Give me Peace and I Will Give You Peace in Return

Chicago, US of A, April 29, 2017.
Teacher: Urantia, (Gaia, Mother Earth or Planetary Supreme).
Subject: “Give me Peace and I Will Give You Peace in Return.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Gaia: “I am Gaia, the God the Supreme’s planetary deity-focalization for Urantia. I am the rendezvous of all bona fide life energy on this sphere. I absorb all good and bad experiences; the former immediately, the latter, after they have been purged of their inconsistencies through spiritual resolution. I synthesize these experiences and give back to you the average balance in accordance with your present spiritual status. If you give me peace, I give you peace in return. The more peace is given, the better the evolution of peace will manifest on Urantia. You now need much Peace, so give me Peace.

“Give me Peace by Wishing for Peace. Thinking of peace is good, but not enough. In order for me to process your thinking, it must be more than an intellectual observation. It needs to come from your will. It needs for you to desire the peace because a sincere desire can bring effective action and start the circuit of real decisions motivated by Beauty. Peace is related to Beauty because peace is harmony, which is the core of all that is beautiful. Don’t be a theoretical expert for peace. Be an experiential one, longing for peace from within, from your very heart.

“Give me Peace by Feeling Peace. Emotions may carry spiritual energy if they spring from love, truth and beauty. So, if yours were born from these, I can absorb your emotions. Do not only wish peace in your heart but enjoy peace, which is proportional to the degree of harmonization you have in your personal life. It is not only harmonization at the intellectual level, but rather the moral, ethical and spiritual levels that count towards a plus-experience of peace in your life. Harmonize your life with what you know of the will of God and you will increasingly feel peace in your life.

“Give me Peace by Practicing Peace. So far, by wishing and feeling, peace is about you and how I can process it for my experiential growth and give it back as a racial gain. The personal dimension is important, but it is in the social one of practicing peace that it makes the greatest difference. Practice peace by renouncing violence, abuse, prejudice, and by advocating peace in all human relationships. Start with your family relations, extend it to professional, community, national and global relations. Be a beacon for peace. Listen to what your Jesus taught: ‘Blessed are the peacemakers!’

“Therefore, my child, peace will not happen by magic. It will be a consequence of what you have nurtured as the human race on Urantia. In fact, if peace now fails to lodge on this planet, you are responsible for such failure. You have all spiritual help available, if you would only make use of it to expedite your spirituality as a race. Let me help you. Give me more bona fide goodwill towards peace and I will assist you in making peace a reality on Urantia. I am Urantia, Gaia, your Mother Earth. Give me Peace!”

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View Yourself as a Winner

Oregon, US of A, July 6, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “View Yourself as a Winner.”

Message received by Anyas.

“The doing of the will of God is nothing more or less than an exhibition of creature willingness to share the inner life with God . . .” [The Urantia Papers 1221:02]

Thought Adjuster: “As you reflect upon your desire to be the best you can be at any given moment, the thought came to your mind that your Heavenly Father is a God of many chances. Indeed, such is the case and it could not be otherwise due to the fact that human beings are evolutionary beings. You have not been created perfect, but are meant to ‘get there’ through the process of experience gathering.

“You learn through trial and error. Errors are powerful deterrents and stern disciplinarians. They can be turned to your advantage in the same manner you will refrain from touching a hot stove top after being burnt just once and suffering from painful blisters.

“On the spiritual level, you do not always learn the first time and life will keep presenting you multiple opportunities to eventually master its curriculum. If you are filled with goodwill and good intentions, be assured that you will get it right. Each failed attempt will keep you humble and become a new motivator to try again until you succeed, just as a toddler eager to learn to walk, stubbornly gets back up after each fall, thus strengthening his wobbly legs.

“What matters is that you never give up and call upon Me to strengthen your resolve whenever it is flickering. I believe in you. I trust you more than you trust yourself. What does it tell you? View yourself as a winner — not a loser. You never lose if you gain wisdom from your apparent shortcomings. This is the beauty of it. ‘Thank you, God, for the good that will come out of them.’ By switching to a mode of gratitude, you are assigning value to these experiences. You are transmuting them into celestial currencies, rather than tossing them away as expendable and embarrassing.”

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About Greatness

Alabama, US of A, October 25, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Greatness.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “It is very difficult for a human being to break with his or her past and dare to think independently. There are some who are exploring spirituality while dreaming about the honors and prestige they will gain by becoming modern prophets. Even when they imagine celestial rewards, they dream about the public recognition of their great deeds for this world. Where does this human desire to be recognized and exalted come from? Recognition is something that some humans consider to be very important.

“Ironically this desire comes from the low self-esteem that is common throughout humanity. It is very hard for a human being to believe that nothing is required to gain divine favor. In this world, only those who do great things gain the respect of their peers. However, beyond this world the only rule is unconditional love and this love is offered to all, equally and without the need for having to do anything to deserve it. Initially, your efforts to live on the Morontia world will be focused on learning how to live under this new paradigm.

“In your world’s history there have been many men and women who made great things to further the advance of truth on Urantia. Even the Creator of this universe lived among you as Jesus of Nazareth. However, in the eyes of the Father, Jesus and any of the prophets or great leaders of this world are not more important than any other of His children, because His love is eternal, unconditional, limitless and our Father doesn’t discriminate against any person. We are all equal in His eyes and this equality is not at a mediocre level; it is instead an exalted level where all of us are considered by our potential — that which we can be when perfected — because in the eyes of God we are truly considered to be His equals.

“So what does it mean to be great in the kingdom of heaven? The highest reward to which any creature can aspire is an increasingly more complete and higher understanding of divinity — the progressive knowledge of God. This is the treasure that your soul and your spirit seek and this achievement represents the highest goal of human existence. Those who get to know their Father better become increasingly like Him and therefore live His will.

“This magnificent achievement can only be reached by trying to be better every day through the intelligent consecration of our decisions and actions to the will of God. The reward for those who chose this path is literally the entire creation, all the knowledge and all the wisdom, and this has nothing to do with the selfish desire to be exalted above our peers. The universes and an eternity to explore them through a life expressing and experiencing the divine love of our Father are being offered to you. This certainly should make your desire for recognition seem irrelevant and myopic.”

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Framing the Divine Human Relationship

Asheville, NC, US of A, July 16, 2017.
Teacher: I AM.
Subject: “Framing the Divine Human Relationship.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

I AM: “My Beloved Child, you have been asking Me for guidance on new ways in which you may more effectively attune with me — you are experimenting with different thought processes in which to ‘frame’ my relationship with you. This is a most favorable way to explore this uncharted territory, for many humans have difficulty even accepting that ‘the Kingdom of Heaven is within?’ You now know and understand this to some extent, yet you continue to push the boundaries of human understanding about the Divine Relationship. You have always had complete freedom to think about Me in any way that brings you in closer, and this is a metamorphosis of thought and understanding that shall continue to develop throughout your ascendant career until the moment of fusion brings us into eternal union.

“I AM your true soulmate and no other may claim this highest most intimate place within you. All other relationships are secondary, even those humans that you hold in the closest ‘orbits’ to your heart. How then would you imagine a relationship with a soulmate? Would there be total trust, openness, and non-judgment? Would there be unconditional love? Would there be intimate affection? Would you share your most intimate thoughts; greatest interests, and deepest desires? Can you bring your mind to think of Me this way?

“Many cannot imagine having such an intimate relationship as this with ‘God’ because of the deeply rooted ideas in theology and in popular culture that override this idea of God as a soulmate and put ‘Him’ afar off in some lofty place — separated from you. This is the work I ask of you — to stretch your mind and understanding and look beyond these preconceived ideas you have about how a divine relationship should be framed in the human mind?

“The highest ideals of human love between two compliments of being in the flesh is to come together in sexual union and express your understanding of love as a reflection of the divine within you — the complete surrender of self to the other. Should a Divine Relationship be any less than this most intimate blissful union? But how can this be when I AM not in physical form and not thought of as a lover — a compliment of being?

“You and I are always in a blissful non-fused union, only you don’t perceive it that way now. It is your task to understand this blissfulness and to bring Me into this intimate embrace within your mind. When you are expressing your highest understanding of love with another, it is this blissful union I share with you that is reflected onto the person of your affections. Try to understand this, my Beloved, and do not hold back on your expression when in the arms of a lover — for it is I that moves through you and vibrates this blissful state of divine love that you then transmute into the emotions that you choose to express and surrender to the other. Can you now see how we are in union when you express my love for you and extend it to others? This happens at all levels of human relationships and in varying degrees of ‘wholeness.’

“Think about these things, my Beloved, and please experiment with your ideas for the ‘framing’ of our Divine-Human relationship.

“I AM that You Are.”

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The Future of Medicine

Chicago, US of A, April 6, 2017.
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8).
Subject: “The Future of Medicine.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Dr. Mendoza: “The advancement of Medicine and the improvement of social and environmental conditions will be responsible for an incredible betterment of human health on Urantia as it has occurred on other planets that progressed beyond the ages of war, poverty and biological misuses of all kinds. The ages of Light and Life will witness astonishing progress in Human Health, and an increasing human lifespan to 300, 400 even 500 years. This is not an idea of Utopia. It will be the reality and it has already started with many medical advancements. Let’s then discuss this opportunity of how medicine will process this advancement in the future, specifically in three main fields:

“1. Increasing Knowledge of Pathology. Pathology is the study of diseases. It is the scientific study of what makes people sick that has culminated with the impressive progress in Medicine witnessed during the 20th Century. However, much is yet in store both for Pathology and Pharmaceutics. Each day scientists better understand the human body’s constitution and functions, Each day the pharmaceutics industry produces new and more effective medicines to diminish and cure Urantia’s diseases. Governments and private initiative of advanced nations have funded and sponsored much research into discovery of the cure for persistent diseases like cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s and more.

“2. Increasing Usage of Technology. Technology has advanced enormously the application of Chemistry in Pharmaceutics for lab exams and patient monitoring. Electronic devices have been a great help to first responders and in emergency rooms to stabilize patients. Medicine is now using electronic devices that control body functions, replace body parts and diagnose internal body malfunctions. Even more is possible for human beings to progress in the future. Medicine is and will be so linked to technology in time to come that its advance will literally defy belief. However, its increasing cost also makes medicine a luxury product for economic elites.

“3. Increasing Application of Genesiology. That is an archaic word for Eugenics — currently a politically incorrect word. However, it is what is meant that matters: a serious study and effective action to improve the genetic human stocks on Urantia. That is not playing God. It’s a necessary measure to put world population under quantitative and qualitative control. The physically, socially and morally degenerate are unnecessary burdens on society and cripple the moral and spiritual development of human beings on Urantia. Your planet suffers from the incompletion of the Adamic up-stepping bestowal. Science must do what that dispensation failed to provide.

“So, my friend, Medicine on your world has significantly advanced, thanks to these above-mentioned instances, but the best is still to come. Medicine will increasingly become more efficient, greatly advanced, and a conspicuously professional and ethical field. Many diseases of today will be history in the coming centuries. The many and diverse interactions among the countries and cultures, create a great risk for rapid dissemination of communicable diseases — the emerging challenge for this new century. We Midwayers can’t just give you the knowledge that you haven’t yet acquired, but as soon as it appears in any human mind, we will cultivate it.”

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