Rush Not my Child!

Chicago, US of A, March 17, 2017.
Teacher: The Spirit Within.
Subject: “Rush Not my Child!”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

The Spirit Within: “Desire is that function of the will responsible for the impulse that makes all will creatures take the initiatives to accomplish what they want. However, many times human desires are so much fixated that they lose sight of their dimensions and context, becoming plain obsessions of the ego. Obsessions often dominate the mind, becoming a misguided drive for mistaken actions, rushing things to achieve what you desperately but unwisely want. Rushing is sometimes necessary to not lose opportunities. But, all too often, rushing is indeed a foolish thing. I do have a lesson for you today. It is: ‘Rush not, my child!’

“Rush not, but be Wise. You have heard: ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge.’ Indeed, not knowing the real causes, the means and consequences of actions and events may cause adverse results in life. However, to possess knowledge does not automatically secure Wisdom. Wisdom is more than having or processing knowledge, it is to know how to use knowledge correctly. I am a Thought Adjuster; my role in your mind is to adjust your thoughts so I can present you with wise ways to make decisions and carry out actions. Many times my counsel is: ‘It is not the right time.’

“Rush not, but be Patient. Patience is not simply to wait, but rather it is to wait in peace. Impatience is to wait externally but to be rushing within. I can see when the thoughts are boiling in the mind. I can observe the ego’s obsession driving personality energies into consciousness almost uninterruptedly, and interfering with other present activities. Patience is to calmly wait for the right time. Many times you don’t even know in advance when it is the right time. But, do not worry about when times are right. I will let you know when is the precise moment to act.

“Rush not, but be Ready. Readiness takes time, indeed. It helps you to effectively utilize the time at hand to prepare yourself for the goal you have in life. Everything that is worth waiting for is also worth preparing for. Preparation will increase the odds of success in your achieving your objective. If you rush in unprepared, disaster is lurking in the shadows. Many times not being prepared is far worse than your not being able to execute your initiative. Most of my work in the mind is to prepare you — mainly on the sub-conscious level — for your next life.

“Hence, my child, do not rush in; be wise, patient and ready for your time. I am with you all the way. Look back and see how I took my time to guide you in every phase of your life, to bring you to this state, which you yourself recognize as the best of your life. I do not rush. I work with your potentials, and with your decisions, adjusting your thoughts so you can draw on the best of them. I am preparing you and the time will come when both of us will embark on the next step of our journey.”

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