Connect in the Silence

Monterrey, Mexico, March 19, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Connect in the Silence.”

Message received by Bettina.

Thought Adjuster: “Close your eyes, for you need to take a few minutes to reconnect with Me.

“When you notice that your car is running out of gas, you know that it has become a priority to go and get fuel, because inevitably you will need it to continue on. Likewise, this time of connection with Me is a similar, necessary priority to your spiritual life.

“In those minutes during which you try — and sometimes succeed — in quieting your mind, you discover peace and rest in our connection. In those moments, joy invades your soul, the worries and thoughts that overwhelm you no longer matter because you are connected to the Source of Peace, Love, Abundance, Light and Truth. That Source is above all earthly needs and weaknesses. It is the Source where Love is the only thing that exists, where there is no space for worries, fears, resentment or guilt.

“This inexhaustible source of Love, Light and Truth, is always available to you, so you can come to it whenever you decide to.

“Throughout your life, there are times when you get confused and think there are issues that need to be addressed first, and you forget to take the time to recharge your being in the Source of Love.

“And when this happens for a long time, you slowly flood with thoughts of worries and fears, only built by your own mind, which increase as you allow it.

“Decide to take a few minutes every day to connect with Me in the Silence, to experience My Love, My Light and My Abundance. And then continue on your path in your earthly life taking My Love and My Light to all those who are distracted by worldly needs and have forgotten the needs of the Spirit.

“Be you the Light for the world, the Light that shines because it is My Light. Be you the Peace to the world. Be you the unconditional Love, because you are with Me and I AM with you.”

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