In or Out of Shape?

Oregon, US of A, June 26, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “In or Out of Shape?”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “You have heard the expression ‘to be bent out of shape.’ It indeed depicts well how people feel when they are undergoing some emotional storms. They feel like a tree tossed around by strong emotional winds. They sense they are losing ground — their sense of inner peace.

“Indeed, quite frequently during your days your thoughts, the words of others or current events bring to your being some emotional discomfort. If you do not live with awareness, they can get the better of you, confuse you and destabilize you. You let them wreak havoc with your emotional wellbeing and feel like a leaf, powerlessly tossed around by the winds of these moody emotions.

“Yet, if you see them for the tricksters they are, you will be able to disempower these subtle attackers and prevent them from ‘bending you out of shape.’ The questions to ask yourself are: ‘In which emotional shape am I?’ ‘Am I strong and resilient?’ or ‘Is my emotional immune system weak?’ If you answer ‘yes’ to the last question, the next question to ask is ‘What am I going to do about it?’

“The best way to address unsettling emotions is to look for their antidote. Indeed, each emotion can be dealt with by activating its positive nemesis. Gratitude, for instance, will disarm depression, as it has an emotional black belt.

“Rather than allowing lower emotions to sneak their way into your being and call the shots, remember that you are the one in charge of yourself. By your free will choices, you can claim the upper hand in these emotional battles. Surely, some of them are brutal, yet, you are equipped to deal with them. Do not allow them to knock you out! Stay on your feet by being on the alert and your awareness will be your best ally.

“Monitor your thoughts and feelings. Which one do you feed? Which do you starve? By using your discernment and your inner guidance, you can calm the inner storms and cast anchor in welcoming harbors.”

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Enemies of Satisfaction

Chicago, US of A, March 14, 2017.
Teacher: Midwayer Thomas.
Subject: “Enemies of Satisfaction.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Thomas: “Even when you have found spirituality, that is, when you have found God and have committed to do His will, life can sometimes have too much of normality and become fastidious. Not everything you do in life is exhilarating; life is not always an ‘endless adventure’ when you are counting days, hours and minutes. Sometimes, even if you see the larger picture — the supreme meaning — it’s hard to transfer the satisfaction of these major successes to day-to-day events. So the question many times is just: How to keep satisfied every day? My simple answer is: find the enemies of your satisfaction.

“One thing that keeps the modern man from enjoying satisfaction in all he does is the enslaving Routine. Don’t get me wrong, routines are extremely beneficial to human beings. They help you get things done, they keep you organized and effective. But they rob your satisfaction in life when they transform your life into something machine-like. Routines should not be abandoned, but in order to avoid routine making your life arid and unsatisfying, they must be regularly suspended and replaced with different and recreational activities. Or, if possible, consider new ways (new routines) of doing those same things.

“Another satisfaction-killer is the well-known Boredom. Boredom is hard to explain. Most people don’t know why they are bored. Boredom robs your satisfaction by robbing your interest in what you are doing. It gives you the sensation that time stands still and there is nothing to do, but just wait. The answer to boredom is not in the outer world; the outer world is probably the cause of your boredom. So if you want to overcome boredom learn how to entertain yourself with your thoughts. Concentrate on things you like, recall those memories that you cherish or even plan your day ahead.

“Finally, what really can destroy satisfaction is the sense of Meaninglessness. This is a little more serious than routine and boredom. Indeed, this feeling sometimes rests upon all life and it seems that life has entirely lost meaning. Both Psychology and Spirituality can help with this. Psychology says depression comes when you, for whatever reason, lose control of your life. Spirituality says you feel meaningless when you have no hope beyond this life. Finding spiritual meaning certainly will help with the psychological effects of depression. You find purpose in life when you find the Universal Father and choose to do His will.

“So, my friend, the loss of satisfaction may be something trivial like a passing boredom, but it can also have its causes in something much graver, like a life-crisis, revealing a life-spreading depression, which can stick with you for years, even your entire life. Attack first the most dangerous, if that is your case — the meaninglessness — then you will be able to manage the effects of routine or boredom. Most importantly, do not fail to address the spiritual aspect of the problem. Make sure you establish and keep a worshipful relationship with the Father of all. I am your friend, Midwayer Thomas. Peace!”

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About revelation

Alabama, US of A, October 16, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About revelation.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “When we talk about a revelation religion we mean the kind of religion where the personal experience of each individual provides a progressively faithful and clear understanding of truth. Those who honestly strive to know their Father and follow His Will receive in their souls the truths they seek and these understandings slowly trickle down to their mortal minds.

“Today you understand very well many things that confused you in the past. Some of you possess an understanding of truth that very seldom has been reached on this earth. This has not happened because you have somehow been ‘chosen’ or because you are the new prophets. You have received these personal revelations because of your authentic interest expressed at the soul level to know the truth, with the intent of being better and to come closer to what your Father has dreamed for you — the true expression of your being.

“This sincere motivation is the key to advance and grow spiritually. When the intent of the soul is in line with the plans of the Father — His will — the only possible result is the satisfaction of the wishes of that soul, who yearns to satiate her thirst and hunger for perfection, because this is exactly what our Father desires for us to do with our lives and that is precisely the reason why He has embedded His Divine Presence in each one of us.

“A life lived this way creates a religion of experience, where what you live and what you learn becomes the most effective proof that eradicates all doubts and strengthens your faith. In your life you have not needed to force yourself to accept blindly any doctrine offered by others. Instead, you decided at some point that you wanted to find out more about this God business and when you started to search the answers within yourself — regardless of what you hoped to at first find — you started to find what you searched for.

“Today you can look back and see how much you have grown and how your life has improved, particularly your way to see the world. You have started to experience a more lasting peace based on more stable foundations. Today you are capable of looking at yourself more honestly and clearly see your mistakes, which is the first step in removing everything that keeps you away from the glorious goal of perfection. You have discovered that there is ‘something’ working behind the scenes that motivates you to be better each day and inspires you to learn more. This is the stimulus that creates a ‘vicious circle’ or learning and growth, because the desire to know more and to be better is fed by the victories and the progress that you daily experience through your search.

“Those who are explorers of their own destiny become the masters of their lives and they also become independent and deep thinkers. These fortunate mortals reap the fruits of their own decisions and start to notice that nothing in this world, no material situation, conspiracy, or event, can truly affect them, because their lives and their destinies are in their own hands and they have in turn put all these things in the hands of their Father, in whom they have learned to trust. This is how life on earth becomes increasingly divine, spiritual and plentiful, even in the middle of the confusion and the chaos of this world. These souls also become the lighthouses that guide those who languish in the dark and give hope to those souls searching for an exit from the traps of this world.”

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Stop hurting yourself

Monterrey, Mexico, July 12, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Stop hurting yourself.”

Message received by Bettina.

Thought Adjuster: “Sometimes the worst enemy to be confronted by you, is you. How many times do you say things that make you sad? How many times do you diminish yourself? How many times do you complain about doing something or not doing something? You judge yourself because of who you are or because of who you are not, or because of what you say or don’t say. You judge yourself harshly for many different reasons. Is it because you are not happy about the way you look or because you are not satisfied with your achievements? Stop! Stop now, because this is hurting you.

“Stop the prime judge you have in your life: yourself. Begin today a new life free of judgments, burdens and insecurities, and begin to trust more your own nature — your divine nature. Give your being an opportunity to try to learn something that you may call experimentation.

“Experimenting is not as bad as you think it is. Experimenting is about trying different alternatives and realizing which ones are best.

“In order to be better, it is necessary to realize what you can improve, which implies a process of expansion of consciousness: to realize. Take a few moments each day to realize how can you be better. Remember I AM here to guide you and that you can always come to Me.

“Begin today to be friendly with yourself, more understanding, more empathetic, more loving.

“The Father of all loves you unconditionally and wants you to experience His love. Open your heart to His love, for it to be filled with love and so you can also love yourself. Through His Love realize the wonderful and perfect being that you are!

“Then you can stop judging yourself and others, and love yourself and others more.

“It is time for you to enjoy more the adventure of life that you started here on earth, for it is but an instant in your spiritual existence. Make the most of your days.

“Stop hurting yourself. Love and live in peace.”

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If you stop judging, you will find peace — Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store

A Long-Range View and a Warning

Urantia, June 27, 2017 (from Aug, 2011).
Teachers: A Mentori Group.
Subject: “A Long-Range View and a Warning.”

Message received by Lytske.

Mentor: “We, from our celestial heights of unbelievable distances, see a tiny planet gasping for life’s breath, as it labors under many negative thoughts and actions.

“We desire to advise you of what it is that you as individuals can do to bring good health to the planet.

“Therefore a wake-up call is in order for you to become conscious of what it is that you can do to help yourselves, for God helps those who help themselves. As a result, a beneficial chain of events can be set in motion.

“Think of yourself as minuscule little planets. Know that you have God’s spiritual life-sustaining energy in the form of oxygen you’re your life-blood flowing through your system. You have a nervous system with all the delicate cellular and glandular influences and self-healing capabilities.

“Therefore, you do have in you the capacity to heal yourselves, as all cells despite aging, retain a wonderful memory for self-healing. However, this they can do only when you, as the master of your body and mind, use positive and helpful thoughts and actions. And you support the body with a healthful nutrition and lifestyle. You can literally heal yourself when you put your mind to it.

“Now let us take a long range view. Your wonderful and beautiful garden planet also has this capability to restore itself, but right now from our point in space, she does not look too healthy. We do keep a close eye on her but we are astounded, that so many mortals living upon her inflict so much sorrow and grief. They gauge, rape and pillage her with total disrespect, not even realizing that her many human species are all supposed to be the caretakers of this garden planet in space. Urantia is on loan to all humans, individuals having responsibility as keepers. You do not own the planet, the Creator does.

“Think about the planet’s nervous system and her life-blood how that is being poisoned. Even the air and water are at risk through the thoughtless actions of you unawakened humans. You do not even realize that there will come a time of reckoning for whatever is being done to her.

“This time of reckoning comes for everyone, and for some it will not be easy as eternity is forever. All have to atone for the way they have lived their life on earth. In this manner, you literally have your potential oblivion in your own hands.

“Think instead of how you can become better caretakers and help clean up the congestion in the planet’s nervous system and blood-stream by being more thoughtful and positive. This will have a most beneficial influence on your own ‘miniature’ bodies as well.

“Do become aware of this planet being of special interest and having a unique place in our universe, since it earned the dubious title of being the world of the cross. The rulers of the Sanhedrin had an innocent Son of God nailed to a wooden cross without due course of law. His only ‘sin’ was that he proclaimed the love of God and showed them how to live the Father’s will. He was and remains an example of being a most merciful Ruler of His own universe.”

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