The Power of Love – Part 2

Alabama, US of A, October 2, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Power of Love – Part 2”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The women apostles chosen by Michael during His time as Jesus of Nazareth were lifted from their state of implied slavery to that of equality with all other children of God. This truth transformed their lives, since many of these pure souls honestly believed they were inferior beings. They didn’t feel that they were being enslaved or in submission to their male peers, instead they accepted their lot as a reality — simply their destiny.

“With His actions Michael demonstrated His conviction about the equality of all human beings. He was a living illustration of the fact that our Father is not a respecter of persons. Those who experienced the unconditional love that Michael offered them could not help but love Him back.

“It was this dynamic and authentic love that helped the women overcome all their doubts, their confusion and their fears, producing a higher expression of human loyalty. Most men and women of those times could not really grasp the revolutionary truths that Michael was teaching them. Many felt really perplexed when trying to understand what that ‘kingdom of heaven’ might be. Many believed that something so wonderful could not be true and they had honest doubts in their hearts. However, those who lived with Michael and were exposed to his example of a live consecrated to faith and to the divine will, could not help but be touched by the love and dedication that the Creator Son had for each and every one of His mortal children.

“Love is the essence of God, the aroma of divinity and the hallmark of perfection. It is possible for a human being to not understand completely the realities of spirit and to be unable to explore the origins and destiny designed by Deity. However, through love he or she can come closer to the real perfection of being and to obliterate all limitations by becoming part of the energy that sustains the universes and gives life to all creatures.”

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