You Are Transmitters/Receivers

Oregon, US of A, May 4, 2019.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “You Are Transmitters/Receivers.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “All of you have been equipped by On High to be Transmitters/Receivers (T/Rs). You may shake your head in disbelief, but how could you be sure that it is not so if you do not investigate this claim? Wouldn’t it constitute an incredible blessing if it were so? Wouldn’t it make perfect sense that the Creator, whose objective is All-Inclusive Oneness, has encircuited all His creatures in His vast network, outfitting them with individual state-of-the-art servers?

“Some of you have experienced your T/R abilities at some level without identifying them as such. Telepathy might seem to be the aptitude of just a few but it is in fact, an undeveloped potential in all. Moreover, it does not apply only to human consciousness.

“Consciousness IS consciousness. It is the common denominator of God’s sentient creatures on both sides of what is depicted as a veil. How else would your angels pick up on your thoughts and prayers?

“The digital age did not occur by chance. It is part of the Great Plan to provide you with more detailed information about the ins and outs of the mental processes. Modern technology enables almost instant long-distance communications. You trade e-mails; you text messages; you Skype.

“Aren’t you intrigued by your dormant abilities? They are part of your God-given personality kit. Don’t you wish to activate them? Such wishful thinking has to be followed by actions to enter the realm of manifestation.

“Your prayerful outreach should not consist of one-way monologues with Spirit. How else could you receive the solicited guidance? The Stillness Practice set the stage for your receptivity. The feedback may not necessarily be wordy; it could be ‘felt’ through the emergence of peaceful and soothing emotions in your being.

“Take time daily to hone your T/R skills. They will surely improve over time, just as babies slowly acquire basic language skills over the first years of their existence. The spoken words greatly enhance their rudimentary body language. Babies fuss when uncomfortable or hungry. They cry when they want to be held; they smile and coo when content. Their caretakers naturally pick up on these non-verbal clues. Doesn’t it tell you that you have it in you to engage in an expanded and rewarding dialogue with the universe?”

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Hymns of Glory

Alabama, US of A, April 19, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Hymns of Glory.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Very few people in this world feel the desire to improve themselves. However, each day a greater number of human beings begin to follow the inspiration to approach true spirituality and to be in touch with the Divinity that hides within each one of you – your Thought Adjuster – the Father’s gift to be in close contact with each of His human creatures.

“From ‘on high’ we measure progress by the number of souls that awaken to the reality that there is something beyond matter, that their existence is about much more than mere survival in this world. Day by day, we can assure you that one more step has been taken in the right direction, in the establishment of Light and Life, when some guardian angel reports that her charge has expressed the desire to find the Father.

“This is a perspective that you cannot experience from your point of view. For your limited vision and by the influence of the invasive media, it looks like your world is getting worse, and your civilization is daily moving towards barbarism and backwardness. Keep in mind that good news is almost never reported. When someone helps others, when a mother gives everything to the very limits of her mental and physical capacity to ensure that her children have a better future, when a teacher shares the truth that she or he has learned with the desire that those who listen find the inspiration to rise above their limitations, no one reports what has happened on the pages or on the screens of your media. And yet, we observe these things daily, and it is precisely these expressions of goodness and wisdom that are transmitted in the ‘celestial reports’, even reaching the Father, Who has knowledge of each individual effort of every human being to approach their true essence.

“Keep going forward with your efforts to spread the light of Truth to all the corners obscured by the confusion of your beloved planet. Every effort that each of you make, actually produces ‘Hymns of Glory’ on High. For the Father and for those who delight in doing His Divine Will, there is no deed more valiant, higher work, or sweeter gesture than that offered by a human creature expressing true divinity through a courageous and dynamic faith, motivated by the desire to be like the Creator Father and share His unconditional love.”

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The Point of Entry of Miracles

Oregon, US of A, April 24, 2019.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Point of Entry of Miracles.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “There are times when you are puzzled by what occurs in your personal life due to complex interactions with others. It makes you feel out of your area of expertise, and you might well be. You are wondering what you should do in such cases and you ask for My input.

“When you give your 100%, God compensates for what is missing. You do need to trust in such a process. What matters is that you give it your all, without holding back. Give it as an offering to the Divine — as your contribution to the cosmic fund. Leave the rest up to the wise Administrator of such a precious trust fund.

“It is the best mode of action whenever you come to your wit’s end. You are, and will forever be a child of your Divine Progenitors. Surely, parents do not expect the impossible from their evolving children. Their expectations are commensurate to the learning curve of the child — nothing more and nothing less.

“The same goes for your spiritual Parents. They observe how you navigate through your life’s challenges, and reach down whenever your burden is too heavy for you to carry alone. It constitutes the point of entry of what you may coin as miracles. What lays behind the door on which you are banging with both fists? Are your cries for help heard? Are your tears acknowledged?

“You are an evolutionary being, and each day contributes to that process of personal growth providing an abundance of practice runs. Each day can be a rehearsal for the next one, and the next one until you are ready for public performance — to altruistically serve with the new skills you have honed in that tedious process thus becoming a bona fide civil servant.

“Do not give up! Do not drop out of this amazing co-production! You have a modest, yet important role to play in it.”

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An Interchange of Thought

Urantia, May 25, 2019.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “An Interchange of Thought.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Let us ponder the interchange of thought, for this is what you and I are doing. You may not often consider this as such, but this interchange is a sublime fact.

“These communications are indeed a dialog of thoughts and those who might chance to read these words with their hearts, will experience a thrill of recognition, as they too have a Father Fragment that will echo these words deep within them.

“Of course, I know that you are also thinking about kindred spirits and it is always wonderful when two mortals can companion each other in this manner. However, this as you have experienced, is well-nigh impossible. Proper preparation for such an event as a marriage is at times almost absent and the planning pertains only to temporal and material matters.

“The long-term impact is hardly ever considered and eternal implications are hardly thought to play a role. This explains the alarming divorce rate on this planet.

“However, if a less than ideal combination is persisted with, it can teach one or both partners to become more understanding of and cooperative with each other in accepting their differences. At those times a measure of unconditional love can grow and be experienced.

“Think of perseverance and tenaciousness, consideration for another, the striving to be successful in all areas of life. A greater understanding and loving concern toward another are the hallmarks of a sturdy and truthful character in the making.

“All these traits are reflected in God the Supreme. This is a gift from free will creatures, for it is their choice how throughout life they walk this road.

“How blessed is the soul that can rejoice in the sure knowledge of everlasting love and over-care.

“Persist in your daily seeking of Me, for the more often you come into the Stillness of your heart, the stronger your faith in Me will grow.”

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Vulnerability is Key

Asheville, NC, US of A, May 19, 2019.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “Vulnerability is Key.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Uteah: “With the busyness of life on your world, there tends to be little time to stop and consider the most important things in life come from authentic relationships that go beyond superficial social life. Deep meaning relationships where people can be vulnerable in expression of their life journey — the difficulties, the challenges, the fears, the pain, and the joys of finding meaning in life are seldom explored by people with busy lives. Making a living and raising children often become a focus and the care of the soul may only be considered as the result of some tragedy that thrusts it to the forefront of your attention. For a world to become a place of truth, beauty, and goodness, it requires that people pay more attention to the care of the soul. Vulnerability is key to unlocking the deeper meanings of life by exploring the ‘uncomfortable.’

“Men are taught from an early age to be strong and to not show emotion — this is nearly a cultural norm that is deep seated in the DNA as men have traditionally been the warriors and hunters in providing protection and sustenance to the family and community. This is the conditioning that can block the emotions that allow the soul to express its own need for care. Often it is the woman in a relationship who opens up this vulnerability first and men typically are challenged to understand it. Women are also finding it difficult to express vulnerability because they are often the ones needing to hold the family together — seeing the needs of all are being met while neglecting their own self care. Women with working careers and family are even more challenged.

“The answer to all this is the antidote to a busy life. This will require that you make time to stop the train of your busy life and get out and see where your life is going. This requires that you take yourself out of your comfort zone and the well worn ruts that you have created that have become mundane. There are many ways that you can change the way you live and still provide for your sustenance. How much time do you spend thinking about your life from a higher perspective? How do others see you?

“When your life is over here on this world and you are facing eternity, your busyness will stop and you will have to look at the totality of your life and how it was lived. If you never stop to ‘check-in’ with how this is going now, you may find you missed out on some very valuable opportunities because you failed to put yourself in a vulnerable place to explore things that may have enriched your life experiences. Understand that there is no other personality here or hereafter that will hold you accountable to see that you grew in truth, beauty, and goodness — this is something you will want for yourself — to store those treasures in the soul.

“It is never too late for you to find deeper meaning in life. You can choose to start today and make changes that will allow for your self-care. You can find these deeper parts of yourself by being vulnerable and looking at your life from a higher perspective. Looking at those uncomfortable things you typically push under, as to not disturb your busy life, can be the very thing that makes life worth living and can lead to great opportunities to enrich your experiences in truth, beauty, and goodness.

“When more people begin choosing to care for the soul, this will affect their relationships in a positive way where society will eventually find that vulnerability is not a weakness, but a way to express truth, beauty, and goodness. This then leads to values that society will recognize as being something that benefits all people. This is the antitheses of a world changing to see wealth as a value for an enriched life rather than a busy life. Spend some time today looking at the bigger picture of your life and see where you can bring more truth, beauty, and goodness into it.

“In service to the soul,
“I AM Uteah.”

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store