice for each other.

“Truth is best discerned through an open mind and a loving heart. By discerning through a window of objectivity and loving kindness, you are freed from fear and its emotional counterparts of helplessness, resentment, anger and vengeance. You can more easily transcend opinion and access a more balanced overall view. A loving heart stimulates feelings of empathy, compassion, fairness and forgiveness. An open mind unifies you with others at times when divisiveness prevails.

“And so, we ask that you brush up on your discernment skills. Seek clarity in understanding the experiences that drive the motives of others. Revisit the experiences within your past that drive your own motives. And then measure this against the purest forms of truth, beauty and goodness to find the most enduring form of justice for your times.

“From out vantage point we are encouraged to see that those who are standing up for the rights of others are from many races and realities. Use this as a sign that progress from the past has been made. That regardless of one’s color or affiliation, there is emerging a critical mass of individuals who share in your concern for equal opportunity and justice. That though we have traveled miles to reach this point, we have miles to go. Yet as each new travesty and each new challenge is exposed, you are better equipped to find solutions that move you forward toward a future that will bring an equitable life of peace, joy and happiness to all.

“We hope you will open your hearts and minds my friends and join us in bestowing the love to others that we bestow upon you as we travel this road together!”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I tell you clearly and plainly that no darkness can withstand
the focus of the Father’s light. – Monjoronson.

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