Enter the Wise Long-Headed Ones

Illawarra District, Australia, November 16, 2019.
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Enter the Wise Long-Headed Ones.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Teacher Samuel: “The basic premise that I can simply converse with you about aspects of your planetary past is incorrect. Much, much will stay hidden from you until later. Even then you will likely be offered a much prolonged period of learning that may delay your spiritual progress during the times of those extensive studies. Populations, especially those of ‘disrupted’ worlds are better left with false but relatively simple and believable histories.

“The suggestion that some of the long-headed ones had been brought to your planet at the time of those who were later called, the Nodites, is very likely incorrect but I don’t really know. The long-headed were called the wise ones and they arrived ‘under their own steam’ as you call it. It will pay you to keep in mind the fact that you were a rebel planet, shut off from news broadcasts for time immemorial, but that normally progressing planets knew of your dilemma. Over the millennia they arrived here in droves and with the intricacies of space travel, some were marooned here for good.

“Occasionally, some came to stay and teach the common population as they were advanced in all aspects of living and in some facets of living, still, to this very day — medicin, quarry work, transport of stones weighing tons by sound, vibration. It can be said that they were about everywhere where there was a reasonably advanced society such as in Egypt, India, on Easter Island, in South America and more. Overall there were two problems to be overcome; their slight numbers in regard to procreation and some of their missing, specific nutritional sources, which they needed.

“Your local population did badly miss the wise long-headed ones as their tiny populations died out and in many places — not always in communication with like communities — some form of local, routine cranial deformation was developed for the newborn. The aim was to make them smarter, if not ‘better looking’ than the next little roundhead but alas, such intellectual genius was not often evident, as must be logical to your mind.

“Much will be learnt when your scientists venture yet deeper into the secrets of their ‘extra terrestrial’ DNA, but one important thing I want you to ‘take home’ from our discussion, my dear friend: all up, many thousands of the elongated-head medicos, builders and stone cutters came to your planet when most of you were still conveniently eating each other. Yes, enter the wise long-headed ones. Suffice it to say, they did their part, oh yes, to progress your home planet.

“This is Samuel of Panoptia, your friendly other-worldly Horticulturist and Teacher putting on his skates. Au Revoir.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
My Gift to you is for you to be of service to Me — Christ Michael.

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A Reason for Everything

Urantia, November 10, 2019.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Reason for Everything.”

Message Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “When you begin to increasingly count your blessings, spontaneous feelings of love and praise to the Giver of all will more and more rise up in your heart. This opens the heart for further gifts, which in turn lead to more prayers of praise and thanksgiving. Therewith your heart is being transformed into love. Love for each one you meet, not just for those nearest and dearest to you, but a love that transcends all on the earth-plane.

“True thanksgiving is spontaneous. It is never a formality. This thanksgiving develops a joyful heart that will grow so powerful with love towards the Creator that despair and depression flee.

“Therefore, open your inner and outer eyes every new day and find something to be thankful for. It can be a situation in which you have learned a lesson, which could not have been learned otherwise.

“Remember the circumstances in which you find yourself, are there to teach you. Every situation and every circumstance contains a lesson. It is up to you to decide if you are having an easy time or a difficult one.

“When you come from an open, grateful heart, you will have an easy time, but if your heart is closed, grumbling, being critical or finding fault, you will be having a difficult time, indeed. You will stay in that situation until you remedy yourself and show Me that you have learned that particular lesson.

“Children of great promise sometimes endure the hardest lessons, so they become strong and resilient.

“Be ever thankful and praise God. There is a reason for everything, and even if you land yourself in situations by your unwise choices and decisions, God ultimately makes everything come out right. Just give God a chance and thank Him for all the good He still holds in store for you.

“In this manner you will never be bereft of love and you will build your faith and trust in Him. Be like a little one, feeling secure and well cared for.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One.

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Receivers/Transmitters – Part 1

Quebec, Canada, November 13, 2019.
Teacher: Charles.
Subject: “Receivers/Transmitters.” – Part 1.

Message received by Michel Levasseur.

Charles: “I salute you all. I am Charles, a Mighty Messenger who is responsible for the encircuitment of the new receivers.

“Many of you wonder who I am, so what you need to know is that I am from Orvonton and just like you, I was an evolutionary being who lived on a planet that knew rebellion there aeons ago.

“I am with you as a Finaliter and to accompany Machiventa, Monjoronson and Christ Michael in various tasks assigned to me.

“Some of you know me because I sent you various messages in the past, so here I am back to accomplish this wonderful task of accompanying the new receivers who have already made their request in this way as well as all those who have a real desire to actively participate in future changes by being receivers of messages.

“Today, you must know that each one of you who has asked for it, or will ask for it in the near future, we will accompany you in this very beautiful process that will make you experienced receivers and who will have the task of participating actively in the changes that will bring the Planet to the era of Light and Life.

“In my future messages I will mention each of the details of what you will need to do and know for each step in the process. Know, my friends, we have built a great team of beings of all kinds who will attend to you in your development.

“This will be all for today but know that we are very happy to participate in this mission and that each of you who have this desire to participate will be accompanied to make possible this wonderful experience to the maximum for you.

“Have a good day.
“I AM Charles.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Take the People to the Spiritual Starting Gates,
to let them run their own Race – Machiventa, 2000.

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I Will be Back by Tomorrow

I Will be Back by Tomorrow.
From the Desk of George Barnard – 11/16/2019.

There was a time, around 2003 or 2004 when I was living by myself and I used to do some of my shopping at the strip – a few blocks of ‘essential’ shops on a busy nearby highway. I often ordered fish and french fries, paid for it and quickly went on to empty my post box and maybe buy some bread and cheese.

The East-Asia man in the fish shop, named Harry, would ask me every time when I would be back for the meal. Pretty soon he knew I would take just a few minutes. After some weeks I told him, “I’ll be back before tomorrow.” Later it became, “I’ll be back by tomorrow,” or he would say, “Tomollow?” and laugh. It made his day, our fooling around.

One late morning I walked into his empty shop. There was no one waiting for their order. Harry was behind the counter and just before I handed him his money I suddenly noticed someone had appeared right behind me, just eight feet away, beautifully dressed, a little girl smiling at me. I turned back to Harry, gave him a five dollar bill and said, “For sure by tomorrow!” Then I turned back to the well-dressed little moppet and looked at her for a half second longer. She was smiling an ear-to-ear smile at me, angelic-looking, seemingly knowing just what my words to Harry meant. Spooky!

I winked and smiled back at her and quickly moved out of there for the post office, but in the open doorway I looked back at her, still puzzled. She was gone! Swallowed up by the wide tiled floor? Dissolved into the oily smell of the fish shop? There was nowhere for her to go, no time for her to go anywhere and Harry, likely, could not have seen her. He still had his nose pointed at the cash register. It happened so quickly! I imagined she could have been four or five years old at most, maybe the child of some german tourists, judging by her striking little outfit. She was dressed far too warm for the Aussie weather, but where were her parents?

I looked up and down the street but there was no one that could possibly belong to that charming child – a mystery.

Memories of that unusual meeting drifted in and out of my mind for some weeks beyond that momentary encounter. Then, at last, the memories of little ones just like her got through to my misty childhood recollection of “children” whose little feet left no footprints on soft sand.

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

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My Gift to you is for you to be of service to Me — Christ Michael.

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All in Due Time

Now at Elgin, Illinois, US of A, August 5, 2019.
Magisterial Son: Monjoronson.
Subject: “All in Due Time.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Monjoronson: “Blessings, my child. It’s for me, too, an event of great satisfaction to speak with you this morning. The Magisterial Message must be spread over the entirety of Urantia, even before my full manifestation. That is why I am here even now, ahead of the official inauguration of the Magisterial Mission on your planet.

“As you well know, although we don’t manipulate human will, not even to ensure the success of the Will of God, in the celestial realm we do have trusted ways and personalities capable of predicting with a great margin of certainty in which direction the events of a planet will be heading. Firstly, we have similar experiences on other planets which, when compared to happenings on your planet, allow us to imagine what lies ahead if a similar course is to unfold. Secondly, we do have personalities, such as the Melchizedeks, who are capable of putting many details together and draw predictive conclusions if things were to be left undisturbed. And finally, we have authorities that are entitled to intervene when circumstances indicate that the damage caused to a race could be beyond acceptable if left without intervention. These beings are your Constellation Fathers, which without interference with the human will, can create situations that will confront unwise human decisions and put pressure on events to direct them to a more agreeable inclination with the will of God. That is what is called the ‘fullness of times’ of Michael’s days on Urantia. Similar conditions will also need to be present for my full manifestation.

“However, remember the thoughts of the Creator are not like your thoughts. God watches for the goodness of all people and for the longest time possible, while yours are, due to your limitations, also limited, perhaps to those who agree with you. My child, God’s measures on Urantia, cannot be called left or right, progressive or conservative. Your superiors having precise directions from your Sovereign, Christ Michael, may sometimes make use of conservative tendencies or progressive ones — which better serve the divine purpose. I understand that you think that progressive measures are always best, and there is no doubt they may contribute greatly to the development of a planet. However, Urantia is not only composed of progressive societies, as there are societies and even entire peoples that are greatly backward compared with your more advanced societies. If the gap between them is too big, it may become a great obstacle to the brotherhood of men and the sisterhood of women which should grow and dominate on Urantia. So be patient, for you are being guided to wise and tested principles by the wisest personalities in our local Universe of Nebadon.

“Your superiors on High do know that right now there is a conservative political wave in many nations on Urantia. Sadly, conservatism may lead to fundamentalism and that increases intolerance and the chance of major wars in your world. This, progressives abhor, it is true, but sometimes some risky measures are necessary to avoid other even graver ones, that is, the permanent or long and profound ‘disruption’ of societies, which for a long time could throw your world onto backward patterns of the past, losing important conquests of the twentieth century.

“Therefore my child, do not try to predict what God will do, because such an enterprise is almost futile, but be prepared to recognize the actions of God, when they do manifest on your world. I am Monjoronson, your Avonal Son, soon to be fully manifest on your world. Peace be with you!”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Keep Before You the Goal of the Ages — Teacher Prolotheos.

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