Life Everlasting

Urantia, July 05, 2020.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Life Everlasting.”

Message Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “One single moment in time can make the difference between life and death, meaning also ‘eternal death’. It is in the struggles of mortal existence that a soul can break free, because it recognizes the great Rescuer.

“Sometimes it is an indefinable moment when time seems to stand still, because eternity is touched upon by human consciousness, and something has forever shifted in the human mind, because of the momentary glimpse beyond the ‘veil’, and the soul rushes in to embrace that moment in glad recognition, after which a deep rest settles into the soul, never to be forgotten as the endless journey of further awakening begins.

“It is as when the sperm meets the egg, waiting for Him, and the eternal Spirit moves the two together in a Blinding Flash of Creation, and so the endless journey begins – an embryonic soul under the love and care of Spirit begins to evolve.

“In the mortal estate it is unaware of how it grows, like the infant in the womb. It is when it reaches self-consciousness and becomes aware of its surroundings, which it actively seeks to explore.

“These surroundings are so incredibly different from what meets the mortal eyes, for slowly on, like the infant, it begins to discern the smile of its heavenly Parents with the eyes of spirit, and it feels that incredible unconditional love in which it is free to explore spiritual matters.

“And so its journey towards enlightenment begins, as it slowly grows in wisdom and understanding, and discovers its older siblings with glee and in time helps the younger ones.

“This, My beloved, is only the beginning of life everlasting.”

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Prescription for Prayer

Oregon, US of A, May 1, 2020.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Prescription for Prayer.”
Message received by Anyas.

“Prayer has been the ancestor of much peace of mind, cheerfulness, calmness, courage, self-mastery, and fair-mindedness in the men and women of the evolving races.” [UB 91:4.5]

Thought Adjuster: “Unlike many of your prescription drugs, prayer has no negative side-effects. I am talking here about ‘authentic’ prayer — the one that surges from a wide-open heart, in contrast with the one recited by rote as the performance of a religious ‘duty’ advertised to earn you brownie points for good behavior.

“Prayer is more than asking for divine favors. Neither is it exerting undue pressure by ‘cutting deals’ with your Maker, hoping to twist His Arm and have Him see things your way.

“Prayer implies trust in the One to Whom you confide. It is an intimate soul-to-Soul conversation with your BFF [Best Friend Forever] — without holding anything back out of a false sense of religious correctness. It has nothing to do with mindlessly following rituals accessorized with bells, candles, genuflections, expensive aromatherapy, and pious formulas. How would you feel if your so-called friends similarly approached you? Wouldn’t it stifle your relationship?

“To generate “peace of mind, cheerfulness, calmness, courage, self-mastery, and fair-mindedness,” prayer has to be full and candid disclosure of the predicament for which you solicit advice. This state of trustful surrender triggers the release of the spiritual fragrances and positive side-effects of the act and attitude of authentic prayer.

“By outpouring your heart, you discharge much inner tension. Don’t you always feel better after confiding to a loyal friend? By carefully articulating what preoccupies you, you get a better picture, which is part of the ‘soul-ution’ — figuring out the soul’s way to deal with your dilemmas successfully.

“Prayer can also be a very beneficial time-out during which you process the tumultuous emotions that rob you of peace of mind. By letting out the ‘emotional steam,’ you get grounded in the peace that passes all understanding. It is when you know that your prayer has already been partially answered, as the Divine gets back to you on a priority basis. When you are troubled, your most urgent priority is to calm down so that you can make clear-headed and inspired decisions.

“Ask, and you shall receive” was Jesus’ simple admonition. He well knew that many human prayers will need to be edited On High as to the relevance of their content so that the forthcoming answers meet the petitioner’s real needs and cater to the overall highest good. It is why His closing statement always was “My will is to do Your Will.”

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He is a Brother

Illawarra District, Australia, July 07, 2020.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “He is a Brother.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “When somebody slams a book onto your desk within which the author calls the Correcting Time the Quickening, that particular somebody has identified your brother. And when he, the author, Anthony William, reports to get medical information from the Spirit of the Most High, he is saying he is a Medical Medium – a Receiver or even a (back to front) T/R. What blew you away – admit it, my friend – was his story of a Celestial visitation at a family dinner table and the advice that his grandmother – present at the dinner – had lung cancer.

The fact that four-year-old Anthony William heard a distinct voice, but saw nothing and that at that same age you clearly saw the messenger standing between your mom and dad but heard not a word spoken, makes no difference. You travelled with the Midwayer on your healing journeys, each time. Anthony William was getting an education and authoring the same information was always his main purpose. And what a book it is! You were kept busy, set aside for later, the year 2000 and organization and varied languages.

We’re one step closer to Light and Life!

To all subscribers,
I recommend you purchase the book MEDICAL MEDIUM by Anthony William, published by HAY HOUSE, INC.

Go also to his website: and say hello.

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See this Change as a Renewal

Mattawan, Michigan US of A, March 21, 2020.
Teacher: Magisterial Son, Monjoronson.
Subject: “See this Change as a Renewal.”

Message received by Vicki Vanderheyden.

Monjoronson: “In the midst of drastic measures that you are taking to control this pandemic, let us provide you with a broader picture. As many of you find yourself in uncharted territory whether it be from loss of family, friends or finance… Whether it be from routines and careers that are disrupted or unexpected isolation from loved ones… Whether it be from a significant change in how you see your future… Know that all change holds the potential for renewal.

“It is true, you are entering an era where things will not be the same. Your planet after much stress, has ground many of her inhabitants to a temporary halt. Most living things will feel this and some will eventually adapt. You are seeing now how you are truly connected to all that surrounds you. You are seeing how, the most insignificantly appearing microbe can create massive chaos. You are feeling the vulnerability of life spinning out of control. However, as we gaze upon this current wave of disruption, we with a broader view, see the potential for healing, the potential for giving, the potential for more balance in a world that has been whirling toward its own destruction.

“For some, this will mean a life’s change that you may wonder if you will ever recover from, while others will appear to rise from this occasion with barely a scratch. And for all, we are here to comfort you. Know though, that many will begin to understand that there is no turning back. Many will wonder what this means for their future. Many will at some moment wonder what will come next. Know also, that many will grow in some way from this crisis.

“We ask that you choose to stay positive. We ask that you choose to look for ways to help others. We ask that you choose to take advantage of these chaotic moments, to calm your minds, to respond to unexpected opportunities, to see how you may adjust your thinking and your lifestyle toward more sustainable practices. And in addition, we ask that you look around and take note of the beauty that surrounds you, on a planet that is struggling to maintain stasis and stability, and yet, even now, quivers with the waves of renewal.”

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Is Urantia In for a New Great War?

São Carlos – SP-, Brazil, July 7, 2019.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Subject: “Is Urantia In for a New Great War?”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “You have not been available to me or to other Teachers for a long time. Your question also originated in other minds — many minds, in truth — it is most relevant any time, but particularly now: “Is Urantia in for a new Great World War?” While there is no more definite answer than the one given to your Progress Group Leader by Samuel of Panoptia (“Only the Father knows”), there is some evidence (signals) that allow us to conjecture with a reasonable margin of certainty, only by remembering what you already know about wars and applying it to the present day.

“While wars are the maximization and generalization of the individual, group, and nations inter-irritations, it is said on your Papers that, “whenever the fabric of civilization becomes stressed by the complications of society's advancement, there is always an immediate and ruinous reversion” to wars. That was true about your previous two of Urantia’s Great Wars which were, in fact, a result of the social complications brought by your so-called Industrial Revolution. Presently, man tested his advancements to relieve those social anxieties which that very advancement had caused. Nowadays, a new anxiety emerged, produced by another Revolution, the Technological Revolution, which also needs relief, and if man does not apply peaceful social means to obtain it, a new Great War will surely do that.

“Also, a factor that seems to slow the evolution of new worldwide conflicts is the horrible destruction caused by the other two experiences, especially with the use of nuclear weapons. However, it seems there is a tacit agreement among the world superpowers, that is, conventional weapons are tolerated, but nuclear weapons are not — except to the superpowers, being America the Sheriff of such non-verbal agreement. Still, as science spreads and technology becomes available even to small and poor countries, underdeveloped nations see in this situation a way to call attention to their needs and agendas: forcing their entrance in this selected nuclear club and so gaining bargaining power. That certainly increased the risk of nuclear conflicts and the risk of a new Worldwide War. Not arrogance, but respect and understanding, will help superpowers to deal with these small but dangerous nuclear threats.

“Finally, take a look at the role of religions and ideologies in the genesis of major conflicts. If they are not the provokers, they certainly are the supporters. Religious and ideological fanaticism is rapidly overspreading through the radical Islamism and the White-Supremacism. No religion or ideology is exempt from becoming radical and being used to justify wars. Simply to counter discourse or violently repress these fanaticisms is not enough or wise to prevent their spread because they feed on being combated, as well noted by the Jewish teacher Gamaliel at the beginning of the Christian Era. Religious and ideological fanaticism has and may again bring humanity to the brink of a worldwide war. Radicalisms are fought with their opposite, dialogue and tolerance, but intelligent and effective ones, that touch and instigate supernal values in people and help them to reconsider their destructive course of action.

“Therefore, my pupil, I join Samuel of Panoptia in saying, “Only God knows”, if you are at the brink of WWIII. We all, both low and High, pray and work that no more will come, but as you well know, it doesn’t help that your human race is still incredibly immature. Besides, even the Father resists interfering with the sacred human free will and, although there is much celestial and divine pressure to the contrary, it is well possible that a new Great War is in the making on Urantia — “But only God Knows”. These signals make us suspect that, yes, it is lurking to appear, but also they help you to focus on what may be done to prevent it. I am Prolotheos, your tutor and teacher on High. Peace!”

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