The Handicaps of Time

Oregon, US of A, March 17, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Handicaps of Time.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, the thought came to your mind that the handicaps of time can be overcome in eternity. Indeed, such is the case, as the Father’s Vision for each one of His evolving children is hope-filled, never hope-less. Why is it so?

“Nothing the Father conceives is purposeless or meaningless. Unlike many human beings who live very randomly, as they fail to see their life’s purpose, the Father and His Helpers are in the know of the purpose of each creature.

“This is the reason why humanity needs to find its purpose and work toward its fulfillment. It does not get done overnight, yet it eventually will get done. What matters is that you move in the right direction, as each little bit of progress made is the stepping stone for the next victory.

“The same goes for your personal evolution. How do you go about achieving it? Do you feel like a helpless skiff at the mercy of the tides and the elements? Or do you wisely use your navigational equipment to keep pointing toward the Haven of Peace that is your intended destination? A victim will always be a victim unless he or she willingly ‘converts’ him or herself into a victor by adopting a victor’s mentality. The same set of circumstances will then deliver a totally different outcome.

“Dear ones, whatever your life’s circumstances, do turn them to your advantage, as they are meant to bring out the best in you — not the worse. Those who courageously roll up their sleeves and actively tackle their life’s challenges earn great spiritual brownie points and grow — not only in their self-confidence, but also in their confidence in the Father’s Master Plan that involves them. As they overcome a variety of challenges, they will adopt the comforting Mantra that ‘All is forever well.’

“By changing your perspective, you will change the quality of your life’s experience. Complaining guarantees a negative experience, while looking at the bright side guarantees a positive one. Which one shall it be? You hold the magic wand of Gratitude. Are you waving it?”

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