Do The Best You Can

Chicago, US of A, March 29, 2017.
Teacher: The Spirit Within.
Subject: “Do The Best You Can.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

The Spirit Within: “My child, those who have been illuminated to ‘see’ things according to the Father’s will, often find themselves overwhelmed by the importance and enormity of their tasks in the kingdom of God. There are many needs and there is much suffering. In the bigger picture, one’s personal work seems too little to make a real difference. However, the Father expects you to do what you can, the best way you can, and He will work out the details, so you won’t be discouraged about your small but important contribution in doing the will of God. I have three concepts to express which will help your understanding:

“You Are a Seed. You have potential. Potentials are qualities or possibilities that are latent in you but have not yet become a reality. Look at your family, for instance, they came from you. Once, you were just you, but your potentials sprang out of you, and now you have a family. You also have spiritual potentials, some of them already started to become a reality, but for the most part, they are still in the incubation state, in your soul, and in your relationship with Me. Hopefully, on the mansion worlds we will become one and then the possibilities will be eternal and infinite.

“You Are a Link. You are not alone. Countless beings on countless worlds have also grown to know the Father of All and are links with you in God’s chain. Even on Urantia, each human fellow that has decided to obey the Golden Rule is a link with you. Your work is not a lonely task. Others worked for you as you are working for others and with others in God’s field. Besides, your world’s Creator Son, Christ Michael, sent His Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, to be with you as the Father has sent me to be with you. You are not alone.

“You Are a Spark. You are a beginning. The good you do is motivated by your desire to obey the Father’s will; it may not be unique in the sense that numerous others were equally motivated, but it is unique in that it started with you. You were, indeed, inspired by others, but the decisions were yours alone. You sparked new life and it has caught fire already, inspiring others. Together you are now incandescent torches illuminating the ground on which you all stand. Those torches started with your spiritual spark, no one can change this truth. Your spark fired all around you.

“Thus, my child, worry not about your work seeming to be small and insignificant. It is not as if you didn’t try to do your very best and the way you know of the will of God — that is what God expects from you for now. Sure, the Father also expects that you grow in knowledge and practice of His will tri-dimensionally — in depth, width and length. Continue doing the best you can do and keep your pace and balance. I have a plan for you, I am working on it, I always succeed, so you will also succeed — I will take you there.”

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