The Quest for Positive Attributes

Oregon, US of A, May 9, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Quest for Positive Attributes.”

Message received by Anyas.

“Pray only for values, not things; for growth, not for gratification.” [The Urantia Papers 1002:05]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about Love, Peace, Balance, Harmony, Self-Control and Human Understanding. This is a wide spectrum of positive attributes that each one of you strives to acquire along your life’sjourney. The one who comes to embody all of the above is truly a Master — as was your Master Jesus.

“For each one of you, it is quite a personal challenge to expand these qualities within your being. Yet, all of them are your soul’s destination, so to speak, as they contribute to a wholesome and well-rounded personality. They cohabitate harmoniously and tremendously beautify and expand your being.

“Harmony is the absence of conflict. Therefore, whenever you find yourself in a state of inner resistance, it points to the fact that there is a conflict situation within you that needs to find its highest resolution — its ‘soul-ution.’ Frequently, conflicts occur at an emotional level, as indeed all the positive attributes of a harmonious personality have to do with emotions — Love being at the very top of the emotional spectrum.

“Dear ones, do visualize yourself to be the soil where all these beautiful emotional crops are being cultivated in partnership with Spirit. Whenever a storm looms on your life’s horizon, ask yourself how to protect these tender crops and you will instinctively be guided to greater self-control, as well as greater human understanding.

“This will help you stay out of the mode of harsh judgment that generates divisiveness and hard feelings — in you and in others. You are all human; you are all dealing with many challenges. The only difference is the level of your spiritual education and evolution. Ignorance can be overcome in time. Be patient with others and with yourself. Be compassionate and this will allow you to stay anchored in the positive emotions that will granta beautiful quality to your daily life — no matter what the ‘weather’ is made of.”

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